Tree House


Tree House is a nature theme Blogger template with nice grungy design from Skinpress. Discover the natural beauty of Tree House Blogger template and make it your nature blog today!

You can observe the demo and download Tree House Blogger template, thanks to original designer,

Tree House Blogger template

Remained High Functionality

Same with the Blue Diamond, Tree House Blogger template remained the high functionality, probably with the ability to change any font and font color in any part of the template. I hope you love this nature and artistic design, let us share about how you feel about this template, or probably some suggestion to make this Blogger template better, thank you!


    • If u are using wordpress then u dont need to remove ur current template.
      But if u use blogger then ur current template would get removed if u upload this or any other template. For more help drop a comment.

      Hi alvaris, i am still waiting for the job of the commentator.

    • Thanks for your precious notification!

      I totally suggest you to keep your Tree House Blogger template with your own provided demo and download, as it’s your real production.

      You probably do not need to remove any Blogger template converted by yourself for any kind of reason. The Blogger template is yours, you should get every advantage from it.

      I have also updated my post to tell the world that you got another great version of Tree House Blogger template. Hope my words and action can help solving our misunderstanding, thank you. :)

  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and useful info. Appreciate if you could give me some ideas as how to improve this blog further, in term of its design and other areas you deem suitable. Thank and look forward to hearing your professional advice. Thank you in advance,

  2. Hi Falcon:

    I have a question. I am trying to set up a site for a friend who is a psychologist. Do you have any themes or templates that you recommend for “quasi professional” type sites.

    Great article on this template. I will be considering it for a new blogger blog that I am working on.


    Douglas Manning

      • Stolen by me? think twice before talking. many people can converting wp theme into blogger template. if 2 converter has converting a same wptheme does’nt mean stealing from the other. you can compare the source code, it’s fully same or different.

        i has searching for this theme before, and no result for blogger template mode. like i say in my first comment, me and alvaris converting a same wp theme(treehouse) in a same time and waiting for answer.

        ok, I did not want to argue. i will remove my template.

        To Alvaris :
        thanks for your invitation of partnering with bloggerstyles. i really happy, but please reject my submission. I do not want to damage the big name of you because now I have been regarded as a thief by your fans.

    • Nice to meet you, thanks for your request!

      Sure, you can consider Golden Grace Blogger template, which is a premium Blogger template which provides an unique, clean and professional environment to present your friend’s professional content.

      You can view the introduction and the demo on the following URL:

      You can also look for free premium Blogger template in our blogger template’s archive, or Blogger Styles.

      Hope to hear more from you, thank you!

    • Thanks for your kind report!

      I have checked his template and confirmed that the code is not the same with mine, so generally there got 2 versions of Tree House Blogger template in Blogger world. ;)

      As Tree House is a free WordPress theme available for everyone to use, it’s very common that different version which is coded by different coder would appear in Blogger world.

      Hope my words answers your question, enjoy Blogger template! :D

  3. Hi FBTemplate,

    First of all, please allow me to apologize to you about this entire misunderstanding. I’m totally sorry, FBTemplate.

    Yes, I admit and confirm that your Tree House Blogger template is totally different with our Tree House Blogger template, and I have updated this post to announce to the world that you got another great version of Tree House Blogger template for their precious Blogger blog.

    I sincerely invite you to recover all your post content and download of your Tree House Blogger template. It is yours, and you should keep providing it to your precious visitor, reader, and user for your own and their advantages.

    I have also closed that reader’s comment and asked him to apologize to you. I believe there’s an misunderstanding between you and him, and please kindly forgive him for his careless mistake.

    I probably hope, and would be proud that you can be the great partner of our BloggerStyles to provide your excellent support to your Blogger templates in BloggerStyles.

    There’s not a big converter or small converter, we’re all the same level and great contributor to the Blogger world.

    I apologize again for my mistake of publishing that misinformation, and thanks for your understanding that we still need to improve our commenting system to ensure everyone’s advantage.

    Thank you and all the best. :)

    Best regards,
    Alvaris Falcon

    • Thank you for comment, Suomy.

      To make the menu, you need to edit the “navigation” widget from the page elements section. It would be present at the top.

      I hope your problem gets solved.

    • Dear Suomy. Thanks for your comment again.

      You can place the rss button wherever you want. Just upload it somewhere on the web and add it to your sidebar or any other place.

      I hope you got your solution.

  4. wow.. :D keep calm everyone hehehe…this is free template everyone can convert it XD
    @fbt: haha, wait for me in YM, gotcha…
    @alvaris: thanks for invitation to contribute in bloggerstyles. Maybe not for this month… :D really have no time for now. Hope thats invitation wont be expired hehehe

  5. Ooops! I tried it on a different theme (Coffee Desk) and it worked:

    However, the problem still exists on the Tree House theme

    So, I gather it is not a blogsopt problem yaa. Both blogs use Blogspot hosting with different themes from Falcon Hive.

    Any idea?

    • Thanks for your comment.

      You can definitely add that feature to your blog but that would require lots me coding and we wont be able to help you with that.
      You need to manage that yourself.

      Good luck.

  6. I followed the instructions for the twitter stuff and it works when I’m logged into twitter but when other people or when I’m not logged into twitter the blog opens a window and asks for the username and password for twitter(message: A username and password are being requested by The site says: “Twitter API”). If you click cancel you don’t see my twitter status. I did the two things at the top of this Tree House instruction page for Twitter and inputted the correct location for images and that is all that I have done to the template. Thank you for your help.

  7. This afternoon, I was putting the images link into their places, but I’ve notice that some images have no spot! Like ico_ar .

    Is there’s something wrong? Is the file corrupted? ‘Cause there was no warnings about that.