20 Beautiful Animal Twitter Background Photos

One of the famous social network and micro blogging platform is Twitter. There is a fat chance that you are using it or you have an account there. It’s very easy to reach your audience and share the things you want. Twitter is very sleek when it comes to what it does. But when it comes to design it does not really do well except for that fluffy little blue bird for a logo and sky blue background.

So we look for ways to customize how our Twitter page looks. We add our own brand logo, header image and an awesome Twitter background photo. It’s very easy to do and there are a lot of choices to choose from. Here we have collected some beautiful animal Twitter background photos.

Please note: These images are resized to fit our editorial needs. To view its original size right click on the image and click “open image in new tab”.


Love penguins and snowy background for your Twitter page? Then you might like this three funny penguins as your background. This will make your visitors wonder what these lovely penguins are up to. Clearly it will be revealed on your tweets.


To show authority of the sky and freedom add this stunning image of gliding eagle as your Twitter background photo. This should convey success and credibility of your page.


I’d like to think that these cute frogs are father and son. They are so cute to look up hanging on the same twig. I would recommend this as a Twitter background photo for Twitter pages for coaches, guides and maybe for educators.


Just look at this cute little chameleon. By looking at this image it will be hard to tell if it’s about to jump into another location or if it’s readying to lunge it’s sticky tongue to catch a prey. The position is also perfect if you want to keep one side of your page clean from any distraction.

Cat-Humor1-lYou must be familiar with this image. This has been around as funny not impressed meme. This is just funny and would be hard to resist not to use as your Twitter background image.


The cat family. I think they have an adopted sibling. Either way they look cute.


Another chameleon is added to our selection of animal Twitter background photos. This time the image is on the left side and your left pane should be clean from any distraction.


Like coffee? Maybe you are a night owl. This amazing collage of coffee beans and couple cups of black coffee is just what you need to keep you awake. This should be perfect Twitter background photo literary niches.


This playful dog is hard not to like. This is just lovely and very tempting to use as Twitter background photo. So go ahead and use it. Once again the photo is slightly off center so your right side is clear for another graphics you need to add.


What do you think does a cat and duck would do when they meet? They kiss! This lovely photo is perfect background photo for your Twitter page. Love does not know any boundaries, race, and even species for this matter.


For animal lovers and Twitter pages on pet dogs this will be the perfect photo for your background image.


Feeling a little foxy? Why not try this image and use it as your Twitter background image? I’m sure it will look awesome.


This funny little rat is ready to party. Just look at that cute hat. This is perfect background image for your Twitter page. On the right side of the image you can add your brand logo.

furry fox

This alpha fox or whatever you call the leader of the pack is checking out the horizon and watcher over his territory. Are you an authority on what you do online? Show this on your Twitter page by using this background cover.


Just look at this lovely peacock and it’s stunning colors. If you want to have an interesting Twitter page then you should use this photo as your background image.


This is a stunning photo for your Twitter page. This simple image of snake with glowing streaks of green on it’s scales is just awesome. This is perfect if you want to add some grunge design to your page.


Lovely puppies are just sleepy. Why don’t you see how your Twitter page would look with this background image. I’m sure it will be awesome.


This cute little things is cold or probably it’s enjoying the snow. This could probably be a baby squirrel but I’m not 100% sure.


This cute tiger cub has been around and is very popular animal Twitter background photo. This is used by few names I follow on Twitter.


Watch out little turtle there is shark behind you! This high resolution and awesome image is perfect Twitter background photo. So go ahead and try this out.

  1. katie November 19, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    amazing!!!! all beautiful pics!!! love the large-eared fox!!!!