55 Parallax Wallpapers for iOS7

Looking for ways to personalized how your iOS 7 device would look and feel? Try this list of 55 Parallax Wallpapers for iOS 7. We have collected some of the stunning images here which you can also use and enjoy. It’s amazing how an image can change how you see your device. Hope you  guys will enjoy the list. There are a lot of options here hope you find what you are looking for. If not let us know via the comment form and we will see what we can do.

2 Cute Animal Parallax Wallpapers

For animal lovers, we have 2 very cute Parallax Wallpapers here for you to choose from. First one is playful clown fish and the other one is some specie of exotic lizards. The use of contrasting colors in these images are just so amazing.

animal 1

animal 2

3 Stunning City Lights Parallax Wallpapers

Don’t you love the city when it’s night-time? All the bright and different color lit streets, buildings, cars, store and everything just go into life. We have three stunning City Lights Parallax wallpapers here for you.

building 1

building 3


13 Cool Car Parallax Wallpapers

I know everyone loves cars! Who wouldn’t when you see these 13 cool car parallax wallpapers. Pick anything you want, e have vintage cars, sports, and luxury cars featured in these images. Don’t forget the last one with a miniature Volkswagen. That one is super cute!

car 2

car 3

car 4

car 5

cAR 6


car 8

car 9

car 10

car 11

car 12

car 13


6 Epic Character Parallax Wallpapers

Need to put some epic character as your iOS7 wallpapers. If you are thinking of putting up one of your selfie’s think again and check out these 6 epic characters parallax wallpapers you can use instead. The mighty Thor,  the vindictive Anonymous, ever loyal GodFather, The Legend Mr. Freddie Mercury, and boy should I tell you about the last charter? No I won’t because it might just break you bad! :)

character 1

character 2

character 3

character 4

character 5

character 6

6 Dark Space Parallax Wallpapers

The universe and deep space has always fascinated us. Take a look at these images that catches the stunning images of deep space. Hope you find something interesting here.

dark space 1

dark space 2

dark space 3

dark space 4

dark space 5

dark space 6

3 Flowers Parallax Wallpapers

Flowers will always make your day. Pick one of our selection here if you like flowers. I don’t know what these flowers are called. But one thing is for sure. They sure are beautiful.

flower 1

flower 2

flower 3

10 Nature Parallax Wallpapers

Loves nature? It sure is beautiful in everyday. We have here Parallax wallpapers that captured still life and the very best of nature’s beauty.

nature 1

nature 2

nature 3

nature 4

nature 5

nature 6

nature 7

nature 8

nature 9

nature 10

8 Awesome Sky Parallax Wallpaper

We often look up the sky and get awed by its sheer beauty. We have collected some great stuff here. bring the sky into your iOS device by using one of these sky parallax wallpapers.

sky 4

sky 5

sky 6

sky 7

sky 8




4 Woman Parallax Wallpaper

We have a special section of gorgeous woman Parallax wallpapers. We needed to set up this up apart from the character collection because women deserves some special attention.

woman 1

woman 2

woman 3

woman 4

Well there you go guys. I hope you all love our collection of 55 Parallax Wallpapers for your iOS 7 device. Did we miss something that you know of and wanted it to be included in this list? Please do let us know. Until next time.