Design Tutorial Review: World Icon

In every week, Falcon Hive would pick a fantastic-looking graphic design tutorial to follow and review it.

This week I have picked the World Icon Photoshop tutorial from Giackop Design and the process is very smooth and comprehensive. Check out more about this tutorial and start making your own World Icon today!
WorldIcon Tutorial

Create an World Icon

As the image showed above and below, the main purpose of this tutorial is to create an World Icon, but it’s also a tutorial to teach you how to make a nice-looking orb icon. You can use this as an beautiful icon, or a proud to show to your friends, or even an artwork exhibited in your portfolio!


World Icon World Icon red

World Icon green World Icon brown

Image displayed above is my production from the tutorial. The advantage of this icon graphic is it looks very nice in every major color. Worth a try, isn’t it?

Lesson from this tutorial

I always choose the tutorial that can improve my skill. This tutorial involves combination of different feature yet easy to achieve.

Helpful notes on this tutorial

To suffer less, use Grid

As this is an icon creation, it relies heavily on the grid if you still can’t catch the position subconsciously. You can just go to View> Show> Grid or use the shortcut (CTRL+’) to display the grid for your convenience.

Designer, believe your intuition

About the black shadow under the Orb, you can use the grid display as a guideline to adjust but it mostly depends on your designer’s intuition. Believe yourself, you can achieve it.

Use the map

Talking about the map, I suggest you to download the Giackop Design’s psd file and duplicate the map to your World Icon design directly. It’s hard to find a preferred map, and even some skill are required to make the map fit into the orb.


Difficulty? Never think about it, just make it happen!

Interested? Download the PSD file and start yours!

You can download Falcon Hive World Icon PSD file (with different color layer) or download Giackop Design World Icon PSD file

More tutorial review

Do you have any interesting or challenging tutorial for me to learn? Falcon Hive welcomes all the author to introduce their tutorial for review!

Besides, I would like to hear any comment and suggestion from my respected readers and visitors, waiting your love!

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