Prototype of PlayStation 4 Controller Leaked

On this coming Wednesday Sony Entertainment is scheduled to have a media event in New York. They advertised that something new is coming with regards to its gaming console widely known as the PlayStation 3. Many gamers and enthusiasts are already excited about the event because they will finally be able to get their hand on the 4th generation of Sony gaming console which is believed to be Sony PlayStation 4.

A few days before the event the image you see below has surfaced claiming to be a picture of new PlayStation controller.  While nothing is certain yet until the big event on Wednesday comes, many sources has confirmed that this is a real prototype of PlayStation controller and that it has been changed.

PS4 Controller

This may seem like the usual PS3 controller except for the thing that looks like a touch screen or pad on the middle. And what do you make out of that glowing blue portion at the top? And where is the START and SELECT button now? These are the common questions that bugged the first to have seen the leaked photo we have here. Of course there were also some unneglectable commentaries about the funny and odd contours for its analog controls.

From recent rumors and online discussions it seems that there is a good possibility of seeing some touch screen functionality when it comes the new PlayStation controllers. Will it be similar to this prototype? We can’t be certain for now. But it will be an exciting thing to look forward to.

It’s also interesting how Microsoft will respond to what Sony will unveil during the media event. The console market and whole industry is being majorly played both of these two companies with their flagship gaming consoles, Microsoft xBox, and Sony PlayStation.  We can only expect that when E3 comes xBox has also something big to surprise its loyal gamers.