5 Creative Posters That Criticize Obama’s Drone Policy

It is quite likely for you to see controversies over Obama’s drone policy on social media, mainly on Facebook and Twitter. Along with verbal discussions there are also many creative memes and images that harshly criticize the policy. I decided to compile the best posters I came across on social media sites and I wanted to share them with Falconhive readers.

1. When I Grow Up..


2. Predator Drone


3. I have a Drone

I have a drone

4. Predator Drone

Game of Drones

5. You Get What..

you get

There are also articles that support the drone program like this site with an article entitled 5 myths about Obama’s drone war, however we couldn’t find any poster that supports the program. If you come across with posters that support the program we would like to share them under this title too. No offense, have fun!

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