17 Popular PC Games Available Now on iPad

Your wish has been granted! Your well-loved PC games are now available on your iPad. Take a look at thee all time favorite 17 PC Games Available for iPad list. It’s time to relive the games that you have grown up with and play them on your new Apple tablet. Or better yet try a new game or two.


minicraft for iPad

Unleash your creativity in building virtual towns, communities, cities, kingdoms or anything you have in mind using simple blocks. The game that we have come to love on our PC is now available on both iPhone and iPad. It’s a universal version which is  constantly being updated for added fun and new adventures. Everyday will be as colorful and fantastic day when you spend it with your very own Minecraft game on your iPad. The full version can be yours for only $6.99 available from iTunes.

 2. Spiderman : The Amazing Spiderman

amazing spiderman for iPad

The web-slinger game is now on your iPad. Spiderman: The Amazing Spider Man which is the official game for 2012 movie can be enjoyed on your iPhone and iPad available from iTune for only $6.99. The game is developed by  Gameloft. The new version has some added features such as a new Spiderman suit, new fight moves and special tricks, new mission and enhanced 3D graphics.

3. Need for Speed Most Wanted

NFS Most Wanted for iPad

Need For Speed Most Wanted has been the best adrenalin pumping PC game that we have grown with. Now we can bring that experience to our mobile devices because it’s now available for iPad and iPhone. Electronic Arts has brought this game to iTunes and it’s available for only $4.99. The game is also available in several other languages.

4. Command and Conquer

Red Alert on iPad

Command & Conquer also known as Red Alert another classic game from Electronic Arts is now on iPad and iPhone. This strategy game which had us hooked for sometime can now be relieved on our mobile devices. The new version has better graphics for added fun. This game can be yours and you only need to shell out $0.99.

5. NBA 2K13


2K Sports brings the good old NBA 2K13 to our iPad’s and iPhone’s with a lot of new surprises. Let the ball game begin and get a copy of this game on your iPad from iTunes for only $7.99. Really nice game and now has new updates making it more stable and enhanced graphics plus a whole lot of new things in here.

6.Football Manager

Football ManagerFootball Manager from SEGA is now on iPad. This is an amazing game to put your managerial skills to the test and see how you can handle your team and club. Do you think you can make it to the finals and even win the championship? You can only tell if you try this out. This is the latest version of Football Manager Handheld 2015.

7. Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter

Old habits never die. Street Fighter X Tekken in now has a mobile version which can be played on iPad and iPhone. This is a special version optimized for mobile iOS device. It has stunning 3D  graphics on fight scenes. Very easy to play and can be played against other player around the world with Wi-Fi challenge.

8. Battlefield

BattlefieldElectronic Arts bring Battlefield: Bad Company into our iPad with this new version of the game. The game is pretty new and would need some more improvement, nevertheless it’s already packed with all the things you can enjoy while waiting for new updates. It’s already packed with five environment, new weapons, helicopters and tanks for both land and air strike. You can play it with solo mission or play with up t 10 friends in multi-player mode.

9. Formula 1


F1The official game for Formula One World Championship is here. The game we used to enjoy on our old PC is now available on iPad and iPad mini. Formula 1 now enhanced for iPhone 5 too. So you can enjoy the games while you are on your mobile device.

10. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


GTAWe have enjoyed it on our PC and on Console. Now it’s time to bring Grand Theft Auto: Vice City into our iPad and iPhone. Rock Star Games is still adding a lot of other features into this game. Hopefully a patch to allow those mind-blowing cheats will also be added. This will be one hell of a game on your iPad.

11. Fifa 13

FIFAEA Games is proud to give Fifa 13 on our iPads and iPhone’s. This is one great game which you can play and show your skills in the game of football like a real pro. The game has new added features with better controls too. This has been picked as App Store editor’s Choice. And you can have it for only $4.99.

12. Bejeweled


Bejeweled has got us hooked on our PC’s now Popcap bring the game to our iPad. It even comes in different versions with the latest Bejeweled HD for iPad. The original puzzle game version is available for only $0.99 only. This award-winning puzzle game is something nice to have with you on your iPad so you can play it whenever and wherever you are.

13. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit


NFS Hot Pursuit

Electronic Arts also bring Need for Speed Hot Pursuit to iPad. This exhilarating and adrenalin pumping game has been a huge hit when it come out on PC games. It has a lot of good features with nice 3D graphics. Now it also has full support for this game. If youlike racing games then this is a must have on your iPad.

14. Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto 3 from Rock Star Games is also on iOs and it’s available on iPad. This is pretty cool game which is stable and has received a high rating from users. We enjoyed the ultimate crime spree on PC but it’s time that we bring it to iPad as well.

15. Worms 2 Armageddon

Worms 2

Watch out guys The Worms are back. Team 17 Software Ltd has brought this game to iOS and can now be played on your iPad. The game is available on iTunes at $4.99. The game is available on multiplier and single player option. It also got some great weaponry to try. Playing it on iPad is great experience  It offers great graphics and audio as well.

16. Sonic Jump

Sonic Jump

There is a good reason to keep you jumping. Sonic Jump is available in iPad and it’s only $0.99 on iTunes. For someone who grew up with Sonic this game has brought some fine memories along. For those who just encountered this game this is a must try, and not hard to get hooked with. There are several mode for this game, there is story mode, mission mode, or play it with your friends too.

17. Max Payne Mobile

Max payne

Max Payne is another blockbuster creation of RockStar Games and now it has a mobile version that can be played on iPad. This is Max Payne Mobile which bring the action packed shooting game into your tablet. It also got crisp and stunning graphic and audio quality. Plus you can’t resist the slow motion effect of “Bullet Time” which is also in this game. The new version allows game saving through cloud so you can sync the game on all of you iOS device.

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