Apple Filed a Patent for “iWatch” with Flexible Touch Display

A new and bigger wave of talks is hitting the internet in connection with Apple “iWatch”. This time we have some confirmed news that Apple is really interested in the idea of a watch like wearable device. According to reports Apple has filled a patent application to US Patent and Trademark Office. It seemed that the idea is inspired by slap wrist bracelets.

apple iWatch

The patent claims that Apple is looking into developing a smart wrist-watch like device. It will be able to easily clip into the users’ wrist made from bendable glass for display. The display is supposed to be touchscreen enable the user to manipulate the device. The application also states some intended used for the device. It has motion sensor to detect the user’s movements. This can be used to measure speed suitable for outdoor or training activities.

It’s also expected to arrange your playlist, view text message and compose and send a replies, review calls and map viewing for travelers. It’s expected that the device is able to communicate with a host apple product like your iPad, iPhone or iPod. This device has gyroscope allowing content display to be in readable position for the user.

Many speculates that it can also be used to take blood pressure, hearth rate and read chemical contents on a given surrounding. It’s not clear if can take and make calls like a standalone mobile device. There are also speculation about the use of kinetic  mechanical, and solar energy to power up the device.

What is very interesting about the “iWatch” is the concept of creating a seamless endless display surface. According to the patent application the device has special sensor at one end that is able to do this. So when a user who has smaller wrist used the “iWatch” an overlapping joint will not be visible or will not obstruct the display.

Amazing Apple iWatch Concept Designs

While the “iWatch” remains to be a rumor. We have here some interesting concept designs. Which one of the two do you like?


This one looks very elegant. It seemed that you can’t adjust the size because the two ends meet at one point.


Here is another seamless design which looks more sleek and cool. I wonder how it looks when laid on flat surface.

Do you any other concept designs or videos that are worth mentioning? Share your ideas on the comment box below.