How to Get Google+ Custom URL For Your Profile

Established in 2011, Google+ has been growing every month with its already active over 250 million users. While Google makes greate improvements for its social networking service, there is one thing almost every Google+ users don’t like, which is lengthy profile links that is consisted of numbers. Beginning from yesterday, Google+ has been allowing some users to set up custom profile URL which makes Google+ profile links more user-friendly and easy to remember.


In order to get your Google+ custom URL, your profile must meet the criterias set by Google+:

  • You must have more than 10 followers,
  • Your Google+ account must be older than 30 or more days,
  • You must have a profile photo

If you meet the criterias above you will be asked to get a custom URL with a notification in your Google+ profile. However, you may still not see the “get a custom url” button even if you meet the criterias which is because Google is sending custom URL invitations gradually. For more details about Google+ custom url, please see this Google+ help topic.