Top 10 cloud hosting service providers in the world

Generally, websites are hosted on a single server within the organization’s server farm. Websites getting higher traffic are regularly hosted on a dedicated server and the smaller sites are hosted on a server with different sites (i.e. those with a VPS or shared hosting account).

There is another simple way to have a site that is turning out to be more recognized i.e. cloud Hosting.

What is Cloud Computing?

The idea of cloud computing has been around since the 1950s. It was established upon a guideline of sharing resources.

Let us consider a big company. As opposed to install an application on a large number of PCs, an organization could install the application in one system and after that employees could get to that application from the system. This turns up the need of installing and overhauling software for number of times.

Cloud computing is developing in prominence as customary hosting service providers rebuild their engineering for all the more effective execution and versatility.

Cloud computing is utilized by numerous expansive internet organizations. Email services, for example, Gmail and Outlook (previously the Hotmail) use cloud computing. As do Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, your bank, and real news sites.

Because of the rise in prominence of back up services, for example, Dropbox and Google Drive, most web clients have a general comprehension of the expression “The Cloud.”

But, what does cloud hosting refer to?

Like the first idea of cloud computing, cloud hosting is about set of resources. In a cloud hosting setup, customers don’t have a particular server doled out to them. Rather, the hosting providing companies makes a cloud support over different servers. Virtualization software is then used to partition these physical servers into different virtual servers otherwise known as “The Cloud.” Each virtual server would be set up with its own particular exceptional software and applications. From an organization (i.e client) perspective, you won’t see any distinction in hosting your site on a cloud server than a dedicated server.

Suppose, you have your site hosted on a dedicated server, there will be constraints put on the server, for example, 50GB of capacity, 4GB of RAM, and a specific CPU. When you exceed your package, the hosting company needs to either perform a physical move up to the server (e.g. more RAM) or transfer your sites to another server.

Since cloud servers are crossed over different physical servers, no such physical restrictions are put on the client. Your cloud hosting package can be expanded and diminished as and when critical.

While some cloud hosting providers offer pay as you go rates, most still offer pre-package plans to clients that designate a specific number of resources to them. Nonetheless, the essential thing to note is that expanding (or diminishing) a client’s assignment of resources just takes seconds in cloud hosting as resources are changed using software. Equally, when a site is put away on a single server, repairing or supplanting a segment results in downtime.

Cloud hosting is a more handy solution for both sides.

Hosting providers won’t have small sites hosted on intense servers that are just working at 10% limit, thusly they can run a more effective server farm (which is additionally useful for the earth).

Site admins don’t need to stress over activity surges as the cloud is arranged to support it. A cloud hosting setup likewise lessens downtime, as well, since sites are hosted over the cloud.

Below are the top 10 best Cloud Hosting providers,

  1. Arvixe


Arvixe has been providing affordable web hosting services since 2003, including cloud hosting services. This organization offers a 60-day cash back assurance; this two-month plan gives you an ideal opportunity to set up your site and figure out the platform before making a promise.

This service offers a list of hosting plans; Arvixe offers a range of packages both for advanced and starting clients. The adaptability in the packages and nature of assistance and support makes Arvixe the top best cloud hosting service provider.

This cloud hosting platform offers six different cloud hosting packages that work on both Linux and Microsoft servers and can address the issues of people and small organizations. The adaptability in the Arvixe hosting packages allows you to pick a suitable plan that addresses your issues.

Unlimited features include the email accounts and MySQL databases. You likewise have the choice of making unlimited spaces and sub domains within your accounts. Like anything, unlimited has a hold. You can utilize these unlimited components up to the measure of information gave in your hosting package. Arvixe gives a noteworthy 50GB of dedicated disk space and 1.5GB of dedicated memory. It additionally offers unlimited data transmission, so your site won’t crash or moderate amid high traffic times.

Other one of kind elements of the hosting package includes two IP locations and two completely dedicated CPU centers with your hosting environment.. In general, we observed the hosting packages to be flexible and ready to address our issues.

  1. JustHost


JustHost’s cloud hosting plans offer many industry standard tools to maintain a list of hosting needs, however the essential packages are best suitable for smaller organizations with a modest customer support. This cloud server hosting provider gets the place in Top ten list of hosting companies Bronze Award for its recurrence of tools, that helps customers with creating, managing and advance your site.

The Just Host plans are a percentage of the best for cloud hosting. They offer best plans with the adaptability and flexibility you require as your site extends. A large number of this present administration’s components are unlimited. You can make a unlimited number of email accounts and add on them to your hosting account. The organization tops your databases at 25 for each account. While the organization does not top the accounts you can make, you are constrained by the disk space and data transmission in your cloud hosting plan.

With Just Host’s basic hosting package, you have 30 GB of disk space, which is about normal for the business. The shocking thing that we found with the plan was that it offers a unlimited amount of transfer speed. The extra data transmission guarantees that your site won’t fail to meet expectations with high volume of traffic.

  1. BlueHost

bluehost cloud sites

Bluehost is a web service provider that has been offering web services, including cloud hosting, for the smaller entrepreneurs and people later to 2003. Bluehost provides a list of cloud hosting plans to many of the businesses. These company resources allow your site to develop as your business needs grow.

The hosting packages provided by Bluehost give a respectable measure of adaptability, falling right amidst the lineup when contrasted with different services. With this cloud server, you can make a unlimited amount of email delivers and append them to your account. The organization does not order a breaking point for MySQL databases, domains or subdomains that you can make. Points of confinement are set up by the measure of disk space included with your cloud hosting package. Bluehost gives a normal amount of disk space and data transfer capacity with the hosting packages. With the most essential package, you have 30GB of disk space and 1TB of transfer speed. Remember that while most websites won’t surpass these breaking points, you might need to search for updated plans when your site starts to grow.

The protected cloud hosting platform is anything but difficult to utilize and completely upgraded for WordPress similarity. You additionally have the choice of making tweaked 404 blunder pages, which give your site a customized feeling. On the off chance that you as of now have a site, you can exchange your area name to Bluehost’s cloud server at no extra cost. eCommerce plans are another component that you can without much of a stretch include and oversee through this online cloud hosting platform.

  1. HostGator


HostGator provides the web services to a list of commercial enterprises and has the resources to support little and extensive sites, including secure cloud hosting. This service offers packages with adaptability that have the profundity to extend with your site as your organization develops.

The hosting packages offered by HostGator are a portion of the best cloud hosting. The flexibility of the packages positions close to the top, simply missing the mark concerning the top cloud hosting service. With the HostGator cloud server, you can make a unlimited number of domains and sub domains. While the organization does not restrain the amount of domains you can make, you are constrained by the amount of disk space included with your hosting package. HostGator places on your disk space and data transmission are a portion of the least at 25GB and 500GB separately.

With this cloud hosting provider, you can include two IP locations to one account and are assigned portion of one CPU center. These are portions are in the mid-range when contrasted with different organizations on the lineup.

  1. Webhostingpad


Webhostingpad, set up in 2005, offers a list of web services, including a portion of the best cloud hosting services. This provider offers numerous regular components that we searched for when assessing cloud hosting services. A considerable lot of these services are likewise unlimited.

The basic cloud hosting package offering by Webhostingpad allows you to make unlimited domains and sub domains within a single account. Unlimited cloud hosting implies that the organization does not put a top on what number of domains you can have; rather, your breaking points are set up by the measure of disk space you have. With this cloud server’s essential hosting package, you are given 20GB of dedicated disk space and 100GB of data transfer capacity. This is the littlest measure of disk space gave by any of the cloud hosting packages we assessed. This implies you won’t have the capacity to make the same number of accounts, despite the fact that the components are recorded as unlimited.

  1. GreenGeeks

green geeks

GreenGeeks has been doing business since 2008 and offers a list of web services, including cloud hosting plans. This organization has made its own exceptional mission to give cloud hosting. GreenGeeks is a confirmed EPA Green Power collaborator and follows ecological service plans.

The hosting packages provided by this cloud server are amazingly adaptable. This services has been positioned in the top half for plans and packages adaptability. With the necessary package, you are provided with 25GB of dedicated disk space. This amount of disk space is one of the most minimal portions delivered with this initial package. The data transmission provided by this service, 1000GB, is additionally lower than what other cloud servers on the lineup give. This implies despite the fact that you can have a unlimited domains and sub domains, your unlimited designations won’t go as far because of restricted disk space.

With this service, you are permitted two IP addresses with your account and four CPU centers. We were upbeat to see that both of these descriptions are higher than the business normal.

On the off chance that secured cloud hosting service is a territory you are worried about, GreekGeeks is the best choice for your cloud hosting needs. It provides top features, similar to site back up and recovery, for no additional charge and also includes the majority of the essential elements we were searching for like SpamAssassin.

  1. DreamHost

DreamHost has been putting forth cloud hosting services since 1997. This organization concentrates on client benefit and provides a number of web services, including web hosting and cloud hosting. DreamHost has experience working with a list of site needs, including smaller websites like individual websites, little business platforms and entrepreneur websites.


The packages provided by DreamHost gives you adaptability and give your site the space it needs to develop. The basic package includes 30GB of dedicated disk space and is one of only a handful few plans we found to offer unlimited transfer speed. You additionally need to alternatives of hosting unlimited domains and sub domains under your single account. In any case, unlimited does not really mean unlimited. While the organization does not constrain your account, you are restricted by the amount of disk space you can bear the cost of with your cloud hosting package.

With this cloud server, you can join one IP address for every account and are not alloted any CPU centers. While we found the point of confinement of one IP location to be about normal, we were frustrated by the absence of CPU centers. Most different services that we looked into apportion at any rate some part of a CPU center.

  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a standout amongst the most prevalent, commonly recognized names in cloud hosting service providing companies. This service provider offers a list of hosting packages that can address the issues of small individual site and those of small and medium organizations.


GoDaddy’s hosting packages offer a scope of adaptability that competes with the best cloud hosting services we checked on. You have the alternative of looking over one of five hosting packages. The essential package begins you off with 40GB of dedicated disk space and 1TB of transmission capacity. The administration does not put a top on what number of areas and sub domains you can have through this cloud hosting platform. However, with cloud a platform, unlimited is not genuinely unlimited. While the organization does not direct the quantity of areas you can have, you are restricted by the measure of disk space you buy. One advantage of picking GoDaddy as your cloud server is the level of decisions and plans adaptability; you can include more disk space and transmission capacity as your needs extend.

One champion element we found with the GoDaddy hosting package is the capacity to indicate three IP locations to a single account. This is higher than some other of the main ten cloud hosting services we inspected for this site.

  1. iPage


iPage cloud hosting services has experience hosting sites from a list of commercial enterprises, including business websites, individual site and sites for philanthropic associations. This cloud server raises the last part of our best cloud hosting service surveys and offers a list of that address the issues of your small business.

The hosting packages and plans provided by this services providers offers a large portion of the elements we searched for in a cloud server however does not have the adaptability of a percentage of the higher-positioned services in the lineup. This service offers you unlimited spaces and sub domains as a feature of your own cloud server. You are additionally allocated with the 40GB of dedicated disk space, placing it in the top portion of the lineup for the amount of disk space provided. You likewise get 1TB of transmission capacity with iPage’s essential cloud hosting package.

When you start using this service, you can make a unlimited number of email accounts and MySQL databases. However, nothing with cloud hosting services is genuinely unlimited. With iPage, the service does not give you a set number of what number of email accounts or databases you can make. The number is topped by the measure of plate space you have accessible to you through your hosting plan. With iPage, you get 1GB of dedicated memory.

With iPage cloud hosting, you are allowed with one IP address with your account and are allocated one CPU center. We observed this to be right around the normal number of IP locations and CPUs that cloud hosting service provided.

There is a knowledgebase on the organization site provided with walkthroughs and video tutorial exercises. This support focus includes resources for noting questions about your site, domain or email accounts. We found the assistance and backing gave by iPage to for the most part agreeable, however hold up times could be too much long. Telephone backing is accessible every minute of every day and is based totally in the U.S. Day and night backing is a significant asset; if something turns out badly or your site is down, you should have the capacity to achieve bolster regardless of the day or time. You can likewise get to support through the live talk highlight for fast inquiries.

The control board used by this cloud host is a vDeck, instead of a common cPanel that is utilized by most other cloud facilitating administrations. The iPage control board has a higher expectation to absorb information than a portion of alternate administrations we explored for this site.

  1. Inmotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers a percentage of the best cloud hosting services and conscientiously holds to the elements it gives in its cloud facilitating plans. The organization offers a 90-day cash back certification approach, the longest of any of the cloud hosting plans we took a gander at. For giving general extraordinary help and backing, this cloud hosting services procures our Top Ten list

With InMotion Hosting, you have the choice of three diverse cloud hosting packages. This gives you the adaptability to pick a starting plan and after that extend or update as required. Every plan changes as to the measure of sites you can have and what level of backing is incorporated.

We tried the most essential plan, the VPS-1000s. This plan gives you the alternative to make the same number of spaces and subdomains as you wish. With boundless features, you are constrained by the measure of circle space and data transfer capacity incorporated into your hosting package. InMotion Hosting provides an unmatched 60GB of disk space and 4GB of dedicated memory. This implies your boundless components runs much further with this administration than with some other administration on the lineup.

InMotion Hosting’s plans includes just having the capacity to connect one IP location to your account and the way that you don’t have any entrance to a CPU center.