10 Groupon Clone WordPress Themes

The best thing about WordPress is it allows us to clone any website there is. The question is to how much time and effort we want to devote into developing it. On our last post we give you a list of free Pinterest clone WordPress themes. This time around we have here 10 Groupon Clone WordPress Themes. When it comes to group buying only one website comes to mind that is Groupon. Groupon has been successful in the niche of deals, sale, discount, and couponing. So it’s not surprising to find that many people would want to follow its steps and launch or create their own Groupon like website using WordPress.

New 2016 Premium Deal WordPress Themes – 5 Premium 

1.Group Buying Theme Daily Deals Marketplace



2. CouponXL – Deals & Discounts WP Theme


3.Couponer – Coupons & Discounts WP Theme


4.Group Buying Theme Daily Deals Marketplace



1. Daily Deal by Smart eCart


Demo / Download

Group Buying Site seem to be on top of the game when it comes to providing Groupon clone WordPress themes. In fact they have seven different Groupon Like themes available. They have responsive themes so your Group Buying website is viewable on any device including tablets and smartphones.

2. The Big Deal by eFrogThemes


Demo / Download

The Big Deal is another Groupon clone WordPress them presented to us by eThemes. The theme offers a fully functional package. It’s everything you need on a group buying theme. You can have this theme for just $97. Theme offers extensive control panels it also has PayPal and Paygate integration, and built-in marketing features.

3. DealPress by Sitemile


Demo / Download

DealPress is an affordable all in one group buying theme for WordPress. For single website you can buy the theme for just $70. DealPress is very easy to use, with PayPal integration, lifetime support, and SEO friendly.

4. Simple Deal -No Longer Available-


This elegant and easy to install Groupon clone WordPress theme is called Simple Deal. If you have the right amount of budget for your Group Buying project you might as well try this theme. This is the real deal for your success. It allows your users to login using their Facebook account, you also have good admin panel for managing every deal you have on your site, it allows social sharing, extensive reports generation, and free support.

5. Wpoupon by WpMaverick


Demo / Download

If you have been looking for Groupon clone WordPress theme chances are you have come across this theme. This is called Wpoupon. This is created by WPmaverick. I have seen a lot of good reviews about this theme. Theme has all the plugins and features you need to get started. It also has nice support. Plus this is on sale, with an offer price of $99 unlimited install and you can save some money if you see some discount coupons too.



Demo / Download

Dealicious WordPress Deal theme is made by Tokokoo. The theme is set to full screen display with large photos. It looks clean and elegant. You can have this theme for just $99. I like how the countdown timer looks, it looks appealing for vintage geeks like me.

7. DailyDeal – Templatic


Demo / Download

Templatic has come up with an awesome Groupon like WordPress theme called DailyDeal. Pricing starts at $49 which is very reasonable and low compared to all theme listed here. But it does not mean that the theme lacks something because it’s cheap. In fact it it has everything that you will need plus more. It’s design is great, SEO optimized, and feature rich.

8. WPGroupbuy


Demo / Download

WPGroupbuy is another option for those who wants to launch their own group buying websites. This theme looks a lot like Groupon, and it looks professional. See how the theme works live on demo link.

9. Dealers -No Longer Available-


Dealers is a daily deal WordPress theme from Theme Forest. Although the theme is not a 100% Groupon clone it does look alot like it. It also uses some great function like Paypal integration, mailchimp newsletter, custom widgets and unlimited choice of background colors.  These are the basic features of this theme plus a lot more.

10. WordPress Groupon Clone -No Longer Available

groupon clone

We found this Groupon Clone WordPress theme under development being listed at FreelancerFree. Since it’s not the whole product yet I can’t give any review to it yet. But it does look promising from the given demo link. Visit the download link and send the author a message to know more about this theme. Good luck.

  1. Susanna November 19, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    Thanks so much for this article!
    A lot of these links go to 404 pages though. It’s a little crazy, because I know some of them (like the simple deals theme) existed last week.

    Do you know which ones have been around a little longer – so that I can be sure to get one that won’t actually stop publishing updates etc.