Zinmag Remedy 2.0



Zinmag Remedy 2.0 is the enhanced version of the Zinmag Remedy Blogger template, which is now SEO fixed and 99% widgetized. Experience the free yet massively improved Remedy and make it your real professional template!

SEO Fixed

As SEO is very important for the serious Blogger, we have rechecked the template and worked out our best to fix every possible SEO issue. We have improved the ‘h tag’ of the Remedy template, and probably rearrange the code to make its structure completely similar to standard template, Minima’s structure.

99% Widgetized

Over the month, we published Blogger template that needs you to setup it in ‘Edit HTML’ section that often cause unpredictable error and is uneasy for beginner. For Remedy 2.0, we have widgetized all the part from the top navigation bar to the bottom tabber section. You can now wipe out all your worries and just customize Remedy in Page Element section!

Improved CSS and Template Structure

We have modified the template’s CSS code to fix some issues like misaligned image in the ads space on the main page. We have also made some modifications on JavaScript/ HTML gadget to make your customization faster and easier.

New Layout view


You can observe the demo and download the Zinmag Remedy 2.0 Blogger template.

Set up the RSS Bar

You can customize the RSS bar to your own preferred RSS link. To achieve this, access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’ section, click on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘Top Navigation Bar’ and configure the Link Gadget setup. You can copy and paste the link below into the Link Gadget and edit it to become your post RSS and comment RSS.

Comments RSS:


Posts RSS:


Set up the Top Navigation Bar

You can customize your header navigation link to your own preferred link. To achieve this, access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’ section, click on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘Top Navigation Bar’ and configure the Link Gadget setup.

Set up the Second Navigation Bar

You can customize your header navigation link to your own preferred link. To achieve this, access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’ section, click on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘Second Navigation Bar’ and configure the Link Gadget setup.

Set up the Ads Space

You can setup the ads space with any kind of ads. To get the ads displayed, access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’ section, click on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘Ads Space’, copy code below and edit it with corresponding item:

<a href='ADS-LINK-HERE'><img src='IMAGE-LINK-HERE'></a>

Set up the ‘Carousal Panel’ on the top of the main page

You can see this template got a sliding carousal of featured post image on the top of the page, which can be configured through ‘Carousel Panel’ section. Simply access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’ tab, click on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘Carousel Panel 1’, copy and paste the code below and edit it with corresponding item. You can also use the same step above to configure the Carousel panel 2, 3 and so on.

<a href='YOUR-POST-LINK' title='YOUR-POST-TITLE'><img src='POST-IMAGE-LINK.jpg' width='200' height='120' alt='YOUR-IMAGE-TITLE'/></a>

Set up the Featured Content section

There’s also got a wide space under the sliding carousal, which you can access into the space through the ‘Page Element’ section. Simply copy the code below, then access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’, click on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘Featured Content’, paste and edit the code with the corresponding item.

<h2><a href='YOUR-POST-LINK' title='YOUR-POST-TITLE'>YOUR-POST-TITLE</a></h2>
<p>You can put some part of post content here.</p>

Set up the Main Page’s Ads Space

Zinmag Remedy template got an ads space under the top featured content section, and you can setup the ads space with Google Adsense Ad Unit 468×15 Ads. To achieve this, simply access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’ tab, click on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘Ads 1’, copy and paste your Adsense or ads code then ‘Save’ to show the ads.

Hide article’s content on the main page

As this template got ‘Read More’ function, you probably want to hide some text from being displayed on the main page. In fact, you just need some extremely easy step to achieve this. Simply copy the highlighted code below, then access into ‘Settings’ and under the ‘Formatting’ tab, paste the code into the ‘Post Template’.

On the next time you write an article, you just need to add this line of code to hide the text.

Set up the ‘Video of the day’

There’s a video section on the bottom of the mini post section, and you can put favorite Youtube video inside the section by just few simple steps.

To setup your favorite Youtube video, just copy the video’s embed code link, then access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’ tab, click on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘Featured Video’, paste the code then ‘Save’ to show the video!

Your Youtube video’s embed code link is located be
low the profile of the video uploader, and you can adjust the (embed)’s width and height inside the code to fix the section size. The recommended width and height for the video is 295 and 239.

Set up the Tabber

You can probably notice that there’s got gadget with number ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’ in the layout. By clicking the ‘1’, you can actually set up the first part of the tabber with any gadget, same as clicking ‘2’ and ‘3’, which directs you to the setting of second and third part of the tabber.

Set up the ‘Featured Content 1’ section

There’s actually got another featured content section installed on the top of the sidebar.To setup the featured content on the sidebar, simply copy the code below, then access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’ tab, click on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘Featured Content 1’, paste and edit the code with the corresponding item. You can also use the same step above to configure the featured content 2, 3 and so on.

<img src='YOUR-IMAGE-LINK' width='100' height='60' alt=''/>
<div class='fcats'><a href='YOUR-CATEGORY-LINK' title='YOUR-CATEGORY-TITLE rel='category'>YOUR-CATEGORY-TITLE-HERE</a> </div>
<div class='auth'> Posted by Author </div>
<div class='fmeta'> POST-DATE |
<a href='YOUR-POST-LINK' title='Comment on YOUR-POST-TITLE'>ADD COMMENTS</a></div>

Set up the 125×125 Ads

You can change the 125×125 ads image to your own ads image. To achieve this, simply copy the code below and access into ‘Layout’ and under ‘Page Element’ tab, click on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘125×125 Ads’, paste and edit the code with corresponding item.

<a href='YOUR-TARGETED-LINK' rel='bookmark' title='#'><img src='YOUR-IMAGE-LINK' alt='#'/></a>

Set up the Email Subscribe button

You can personalize the email subscribe button to your own personal RSS. To get this done, you have to sign up the Google Feedburner account first to get the Email Subscription link. Your email subscription link should looks like the code below:


Simply copy the subscription link, access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Edit HTML’ tab, press [CTRL+F3] to find the code below and edit it with corresponding item.

<form action='EMAIL-SUBSCRIPTION-LINK-HERE' method='post' target='popupwindow'>
<input name='url' type='hidden' value='EMAIL-SUBSCRIPTION-LINK-HERE'/>

We care about Author

Zinmag Remedy 2.0 comes under a Creative Common License. This means it is free to use on your blog as long as the credit link in the footer is kept intact. Jinsona Design has really put so much effort on designing this template, so if possible you can pay a visit to the site and leave a thankful comment!

A huge breakthrough, and hope for more improvement

Zinmag Remedy 2.0 is undeniably a breakthrough for my coding skill. I want to express my thanks to many professional template maker like Arthur who shares to me precious experience about the SEO, and Agus Mu who shares many suggestion to improve this template.

While I am still improving myself to make better Blogger template, I hope to hear more report and suggestion from you to improve this template, please always remember that only with you Blogger can be better, thanks!

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  1. Falcon? Will I “recode” my entire blog again?I’ve added a few widgets and scripts in my blog. I have the older version of this lay-out which has issues with SEO…

  2. Hi Nikkiboy,

    Nice to meet you, thanks for your question!

    As Remedy 2.0 involves modification in almost entire section, it’s a need that you have to upload this template to your blog and reinstall the widgets and scripts.

    Hope this helps, thanks!

  3. Hello. I used your previous version

    and made some personal changes to it, colours and head banners mostly.

    and i came a crosso a wierd error…

    the embed codes don’t seem to get hiden in the minipost… if i put an ambed code on a post, on the first page the video will show up all missplaced and outside de minipost box…

    is it a problem with the Whole code or did i do something wrong?


  4. I really liked this template when i saw the earlier version itself but as i heard that that was not so SEO friendly i doubted other templates too.
    However, I wish the Zinmag tribune is a friendly one. Please let me know.
    That’s why id didnt use the previuos version of this template in my blogs although i had configured many scripts and widgets.
    Anyway you have now come up with a better SEO fixed template and congrats for that. I hope bloggers will really enjoy and appreciate your work. I have also added this post to digg.
    Your work makes me write all these..keep it up
    And ya one more thing,i have fully configured the Zinmag tribune template in my new blog http://www.musicvl.com i would be very glad if you could check it out and give me any suggestions related if any.Thanks again

  5. I keep getting errors when trying to install it.

    I opened completely new blog to try the template – no posts or anything on hat blog.
    So I go to edit HTML, browse, selecting the xml file of the template and press upload.

    The xml is loaded, the blogger tells me that I need to delete some widgets, I click Confirm& Save – and I get error.

    Am I doing something wrong? And what is the javascript folder attached to the template?

    Please explain to me how to install, thanks.

  6. Hi, great template. My carousel left and right buttons disappeared and Now only up and down scrolling is visible.

    I noticed that falconhive’s has done the same thing. [url]http://zinmag-remedy-template-hive.blogspot.com/2008/12/introducing-zinmag-remedy.html[/url]

    What causes this so I can fix it. I have tried changing the information in each carousel panel.

    thanks. brett

  7. Hi Jeremias 25,

    Nice to meet you, thanks for your report, you have discovered the real issue!

    The misalignment of the embedded video is due to the CSS issue, which we have to contact the original author to solve the issue nicely.

    Until then, we recommend user to write some text then put embedded video in the post.

    Hope this helps!

  8. Hi proj,

    Thanks and your words and report!

    The carousel issue is due to the exceeding bandwidth problem. We are currently discussing to host the JavaScript file in our own server, and possibly would post out new JavaScript address for all of you to fix the issue.

    Hope that helps, and hanks for your patience and understanding!

  9. i have problem using this beautiful template. when i viewed my blog i dont have Tabber tab any more. it also gone when i checked the dashboard of my blogspot. please tell how to overcome this problem

  10. Has anyone tried including a youtube video in a post? Cuz the video shows shows on the main page. Seems like the “hide contents” (span id=”fullpost”) doesn’t work.

  11. Hi Alvaris,

    I’m currently building a website around this awesome theme. Have I mentioned it’s awesome? :)

    Like proj and Profit, I’ve also noticed the issue with the carousel. I hope the fix comes out soon.

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Thanks for your quick reply. Google gives you alot of free space. Is it possible to host your own on a googlepages website or wout that be too difficult.

    If so, I’ll wait for u guys to fix it.lol. You are great by the way!

  13. This is a nice blogg but I am having problems as of today with the carousel . I also noticed my adsense is gone that was next to my video of the day. I also cant edit the post title .

    This is a nice looking blogg and im pretty bummed .

  14. On my site, whenever I post a YouTube video, I always post a photo of the person who is in the video and then post the HTML code in between “span fullpost”

    It works better and keeps people on your page longer and gets you more CPM on hosted ads.

  15. Hi Alvaris,

    I’ve been using this 2.0 for quite sometime, and i have been receiving feedback from my readers, which is cool…

    I have one issue and that is I can’t find the adsense column that is supposed to appear right below “Featured Content” in the “page element”

    Any way to go around it?

    Appreciate your prompt reply

    Have a great weekend!

    J`z Trading

  16. Hi ekonik and g3n,

    Nice to meet you all, thanks for your kind report! The tabber tab issue is due to the lack of the JavaScript declaration, and we have fixed it in the newest version of this template.

    We have also prepared a tutorial in the following URL for you to download and fix the issue:

    Hope this helps and enjoy blogging ya! :D

  17. Hi Proj,

    Thanks for your waiting and really kind words! We have finally hosted the JavaScript files into our own server, now the JavaScript would function permanently. :)

    You can download the tutorial in the following URL to replace the JavaScript file address and solve the corresponding issue:

    Hope this helps, and again we thank you for kind patience, enjoy blogging ya!

  18. Another question. The 1,2,3 on the bottom. Im guessing that changes between pages. It doesn’t do anything. Is that the tab problem people were talking about?

    Also, how do you remove labels from the main page, but not the actual post page.

    Is there a way to show the number of views each post has had?

    Thank you for your help. You have the best blog support I have seen.

  19. kaleigh,
    I had that prob too. Had to go to edit html and move the code for the search bar down. Directly above the foxmenucontainer.

    I can put the right html in this comment box, so I hope that helps you.

  20. I noticed something. There are Adsense on my Main page. beside my newest post and the bottom of the every post.. o.O looks weird.. I have adsense codes around my templates but I didnt put those ones.. I think it came with the template. How do i remove those adsense?

  21. alvaris I am having the same problem that Kaleigh is having with there being a gap inbetween the title and the search bar. Is there a way to fix this? T


  22. profit, i posted the fix to this. Just move the searchbar code in edit html down until its directly above the code for foxmenucontainer.

    Laraza, I had to host the image files for it, because the search button was blank. I used google pages and hosted the files. U might just want to download the non hosted version, and host all of the files yourself.

    Dennis, did you go to layout, click edit on the blog settings and make sure that you have ads turned off? There is an option that puts an add after every post.

    I’m going to open my site up for public viewing. http://www.moviewatcherz.com
    Im still working on it, but can you guys give me any ideas for content. I noticed one of you had posts that scroll on the right sidebar.

    Also, is there a way that the slider or featured sections can auto fill? So you do not have to manually edit them.

  23. ————————————-
    proj @ February 23, 2009 8:41 AM

    I had that prob too. Had to go to edit html and move the code for the search bar down. Directly above the foxmenucontainer.

    thanks proj!

    that seemed to fix it an it still looks tha same. now it looks great in both browsers. yay.

    if anyone likes SecondLife, or fashion the have a look at my blog, its not done yet, but it’s getting there! =)

  24. Ohh, i have one more question!! lol

    i noticed on http://web2feel.com/remedy/ that he has little preview pics on the main page for every post. but when you click the post, they aren’t there. i understand how to show previews of the posts by using the “span/fullpost” code, but how did he show lil pics in the previews, but not in the main posts? O.o

    i would LOVE to know how to do that. =)


    oh an proj, i went to check out ur page and it looks great, but there are huge movies that overlap on ur index page, covering most of it. is that supposed to happen?

  25. kay, just testing out different ways to put movies up. lol I’ll try to shrink it down a bit.

    Does anyone know if the Featured or the Slider can be auto filled.

    Example, I have a ‘New Release’section. After I make a New Release post, I then have to go put it into the slider bar. Can the slider automatically pull from the label New Release?

    Maybe I am making sense lol.

  26. @ proj, i have same problem about search box in IE, but sorry i don’t understand what did you mean about your fix. Please explain in detail. thanks.

  27. apparently this breaks the top rss linklist. Ill play with it to see if I can fix it. Anyway, go to edit html, and you will find the div id=’search’

    Move this whole section of code for the search,searchform, searchsubmit, etc.. move it down a little until its directly above the foxmenucontainer.

  28. DUDE! My entire blog is ruined because you went over your bandwith on photobucket. toppvids.blogspot.com is killed because all the pictures I got from your photobucket are gone saying “bandwith exceded.” Nice going…

  29. Dont bash. use the option where you host the images yourself.

    My rss top link is working now, without messing up the searchbar.

    I don’t know what I did to fix it though. I may have added a closing div. sry lol

  30. heya id like to use this template but my site is image heavy and i keep getting and odd error…im an artist and id like to have 2 columns to post in…one side for my art and other for random stuff


    if you can…could you show me how to edit the color of this template so i can use it to my liking…since im not that html savvy..thnx

  31. Hi Kayleigh Hendrassen,

    Thanks for your question! It’s really interesting and I thought is useful for other reader.

    As Remedy WordPress theme has different code with its Blogger version, we have not applied the preview pics feature due to its code issue.

    However, you can surely add some CSS codes to resize the image in the mini post, then recovered to its original size in single post.

    Hope this answers your question, thanks! ;)

  32. Hi ieavdp,

    Thanks for your report, nice to meet you!

    I have visited your blog with Explorer 8 and it looks really well, can I know your Explorer’s version to understand the issue further? Thanks!

  33. Hi
    Does anyone know how I could get a “Similar Posts” box at the bottom of each post? I’ve look all over and none of them(at least I think) work with this template.

  34. hello,

    I can not edit the template.
    I do not have the option to edit the image as suggested above with the title Zinmag Remedy Layout.

    I want to know how to put the images in correct locations and put all the work!

    I await response, thanks

  35. haha, man its so hard to get this template to run properly in BOTH main browsers. for some reason now my blog is getting cut in half in IE, but looks great in FF and even Safari. i don’t know what to do.

    any reason why it would just cut off after the second post? i looked to see if i entered any odd coding in the post itself and its fine. im confused. here’s my blog, please look at it in FF and then in IE. weird.


    thanks for any help.

  36. Kay, I know what you mean. I looked at your html and actually resolved one of my firefox problems. I see your I.E problem, but dont know what is causing it. =(

    My firefox problem is that all of my adds from my main page and post pages get put on the main page..all jumbled up.

  37. Hi, I like this template but I would like to have just 1 post in the main page and not 4. How could I do that in the html edit?

    Gracias. (deegitaldreamzone.blogspot.com)

    Hola, Me gusta esta plantilla de blogger pero me gustaria que en vez de tener 4 publicaciones solo apareciera una que ocupara ese espacio. Que parte del codigo html debo modificar?

    Gracias. (degitaldreamzone.blogspot.com)

  38. Hey, I found a couple of things:

    1. There’s a ‘ missing on the code you give for the sidebar featured content (just after Category Title).

    2. For the feedburner code, you need to write http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/emailverify on the first line instead of your subscription URL. (at least that’s how it worked for me).

  39. hello Alvaris! I am using your template, I am in love with it…
    trying to solve some items… for example in carrusel I tried to put a PICASA slideshow… it works ok in I.E but not in FF, (it continues visible when i move the carrusel to see other pictures on the right…)

    I have found the TAG CLOUD similar to the one in http://web2feel.com/remedy/

    here is a good tutorial for it

  40. Actually, Proj, on your Featured Content sidebar, you don’t have the category (or the Label), so unless you meant to put the category there, it doesn’t matter.

    And when I tried to subscribe by email I got an error message. Try it yourself with your email.

  41. Hi Alvaris,
    First I would like to say you I love your template and I create a blog just for that!
    But I have some problem when I insert in a post some javascript code, like code to insert youtube video or beatport music player code… I can’t hide the video on the main page even if I put your script to hide article’s content . It just hides the text.
    Can you help me please.
    Anyone else have the same problem?
    Thank you

  42. Hi 傑克小棧 JACK,

    很開心認識你!只要前往“Layout”并按下Top和Second Nagivation Bar的“Edit”,并像設置“Link Gadget”那樣設置新的鏈結就可以囉!


  43. Hi proj,

    Nice to hear you again! Did you mean the bottom tab doesn’t work between the main and actual post pages?

    You can modify some code to add or remove the code in the main page and actual post page. :)

    Blogger has no this kind of ability to show the number of views each post has had, I thought we can look for this plugin in web, and it would be very cool if we have discovered it!

    Thanks for your praise! For me, the reader is just like my good friends, and it’s happy to help my beloved friends. :)

  44. alvaris!!! perhaps you should change in the instructions here

    How to hide article’s content on the main page

    As this template got ‘Read More’ function, you probably want to hide some text from being displayed on the main page. In fact, you just need some extremely easy step to achieve this. Simply copy the highlighted code below, then access into ‘Settings’ and under the ‘Formatting’ tab, paste the code into the ‘Post Template’.

    span class=”fulllpost”

    that FULLLPOST is written wrong

    should be with only 2 L

    span class=”fullpost”

  45. Hi falcon,
    Thanks for the template.
    Is it possible to make the template display all the contents on the main page itself?
    I mean disable the “Read More” feature.
    Everything except that is great!
    Hope you’d help me on this :)

  46. Hi falcon,

    I need some help with this. I started up a new site with dreamweaver with this template but when i go to Preview/Debug in browser it shows up on the page as:

    This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 2055 at column 38: Failed to parse QName ‘expr:g:’

    and the rendering is a few dots and a comment box.

    Can you tell me what i did wrong?


  47. i have the same problem too

    tabs gadget disappeared!

    and the carousel is ugly so i made some changes

    look at greeceinsider.com and if you like them i’ll tell you what i did

  48. I found what the problem is on IE, if you have more than 4 posts in the first page, the site crashes and never opens.

    In Firefox everything is fine. Why just 4 posts? Can we change that?

    My site is greeceinsider.com

    Thanks again!

  49. I have a strange one. I guess because of the way the frames are organized (or something like that), wherever I put adsense I got these ads for weapons and security. I moved it around but that’s all I got (eventually I erased the adsense).

  50. yes i can see that.

    my problems are with older posts, they don’t show on the first page on IE7.

    But when i add new ones, everything is all right. Strange stuff!

    proj you are violating Adsense TOS, get rid of “click on the ads” text before Google bans you :-P

  51. @proj

    did you ever get the featured sidebar and carousel to autofill posts automatically (based on labels, maybe) ???

  52. Not yet. Alvaris and I are still working on it. I believe it will have something to do with the RSS feed for the label that you want to use.

  53. Hello, thanks for the template!

    But BloggerStyles is bandwidth limit exceeded and i forgot to save glide.js, jquery.js, slider.js and tabber.js

    You could make them available for download? tks again

  54. hi alvaris, thanks for developing such a Fantastic template.

    however, i do have problems with the carousel feature as in, the picture can’t be displayed. it comes up as a tiny ‘x’ on the left hand corner of the picture box. i got the image link from the blog post itself but it wouldn’t work. do i have to use photobucket or sth?

    and yeah, how come is it that, for the new template, some of the stuff that u tell us to cut and paste can’t be located as in the original template (zinmag remedy)?

    thank you so much for ur template. it’s the best ever

  55. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your words! It’s possible to make the template display all the contents on the main page itself. If you do not add the ‘span’ code in the post, the template would keep the content complete on the main page.

    Hope this helps ya! :D

  56. Hi my precious reader,

    Thanks for all your report about the issue that Carousel Panel and Tabber were stop working! We are fixing and discussing the issue right now, and probably announce to you the best solution in these days, thanks for your patience and understanding. :)


  57. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your words! Can I have your blog address to know the issue further? Thanks!

    As the Zinmag Remedy version 1.++’s code is very different with version 2.0, we need every precious Remedy user to backup template and all the gadget data, then upload the Zinmag Remedy 2.0 and setup all the gadget again. Hope this answers your question! :)

    We appreciate your praise! Please be sure to always visit our site for new unique template ya! :D

  58. First of all, thank you for your reply.

    My blog address is http://www.jabronibeater.blogspot.com. I’m still in the process of learning how to work with the template and was wondering if i can rearrange/delete some of the items and replace it with the standard blogger widget. As for now though, my problem is with uploading the image onto the carousel. I have the image in the post but I can’t display it on the carousel using given link.

    Thank you once again. I really appreciate your help!

  59. hELLO ! I am not good at english but i want to thank you so much about this template . Its so wonderful for me . Thanks a lot . Wishing you all the best .

    I am from Viet Nam .

  60. Thank you for your wonderful template . I love it so much . Be sorry for me if i wanted to change something . I have just known how to make a blogspot so i haven’t known to put an Adsense google on it yet . I will try to find out . I am vietnamese so i am not good at english . Sorry about if i type something wrong. I wish i could see some more wonderful templates like this from you . Thanks again and good luck to you [Love you soooo much] :)

  61. i would like to ask you a question . When i set up the Tabber [1,2,3] and when i view it on my page . It is loading very slow . After everything is loading i have to wait for so long to view [1,2,3] tablers . I dont know why like that . Could you tell me why ? Thanks a lot my bro … :)

  62. Dear Alvaris Falco,

    I was the one who posted the following earlier;

    “Anonymous Said,
    March 23, 2009 1:06 PM
    First of all, thank you for your reply.

    My blog address is http://www.jabronibeater.blogspot.com. I’m still in the process of learning how to work with the template and was wondering if i can rearrange/delete some of the items and replace it with the standard blogger widget. As for now though, my problem is with uploading the image onto the carousel. I have the image in the post but I can’t display it on the carousel using given link.

    Thank you once again. I really appreciate your help!”

    I’ve found the way out. Silly mistake on my part, really.

    In any case, many, many, many thanks for the template!

  63. hi! i have this both template and the brownline template, and both are wonderful!

    question on this template though: in your instructions to edit the 125×125 ads, you state to go to layout-page elements-edit. On the page elements page, where the ad boxes are located, there is no edit button. I have been searching for the code for the ads within the XML coding, but don’t know which ones they are. Any help?



  64. Hey Falcon!
    Do you know if there is anyway to put the side bar on the left side of the screen instead of the right? I’ve noticed better advertisement exposure there.


  65. Alvaris, Any update on the autopopulation of the slider? That would make life so much easier. It seems like it would be something to do with a feed. I use a feed from my New Release label so everyone knows which recent new releases I have put up.

    Jeffw, just add a gadget/javascript, under the My Sponsers, and it will automatically be 125×125. Jut add an image and link or whatever u want.

    OM, I get the same thing with my adsense. Alot of security ads. Also I noticed that my ads have dropped from almost 1 doller per click to about 10 cent. Thinking about switching from adsense.

  66. Hi Andy,

    Great site! Please, how did you get your tag cloud to work in your tabber? I tried to follow the directions you suggested, but no luck. Do I have to paste the code in the widget section?

  67. Here Are My Problems:
    1. 'readm.jpg' and 'postinf.jpg' Theses Names Are Present In XML File As IMAGE-LINK-HERE But Not Present In Images_Please_Upload_First Folder.

    2. < span id="fullpost" > < /span >This Thing Is Not Working in Firefox And Flock (Checked So Far) But Fine In IE8 And Avand And Chrome.
    I Mean The Full Full Posts Are Visible And Jumbled On The HomePage When Viewing In Firefox etc.

    3. Comments Logo Is Only Visible In Firefox And Not In IE8 Chrome Avant (Checked So Far)

    Alvaris Falcon This Is A Great Template And A Great Achievement Of Yours That You Have Made So Great Template. Hats Off To you.
    And 99% Widgetized Template I Just Never Saw Anywhere Else. You Are Great. But i Think There Is Need Of Remedy version 2.5 ASAP.
    Please Do Help Me In My Problems And Release A New Better Version Of Remedy.
    My Blog Is AddictiveArcade.blogspot.com I Liked Ur Template Very Much And Made It On My Site, But After Having So Many Problems For A Short Time Period Until You Release A New 2.5 Version I Am Switching To Some Other Template.

  68. Hi there
    I am using your template and today the carousel stoped working. I doesnt slide to te sides anymore. It goes up and down :(
    How do i fix this, please??

  69. Is there anyway to get the java files of this template, in order to locate that in hotlinkfiles or something…?
    i’m ok with changing the host of the java files, but i can’t get that via download…

  70. Hello ! I have got something wrong with this template . I dont know why the carousel panel change the struture today. I did not change it myself . Could you help me with this case ? I love this template and i dont want to change it to another one any more . Please fix it for me brother . I try to download again and use the code with another blog but it gots the same problem. It makes my cry . I dont want it change the structure of the carousel panels. I really like this template , please dont change it . :(

  71. Even the 123 Tabbers were dissapear . I still saw them last night but not now anymore . How come like that . It makes me crazy about my blog. Could you tell me whats wrong with it ? I am a new blogger from Vietnam . I spend a lot of time to learn how to make a blog but i feel tired because this is the second time i get this problem with your template so i have to change another one. I dont want to change it one more time because i love this template .

  72. I also noticed that the carousel stopped working and the Tabbertab section again. it works in Chrome but it doesn’t in IE7 or FF. I’m hesitant to continue using a template that keeps breaking. Could we please have access to the JS files? Thank you. :)

  73. Hi our precious reader,

    Thanks for all your concerns about JavaScript file hosting for all our Blogger templates that mainly causes the mess of your blog’s layout. I apologize for the stopping of the JavaScript hosting service, as we have actually announced the news in BloggerStyles on 3 April 2009.

    I have uploaded the Zinmag Remedy Blogger template with JavaScript file inside, you can download on the following URL:

    You can refer to our announcement and suggestions in the following URL:

    Inside the post probably got the best suggestion for you to host the JavaScript file and keep the file running as long as you want, based on the hosting package you chose.

    Again, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding. We would be here to solve any other possible issue, thank you!

    Best regards,
    Alvaris Falcon

  74. Thanks for fixing the problem with the java files so fast!
    My web is working perfectly again ;)
    estelesports.blogspot.com, if you want to take a look.

    Great work, thanks again :)

  75. sorry my english ..
    I have a problem with the template ..
    when I’ve uploaded all right, but .. After the images that come in the folder of the template does not appear .. how do I solve this problem? please help – me. ;-)

  76. Well, I gotta tell you…I was in over my head from the start…and I got it to work. What I’m hosting Java Script? Thanks for you prompt updates on this…I’m up and running again:)

  77. Thank you for sharing the javascript files. My only issue now is that the Date of Post is not showing. Appreciate any help from anyone.

  78. Thanks for your comment but i dont know how to do it when i come to read the hotlinks.com . My english is very bad . You asked me “look at the last message of falcon, take the js files and put them in hotlinks.com” . I dont understand the Js file mean . By the way , thank you so much . When i have time i will change another template . It is very difficult for me . Thanks for letting me using your template . I use the stranlate program but can not find out how to put the js file in it . Thanks for your help but i can not manage it . :(

  79. plz Alvaris
    help me with the javascript proplem
    i have no idea how to deal with those fils
    i uploaded them but i dont know how to insert them to the blog
    i allready found the the code but and i replaced it with the new links
    but it doesnt work at all
    plz i really love your template
    and i dont want to leave it
    i’m sure you are gonna help me

  80. plz Alvaris, i need help!!!!
    when we post a video of youtube or similar with this template, the video gets out in the idex of blog. This video appears when we use the Firefox, if we use the IE7 we haven´t got any problem. anyone know what could be the cause?
    Our blog is http://blogpsicocine.blogspot.com

  81. Hello alvaris,
    i’ve got a problem with the carusel bar i don’t know why but now i see it in a strange way, you can see by yourself at fumettimangaecomics.blogspot.com

    Thank you for you work and for your help!

  82. thank you coolbusterrrrrr!! hehe.

    Coolbuster Said, April 12, 2009 10:56 PM

    Hello everyone!
    I have a very easy tutorial in my blog:
    How to troubleshoot Zinmag Remedy 2.0 Blogger template

  83. hello .. GREETINGS TO ALL good saver if possible I would like to put in motion on the carousel Zinmag Tick Remedy something as a editing the script may not be much of anything this good scrit please reply Latinoamerica saludos desde chile

  84. This user is not allowed to use direct links. This is what i try to download the template..

  85. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your report! I have checked the download link and it functions properly, you can download the template by clicking the ‘Download’ button, hope this helps!

  86. Hi there,
    LOVE this template- the best I’ve come across!

    Just one small problem. In the thumbnail it shows the search box alongside the header and yet on my site it has jumped to above the header and has a large gap above that too. Is there any way of moving this?

    Thanks much appreciated :)

    • Thanks for the detailed report! Can I know your browser version and your blog address to understand the issue further? Thank you!

  87. hi alvaris i am having problems with the front page of my blog

    i see it ok in firefox (8 entries) but in explorer i see only 5 entries and they are not actualy the last 5 entries… do you know what may be happening?

    • Thanks for your report! Can I have your blog address to know more about the issue? :)

  88. Helo everyone!
    I have a problem with the site in mozila firefox top bar of links is broken down, EXPLORER on this not happening, look at the site.
    http://www.ruvitours.com. Can anyone help me with this?
    Please this is very urgent, my client should have to do difficult to find
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    • Try uploading your javascripts to http://fileave.com

      Then try to replace this files with yours

      <script src=’http://bloggerstyles.com/data/templates/000/js/jquery.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>
      <script src=’http://bloggerstyles.com/data/templates/000/js/glide.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>
      <script src=’http://bloggerstyles.com/data/templates/000/js/tabber.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>
      <script src=’http://bloggerstyles.com/data/templates/000/js/slider.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>


      <script src=’http://domforth.fieave.com/jquery.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>

      hope this helps

  89. hello alvaris, my issue was solved…

    it seems that as I put the text in bold

    before the Read More

    it show like this:

    how are you

    and all the blog get into a great disorder…

    now is solved

  90. In first place, I have to thanks this template. Is perfect!

    But I have a problem in the “tabber.js”. The link is working perfectly, but in my blog he don’t works! I saw http://iea-vdp.blogspot.com/ and there the tabber is working.

    The problem happened the night for the day, and I don’t know how to resolve this, although it had sought help in several sites.

    Please, help me!

    PS: Sorry for bad english

  91. I’ve just started setting up my own blog using this template. However, when I try to upload all the pictures onto photobucket, form.gif seems to fail. Even when I try to upload it alone, it fails. How important is it, and what’s it used for?

    • Dear Leif Bäckman Lindqvist,
      I solve this problem converting form.gif to form.jpg.
      This is a limitation of photobucket.

  92. The 2.0 template is very good.
    My question about this template is how using image in title place.
    What is the image size permited to this?

    Tank you

    • Thanks for your comment! The permitted is about 600px of width and 74px of height.

      Hope this helps, enjoy customizing! :D

  93. I’m having this issue with my frontpage since most of my posts start with an image or something, the images are filling up the text that would normally be in the “read more” section. Is there a way to hide the pics on the front page preview, or make a thumbnail option?

  94. Hi Alvaris, great work, amazing tools.

    I have tried to download the new version from this site, but box.net is not working at all, or it is having some issues…

    Do you have other hosting to download the template?

    Thanks a lot

    • Sure, glad that you have downloaded it successfully, enjoy blogging with Zinmag Remedy 2.0! ;)

  95. Hi, Me again… ;-)

    Does this template look different with IE and Firefox?

    In IE the header doesnt fit with the search box, at least it occurs with the blog I am trying to customize


    It could be happening ’cause I change the “images” into spanish ones?


    • Great to see you again! :D

      Sure, can I know the version of the Internet Explorer you do want to know its compatibility to Zinmag Remedy 2.0?

      Also, if you have made customization to the template, I would like to know the blog address with your installed template.

      Thanks for your reply, hope to hear more from you! ;)

  96. Hi,
    First let me congratulate you for your excellent work. I’m putting an extra effort to be able to design half as well as you.
    I specially like the zinmag remedy but I want to ask you if it’s possible to make the carousel pane vertical instead of horizontal, and how can I do it?
    How can I customize the carousel arrows?
    Can I put the carousel (now vertical) in a new column, and how do I modify the HTML to insert the new left column with the new carousel?
    I hope tou can help me!Thanks a lot

    Catarina (from Portugal)

  97. Hi, a really nice template, appreciate your job so much
    would like to ask about the sidebar at left side for the “http://minisseriecollor.blogspot.com/”.

    the sidebar which named “LINK”
    there is 3 features content below the “LINK”
    how can make it won’t bling when i pointed at it ya??

    hope to her from you, thanks a lot.

    • Thanks for your kind comment, I appreciate this very, very much! :)

      Sure, you can access into blog’s ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Edit HTML’ tab, search for the code below:

      .fblock:hover {
      width: 298px;
      margin: 5px 0px 0px 0px;
      padding:0px 0 0 0;
      border:1px solid #404548;
      font-family:century gothic,Arial,verdana, sans-serif;

      Please change the background color, which is #232628 to #2e3335, ‘Save Template’ to make the features content not blink when you points at it.

      Hope this helps, enjoy customizing and blogging! ;)

  98. Hello

    Note that there is a problem in templante. When a video is put in an entry gets out all the pages. The videos come out on top of the screen. if you can do something about this problem

    Sorry if I do not understand is that Google Translator

    • Really thanks for your report! I have recorded it and probably would perform an update to solve the issue.

      I understand your words very well. ;)

  99. Hi,
    To all that have a problem to position the “search form” on top:
    1 – Find the code:

    2 – Select and Cut the block code.
    3 – Paste the block code above the TAG ““.
    4 – Save and blog enjoy

    Observation: remember to backup before!!!

    • Thanks for your further reply!

      I’m sorry that our comment is not available with code input, so you can’t view the code correctly in comment above.

      I have asked Jander to send the code to me through the email. Can I invite you to send your email address to me through alvaris924@gmail.com? I can send you the code and tutorial through the email, thank you! ;)

  100. Feeling stupid.
    I’ve tried hard to download,(or buy) Zinmag Remedy 2.0. No success.
    Something went really bad and I lost all the widgets, and the blog just isn’t anything close to what use to be.
    I fell in love with Remedy 2.0 and need to have it.
    Many thanks.

    • Nice to meet you, thanks for your very precious comment!

      Zinmag Remedy 2.0 is a totally free premium Blogger template, you can enjoy it without paying any fee. ;)

      Every time you uploaded a new Blogger template to your precious blog, you would lose all gadgets and gadget’s settings.

      Sure, you can follow the ‘readme.txt’ contained in the downloaded file and the guide in this post to set up the Zinmag Remedy 2.0 properly.

      I’m sure to help you with any issue you faced, all the best! :)

  101. Hi this template is nice and I am using it.
    I just have a doubt. Can we increase the number of ‘shrotened’ posts that shows up on the homepage?
    I mean by default there are only 4. Can we increase it to some 8 or ten?

    I hope you will see into this matter.

  102. Me again Alvaris,

    I’m having hard time in making the Layout View look like the one on the top of this page. In other words, I can’t get on that view the CARROUSSEL fields with the EDIT LINKS on it.
    Can you please help me on that?
    Many Thanks.

  103. Two of the images referenced in the source code of this template, i.e., postinf.jpg and readm.jpg, are not included in the zip file. Are they unnecessary or where could I find them?
    (Also, on this template I can’t tell if there is a checkmark for email followup or not.)

    • Thanks for precious report.

      You really dont need those images. That wont affect the template.

      There are no such checkmarks for email follow up.

      Tell me if i can help u more.

  104. It is the best blog template I have ever seen!

    Wonder the light blue bar on the top below the title is missing.

    And what can I do if I want the Zinmag Remedy ‘Feature Slide Carousal’ instead of the ‘Carousal Panel’ on the new version — it looks cooler this way. Can I replace the new one?

    You guys are the best!

    Thank you!

  105. Sorry, got the titles, blue bar etc. sorted out, sorry, forgot to upload pic. but the Tabber section is still missing. And what can I do if I want the Zinmag Remedy ‘Feature Slide Carousal’ instead of the ‘Carousal Panel’ on the new version — it looks cooler this way. Can I replace the new one? Trillion thanks!

  106. I have found the tabber script but I wonder if what I did is right.

    I simply take the */ from the overflow:auto;, I assume there is nothing I need to change.

  107. Dear Alvaris,
    I have a issue and because this I dont put my blog productive yet.
    When I browse the blog using IE 7 or 8 the picture “comm.jpg” next the “comment” link dont appears.
    Using Chrome or Firefox it appears!

  108. I thought I left a comment a couple of days ago, but I guess it didn’t go through. If it’s in moderation, I apologize for the repetition.

    I recently installed this magazine template and I LOVE it! The only problem I am having is that I cannot see my comments beyond 200 because there are no “newer” and “newest” comment links. So I need to remove the embedded comment box feature to be able to read all my comments. When I do that, the comments are not numbered, which I need them to be.

    Is there possibly a fix to allow me to see my comments after #200 while the comment box is embedded?

    TIA for any suggestions you can offer.

  109. Hi. Thanks for your report.

    There are no numberings when u use pop up comment box.

    We will fix the newest post links soon and let you know.

    Happy blogging.

    • Hi Dominic. Thanks for your report.

      Generally, blogger dosen’t allow swapping title of an image.

      I hope this answers your question.

    • Dominic, I had the same problem. The way I got around it was to make the title tiny, position it in the upper-left corner and made the title color the same as the background on my header graphic. Then you can upload your header as you would normally do in the Layouts page.

  110. I have been having a problem for the past few days in that my entire Tabbed Section is missing from my homepage. The code is still there and I can see the section on my Layouts page. I was just wondering if anyone else reported having the same problem? Is it likely a Blogger issue? If not, are there any suggestions for troubleshooting?

    TIA!! :)

    • Hello. Pleasure to see your comment.

      We have recorded your problem. If we get a solution for it then we will let you know as soon as possible.

  111. When I uploaded the pictures to Photobucket, the form.gif file would not load, said there was an error in the file. Can someone send me this please again please! Thanks for the awesome template!

  112. (IMAGE-LINK-HERE/readm.jpg)

    Also the above two images are not in the photos file…where are they or can I get them?
    Thank You Again!

  113. Okay, I have another one for you. :)

    I use IE, but it has been reported to me that on Firefox that any videos embedded in one of the miniposts on the homepage show through and are not hidden like the rest of the post. So if you scroll down my homepage, there will be a random floating video covering a part of my blog. This does not happen on IE.

    Has anyone else reported this problem?


    • Same floating video problem here http://officialmovietrailers.blogspot.com as with you. Same symptoms with FF and Opera but no problem with IE7. I’m basically creating a movie trailers blog so I will have to have a video on each post. The problem is every video floats on top of the bottom content on the homepage. I have completely uploaded and installed the js files first then images. Everything seems ok but when I started making posts, the videos in each post start to float on the homepage.

      I tried minimizing the size of the video but still same problem. I tried hosting the js files in blogger itself but same problem of floating vids. It actually made it worse.

      Need help please

  114. I am absolutely enjoying this website, but for some reason the ‘Carousel Panel’ is coming up as a regular scroll bar versus the slider. Is there any way to fix it? Also, how can I get the search box above the ‘Top Navigation Bar’ to say “Go” and be highlighted blue?

    Thank you for the amazing layout!

  115. I like this template a lot it is ver professional but I am having trouble with the RSS link.. on top under the nav bar. it said that the link should have at least one (‘ ‘).

    • Thanks for your comment.

      It means that you have to include the feed url in inverted commas.

      All the best.

  116. Hiya, first of all I’d like to say a big thank you for converting this template into Blogger, it’s much appreciated. As always, when I am working on a new layout, I make a test site and have come across a problem that I can’t seem to figure out how to fix. Basically, my site seems to be showing two headers and the search bar is above the lowest header. I was planning on placing a banner behind the search bar and that being the only title. Is there anywhere of customising the template in such a way? I’ve seen it on a few other blogs, thanks in advance for your help.

    • It is nice to hear that you test all templates.

      Please check that you have uploaded all the images. It seems that few are missing.

      Good luck

  117. My site have the same problem as yours, but if you open it on Firefox, there are no problems, vitsit my blog, a lighter version of Zinmag Remedy original.

  118. Hiya, thanks for the help on the first part, I’ve now uploaded all of the images and managed to half-sort out a header for the site. Basically, I’m still currently experiencing a few problems. For some reason, the slide carousel has now changed into a scroll image gadget which isn’t what I want it to be and I can’t seem to manage to get rid of the black bar at the top of the header or move the search bar down. Are there any ways of doing these things and fixing the slide carousel? Thanks in advance, much appreciated, Mark.

      • Hiya again, thanks once again for all of your help. I hope this doesn’t sound too dumb, but how do u ‘miss’ the javascript links? Do they have to be replaced? I’ve never been aware how to use Javascript in Blogger but for some reason, the slide carousel is working again. Althought it’s working again, I’m sure it’ll probably break again so what am I meant to do with the javascript? Also, is there a way to get rid of the black bar at the top of the header and move the search bar down so it’s on top of the navbar? Thanks in advance once again for your help, Mark.

  119. Hey, thanks for your comment again. But please let me know that have you added the javascript links to the template.

    • I don’t think I have and I’m not sure how to sorry. Basically, I downloaded the template and have been customising it but I’m not sure how to ‘add’ the javascript links? Is it possible that you can help out? Cheers. :D

      • It seems that you are new. So i am ready to explain you step by step.

        1. With the the template download file you must have a folder named: javascript.

        Please upload all files contained to your javasprict folder to hotlinkfiles.com

        do all this and tell me again.

  120. So far the template is working great for me; however when I downloaded it there was a folder with all the images that said “please upload first”…how do I upload the images? I need the search bar to say ‘go” and it doesn’t….

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Please upload all those images to an image hosting site like photobucket.com or tinypic.com and then add their url to your template code.

      Wish you a happy blogging !

  121. Thanks so much for replying so quickly. One last thing…I’m having the same issue as the person who posted before me…my carousel looks like a regular scroll bar. I have uploaded all the files onto hotlinkfiles.com but where in the template do I paste them??

    • Congratulations. I am very happy that i have been able to help you.

      If you need more help let me know.

      Happy blogging!

    • Thanks for your precious comment.

      We do not upload the files on Google site and picasa because it might violate Google’s Terms of Service.

      We hope you can understand.

  122. Sorry, I didn’t know that term. Anyway, this template is really great, thanks a lot. But as Mark said, on IE, it seems to be showing two headers and the search bar is above the lowest header, I don’t know why and how to fix it. I uploaded all java and image files. We don’t have this problem on firefox or opera.

  123. Hiya, thanks again for all of your help. I’ve just realised that I had the first version downloaded so have now downloaded 2.0 and will have a bit of a customisation with it. I may be able to understand things a bit easier then and if I experience more problems, will come back here. You’re very helpful and quick at replying, fantastic service. :)

  124. Thanks for your comment again.

    I will check this problem and will let you know if a solution is available.

    Best wishes.

  125. Hi if someone can tell me what bugs got seeing my website or what changes to get better .
    Right also i got a problem with spam i duno but ppl is telling me that when they open my blog http://www.divxon.blogspot.com they got spam like ads and i duno where they come from maybe from my template ? suggestions ?
    ty and sorry for my bad english.
    Btw Cheers falconhive ur website is a great place for templates.

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words.

      The template in any form does not contain any spam or advertisement code. The spam which your users are getting must be due to any external HTML script which you might have added.

  126. template looks pretty good but…
    seems like every1 got at least 1 problem and to many things to do manually so new blog people can’t use this template :(

  127. Hi , ty for ur previous answer , and yeah ive noticed the the ads come from the videos embed in my blog ,
    is it posible to block then at least from the main page , i already block the text so now who want to read got to click on read more i added this so maybe there is a way also to block the ads if this is possible can you tell me how plz ,and also the search bar has changed now it says `upgrade to pro today`.
    well ty again ^^.

    • yes i know that when vids are floating you have to hide em with this comand
      UR TEXT or VID
      but your saying they r in the carousel so no idea @_@

      • Thanks for your reply again.

        If you are not able to manage the videos you must delete them. This would save your blog.

        Best of luck….

  128. Thank you very much for your precious reply.

    This is an general issue with blogger. You might be facing problems because you must be using blogger in draft mode to edit your blog. Please the normal mode and the EDIT HTML mode rather than the COMPOSE mode.

  129. My comment didn’t appear and I’m not sure why.I really need to know how to fix “the featured content” area of my blog.Here is the link to my blog


    Will you please take a look and tell me why the posts are not in frames like yours? I would really like to be able to get this site up and running.This makes the second time I have tried to post a question.

    If someone else can help then please do.



    • I got the problem you are facing. You have not added the url to all images in the template.

      I hope this helps…

  130. hi jeanne i think you hv exceed in size your vids and comments i think you should lower them ,for example the video of the day is too big than doesnt allow to the the widgets behind it .
    And your carousel images as well as the others images in your blog redirect to an image if you click on it maybe you wanted it maybe you didnt anyways i think you can fix it like this ->

    And if someone want to hide the comments from appear in the main page this is the code for it ->

    Note:Eliminate the ( * ) in both examples

    sorry for my not good english .

    Regards for falconhive team ^^

  131. I love this template except the boxes where the posts are placed.

    Is there any way I can change my blog posts back to the way they were when I used the normal blogger template? As in, every post shows on the main page without the need to click ‘read more’.

    • You can definitely do that by deleting the appropriate code from the template. I can not help you with this as it would become a personal request..

      All the best…

    • I am finally happy to hear that you have figured out the problem and solved it.


  132. Hi,

    I got this problem with E-Mail subscription link, when I switch “EMAIL-SUBSCRIPTION-LINK-HERE” with my subscription link, an error message says: “Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The reference to entity “loc” must end with the ‘;’ delimiter.”

    What can I do with this stuff? Please help… also check out my blog and browse if I have also some problems besides mentioned! Thanks y’all!

  133. Thanks for your hard work. This template seems fantastic and super easy to customize…

    I have a question to start working on it: What’s the deal with images”please upload images first”. How can you I do that?

    • You need to upload the images to photobucket.com and then add the image url to your template code…

      Best of luck…

  134. Your template is amazing and my customers and myself love it so much!

    Just one last issue :

    As you see from my blog, http://alohablock.blogspot.com/, the last blog is not showing (i.e. the one above the ‘Older Posts’). Wonder how I can fix it.

    Thank you very much! Happy day!


    • Thanks for your comment Ed.

      The issue you are reporting is actually not a issue. It is a part of design of template.


  135. The same question as JoshuaL’s : how to set up the date ? (I’m trying to fix the bug of the search bar on IE, and it seems to be hopeless)

  136. hi i again err… i hv changed the templaate color for a black one and i wana know if i can take out the zinmag logo in the right bottom its just that its color doesnt fit my new template color and i have a problem when my blog is open with IE6 there is a big space in black in the top so practically you have to scroll down to see the content i duno if this is only a bug for IE6 , i hv already tried lot of things i just cant figure out whats the problem :( . ty again

  137. I put images on the caroussel but I only get a black square instead of the picture.
    Is it because they are hosted in blogspot? I see many blogs here using photobucket but then I found that jaike (http://www.divxon.blogspot.com) is using blogspot just like me and don’t have the same problem.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • Please tell me the exact url of your blog. I will offer you an solution after examining your blog only.

  138. Hi back i want to know if someone can explain me how to change the size of the post at the moment there are 2 lines i want to change them for 3 lines and make the post size biger because the image doesnt show completely.
    Thx again.
    cheer falconhive team

    err i was forgetting my site is http://www.divxon.blogspot.com if someone else besides the FH team knows the answer to my question i d appreciate it .


  139. Hi pedro if you can contac with me i can try help you and also for those who got problems with the JS files hosting you can add the js into ur template Yes you can i am doing it so wana a proof ? go –> http://www.divxon.blogspot.com im hosting all in blogger
    is wana do the same about the js files send me a email because the script is just to big for write it here .
    And pedro i think you got a black square because your image is bigger than the black square try to lower the size

  140. First at all, I would like to say how much this template is terrible !
    I installed it on my blog http://Ecigarette-info.com
    It’s a french website on wich National & International news on ecigarettes are published.
    For now 7 articles are on the first page organized like this

    News1 News2
    News3 News4
    News5 News6

    I would like to know if it’s possible to change this organisation like :

    N e w s 1
    News2 News3
    News4 News5

    I think it’s very important for my website to have the first article more visible

    Another time, well done, this template is crazy !

    best regards

  141. Hello! I´ve downloaded this wonderful template which I intend to use in my blog. I managed to put everything in place, even the javascript was working just fine, but I began to have problems with the .js files uploaded to hotlinkfiles. Now I’ve found that the free accounts are somehow discontinued, so I’d appreciate if you or anyone can tell me of some other free storage service with the facility to give the appropriate type of links to be uuused in the template.
    Thanks very much in advance!

    just search this in your template and paste this

    Now im using the same template Come and check it out

    Best regards for FH TEAM

  143. Hi,
    I love your website and this template.

    I have problem
    I’ve uploaded the images and js
    however the “GO” image does not appear

    2. “Form” image would not upload I get an error from server message

    that error message only happens when trying to upload “form” image

    3. Icon 18 edit & Icon 18_email both appear in image files but are not in the template code

    4. The “Highlight Reel” image does not appear

    5. JS are not working (uploaded to Fileave as Hotlinks not working well)

    Any help would be appreciated


  144. Also
    I downloaded Zinmag Remedy 2.0 from this page.
    In addition to the other issues
    I just found this in the template

    readm.jpg with (IMAGE-LINK-HERE)

    postinf.jpg WITH (IMAGE-LINK-HERE)

    But these image files were not in my download

    Also the GO image does not have a (LINK-IMAGE-HERE) file with that title so I have no idea where to place it

    • Thanks for your report.

      Please consider repeating all the process from downloading the template in a Firefox or Opera Browser.

      Good Luck.

  145. Hi again! I’m happy to say I have figured it out myself. Thanks for a great template.

    I wish you continued success!!!


  146. Hello! Thanks for a truly beautiful and (eep!) free. I’m in love. However, I’ve tried hosting the JS files in two separate places (Google Sites and Hotlinkfiles), and neither of them last for more than a day. Is there a simple solution to fix this?

    Thank you so much!

  147. Hi! Hive commentator!

    I would like to recap my previously raised request. I appreciate that it is a design that the eighth box of blog message is missing due to its original design.

    Wonder if I know how to add it on so I can complete the rectangular shape of the body of the whole blog section.

    Appreciate your great help on this!

    • Thanks Ed..

      Although we do not handle personal customization requests. But i would like to tell you that adding that eighth any would lead to layout and design problems.

      Best of luck…

  148. Hi guys, the JS files hosted at alvaris924.fileave.com are hitting me with malware warnings whenever I refresh the template’s demo page. I’m using Avast. I haven’t had these files flagged by Avast before, so I thought I’d better mention it.


    • I also use Avast and host the JS files on fileave.com but I am not getting any malware warnings with the demo template have also refreshed several times with no problems

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