25 Stunning Free Blogger Gallery Templates

We have different needs in design and layout when it comes to our blogs. It all depends on the type of presentation that is best suited to your blog. You want your blog to be creative in a way that it will garner wide readership We implement a lot of methods in this which involves presentation, content, style, etc,. For those who needs gallery style blogger templates then we have something for you. We have here 25 stunning free blogger gallery templates.

Click demo link below each image to see how the template works. The get the template and know more about installation and documentation just click the download link.

1. London Creative



Demo          Download

This gallery blogger template is stunningly awesome. It has a heavy theme of black and yellow which is perfect for any photo blog or any gallery blogging needs. It’s elegant and simple with only 2 column design. It has a lot of resemblance with WordPress themes because it’s designed as such. It’s very easy to configure and easy to use too. Navigation in not a problem with this template.

2.Lugas Responsive Gallery Template



Demo          Download

This will be the first of our responsive gallery blogger templates and there will be a lot of them later. Lugas gallery blogger template is from iksandi.com. Thanks to his effort this template has been made light for any use. Look how it works on live demo.

3. Work-A-Holic



Demo          Download

Work-A-Holic is another gallery blogger template which you can  use if you want to run a photography blog.  It has three columns on main blog page and three column footer too. On the home page each posts will be showed by image thumbnail. When you hover on the image post tittle will show.

4. Pegasus


Demo          Download

Here is a wonderful gallery template from soratemplate.com. Pegasus is a wonderful creation with a good-looking homepage. It also has 2 columns and 4 columns footer. The white background makes it really beautiful. This will be an awesome design for your photo blog.

5. Siren


Demo          Download

Here is another clean-looking gallery template for blogger blogs. This has three columns with a right sidebar. I like this design because it has amazing look. The pictures actually look good because they are actually larger than other gallery templates we got.

6. Gallery Johny

Gallery Johny

Demo          Download

Gallery Johny is a template from mastemplate.com. It has 4 column design with a right sidebar.  The dropdownm menu are beautiful and nicely crafted. You can tweak it a bit to suit your design and this can be easily done.

7. Accord


Demo          Download

Accord is another gallery template for your blogger blog. It has a nice clean and white background. It’s designed by soratemplates.com. It has 3 column design and an image slider on top just bellow the header and navigation tabs. It’s also social network ready!

8. BoxOffice


Demo          Download

This is another gallery template which you can use. It features 4 column designs with a right sidebar. This is specially made for your movie or clip reviews. It also allows the author to put some rating on each post allowing readers to know how you feel about the item at a glance.

9. Gallery Blue

Gallery Blue

Demo          Download

This is another clean and neat template for your blog. This is something that you can use on your blog. It has 3 column template and right sidebar for your navigation. On the homepage you will have thumbnail of your posts and has post tittle on top. It’s simple and elegant design for your blog.

10. TheStyle


Demo          Download

If you want to have a very modern looking template then you can also enjoy this template which we got here. This is called TheStyle which is something that you can use to showcase your posts with a good image thumbnail in a dark background.  It has top navigation and other wonderful widgets on your blog.

11. Galauness Responsive Blogger Template

Galauness Responsive Blogger Template

Demo          Download

Here is an another responsive blog which you can use on your gallery blog. The template has 3 column design and 3 column footer too.  This is pretty good-looking blogger template. Click on the download link and you can get the full documentation on how to install and configure your blog.  It’s light and will load fast thanks to all the hard work of iksandi.com.

12. Simply Delicious

Simply Delicious

Demo          Download

Are you looking for a 1 column gallery blogger template? You have found what you are looking for because we have Simply delicious in here.  This is a very minimalist design for your photo blog. There are some great photos that needs emphasis on your blog. That is why you can use this one to showcase your work.

13. Browny Galleria

Browny Galleria

Demo          Download

Here is another gallery theme for your blogger blog. This has 3 column design with a right side bar. It a flexible design with a 4 column footer. Now this is a theme which you can have a lot can accommodate your every need. The brown almost coffee like background is really awesome.

14. Pinfinity


Demo          Download

Pinfinity takes its inspiration from a pin board style design. It’s almost like Pintirest. This is a good thing for you to try and enjoy. Get all the things that interests you and pin it on your blog. This is awesome, it’s almost like everything about Pinterest on your personal blog.

15. Primal


Demo          Download

Primal is an awesome template for a professional looking blog. This is perfect if you got a photo or fashion blog. This gallery blogger template has been adopted from wordpress. It’s fluid and very light with a left sidebar for navigation. The theme uses neutral colors making it look clean and very pleasing.

16. Galleria 


Demo          Download

Here is another gallery blogger template which has been converted from WordPress theme. The design has 3 column for main posts and 4 column footer. It uses brown and gray color. I really like the design, it has some thumbnail for your every post presented with a caption which is your post title.

17. Photored Template


Photored Template

Demo          Download

This is a design which is perfect for your photo blog. It has red and white theme making your blog look fancy and very eye-catching. This is something that you can use if you want to have a photo blog that is gorgeous and well presented. It has 3 columns with a left sidebar. It’s also ads ready!

18. Karmila Chrome

Karmila Chrome

Demo          Download

This is another ads ready gallery blogger template for your beautiful blog. The blog has 4 columns to showcase your posts by way of a thumbnail. drop down navigation for your blog to make it easier to navigate for your reader. Documentation on how to fully configure this theme and make it work is found at the download link.

19. Martin Template

martin template

Demo          Download

Martin Template is designed by mastemplate.com. It has a dark them design with 3 column and a right sidebar. This is ads ready if you really want  monetize your blog. This is an amazing template with an image slider on the right top corner.

20. Depositphotos


Demo          Download

Gallery blogger templates are specially made for photo blogs. That is why this responsive template called Depositphotos is one of the best we have here. It features a playful and great slider for your featured images. It’s one of a kind template. This is something that you should try.

21. Review It


Demo          Download

Reviews are great stuff that you can put on your blog. It’s a way of expressing your opinion on a blog about a product, movie or anything else you can think of. We are talking about good stuff here which can add more value to your blog. Just go ahead and enjoy what this template can do to you r blog. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it just take a look by clicking on demo link.

22. Portfolio Gallery


Demo          Download

Need a gallery style blogger template for your portfolio? I think you will enjoy what I got here. This is an amazing template which you can use and you can enjoy right now. This is called Portfolio Gallery. I know that you will enjoy what I got here. Because this is a very light responsive template for your blogger blog.

23. Video Blog

Video Blog

Demo          Download

In this collection of stunning free gallery blogger templates we also included templates that only for photo blogs but also for video blogs. That is what we have here. This my friend is an amazing 4 column template with a left and right sidebars. It has a dark header and light blue background.

24. Advancino


Demo          Download

Advancino is another simple yet elegant looking theme for your blogger blog. It has a gallery style. On the homepage it offers a way for your readers to read a bit of what you have in that post via a spinet. It has 4 column design with a right sidebar.

25. Video Box


Demo          Download

This is a 4 column gallery style blogger template. Video Box is a new blogger template which you can use if you want to put up a video blog. I know that it will be a good thing to start a video blog like this one. So go now and start that amazing blog you have right now with this equally amazing template.

Stay tuned for more Blogger template galleries!