4 critical challenges faced by Web Agencies for Hosting

The basic goal of any web agency or hosting reseller is to build up their portfolio of customer sites and applications. Preparing for the rapid growth and development with a flexible, scalable internet hosting solution, and finding a long term hosting partner, is the thing that makes that improvement as cost effective and effortless as could be expected under the circumstances. Right here are the troubles, difficulties and triumphs experienced by most of the web agencies,

Stage one: First Setup

As a startup looking to offer a wide variety of services right from the website style and advancement to application development and World Wide Web optimization, you at first simply expected to reveal a simple and financially affordable web hosting solution to get started.

The Challenge

On the off chance that you are not truly technically knowledgeable, or if you don’t have the complete lot about servers and hosting, it might be difficult to settle on a choice of server architecture. As modest entrepreneurs it is anything but difficult to be attracted to the all the more sensibly evaluated “passage level” cures. Getting to be on a tight spending plan doesn’t help to settle on an unmistakable decision.

Web hosting solution: “Unlimited “Shared Hosting plans

(Unlimited shared hosting services can be available from HostGator, 1&1, and many more).

1&1 hosting


  • Insignificant original expenses
  • Simple setup process and organization
  • Not required to be IT knowledge


  • Moderate site page load
  • Uneven effectiveness
  • Possibility of getting to be closed down if there is a traffic crest (CPU % use limit)
  • No handle more than the server

Stage two: Taking Management

No so long after you starting up, you will first wander requiring a small web application in spite of a website. We required a unique system to assemble this web application, and that is the point at which we confronted one of the significant inconveniences of shared situations: the absence of control over the server. Directly after such a brief period, we have now needed another server.

The Challenge

Instead of looking extra ahead, make the confusion of looking for a quick answer for the late issue. What we more likely than not finished is get an ideal opportunity to break down the necessities that we might well have in the long haul, and pick a determination adjusted to our objectives.

Web hosting solution: Addition of a VPS server

(Available from bluehost, godaddy and many more).



  • Straightforward Setup
  • Low first cost for the section degree VPS
  • Significantly more control than on a run of the mill shared server


  • You in any case offer resources with neighbors
  • Uneven effectiveness

Stage 3: Growth

As time passed by we required significantly more and significantly more resources in buy to have our developing list of websites. However, when again, as an option of looking for a more drawn out expression answer redress away, we put away seeking after the same way in heading of unavoidable obstructions.

The Challenge

Challenge was to separate ourselves from a web hosting determination that was clearly not suited for our necessities, despite the fact that we had put a mess in it. Web agencies generally didn’t meet this Challenge! keep on widening on shared hosting and VPS, situating out the extreme way that the more you hold up to get a drawn out expression arrangement in spot, the significantly more it will be agonizing to switch.

Web hosting solution:

  1. Including of two more “Unlimited ” Shared Internet hosting plans
  2. Including one more VPS
  3. Update of the primary VPS


  • Familiar with the server setups


  • Our setup was no more ‘minimal effort’. Charges we significantly more than 200$/month
  • Websites general performance is still bad

Stage four: New starting

To wrap things up, it started to end up being greatly clear that we had settled on some poor web hosting choices and that we expected to make a stage up in purchase to advance and give the right kind of administration to customer base.

The majority of significantly more massive websites have been moderate, and this was influencing the change cost and other usefulness measurements, and in addition their Search motor improvement. We had related inconveniences identifying with our applications, particularly on portable.

We essential vastly improved general execution on all fronts, so we investigated conceivable options: cloud servers and devoted servers (or potentially even the two).

The challenge

Changing from the customer lovely cPanel of a mutual or vps server to a clear server can be startling. Incredibly, we recognized out that cPanel is really available on cloud and committed servers, which would have created these choices a far significantly all the more engaging choice in the event that we had recognized. However, it can in any case be a Challenging prospect to find the right server when you don’t know much about equipment, which is the reason we settled on an adaptable cloud server

Web hosting solution:

  1. An aggregate movement of architecture in frenzy mode
  2. one shared matrix procedure for smaller websites
  3. Cloud circumstances for the web applications and bigger sites


  • Adaptable environment on the cloud
  • Improved performance
  • Allows Total management


  • Needs an opportunity to set up

Very important thing to this solution is that we must have private servers so that we can scale up and out when we need to. Despite the fact that we picked cloud hosting, precisely the same to dedicated web hosting (despite the fact that the servers must be scaled out in additions of full PCs instead of scaled at the processing and capacity level like cloud hosting).