15 Best Running Games for iOS

Our next collection will include 15 best running games for iOS. Most of the games we have here are free and a couple of them are paid games. We choose the game based on users rating, our game play experience, and graphics.  If you got something to add to this list we would love to hear what you have in mind. Please use the usual medium below.

1. Temple Run 2

temple run 2

This game boosts itself for more than 170 million downloads. The crazy escape route continues on Temple Run 2 as you avoid obstacles around the way. The new game offers better performance and better graphics. It also has new environments  new obstacles, new achievements and a lot of other things to watch out for. A few bugs are being reported and being fixed, but then again this game is free.

2. Angry Gran Run

angry gran run

Angry Run wants to get out of the Angry Asylum and we can help her along the way. This crazy and wacky games lets you out in the streets of New York and other cities. Run with Angry Run, jumps through obstacles, and slide on crazy turns. The new game features new power ups too and some crazy costumes ranging from hippie gran to penguin mascot.

3. Survival Run with Bear Grylls

survival run with bear grylls

F84 Games presents survivalist Bear Grylls on this fun running game. As a player you will be playing as Bear Grylls and try to outrun an angry and ferocious bear. It’s a nice game with high-definition graphics. You will be running through jungle retains, do base jump and collect coins along the way, kayak on rapids, and ride sleigh on snowy mountains. All of this on your plight to run for your life.

4.Running Fred

running fredAfter Falling Fred we now have Running Fred. A fun and exhilarating game on iOS. It’s a brilliant game on your device ever. This time you have a lot of challenges and traps to overcome. You also have more characters to choose from. It is also fun to pimp up your character to achieve a lot of other looks.

5. Running Dead

running deadWalkers everywhere! Everyone in town is running dead. You will have to find your way to survive. Choose your weapon and run from zombies before they catch and eat your brains. You have a choice which environment to play the city or the country side. New weapons and new paths are added.

6. Gingerbread Run

gingerbread run

Bob the Gingerbread decides to run for it. In an attempt to escape for his life Bob must overcome a lot of challenges along his way. There are a lot of deadly traps that will surprise him every now and then. Plus the ever watching guardian which is a super-size rolling-pin is always at his back ready to smash whoever attempts  to run away from the baker’s temple.

7. Ninja Feet of Fury

ninja feet fury

This is amazing ninja game app on iOS. In Ninja Feet of Furry is a challenge for every aspiring ninja who wants to be a full pledge ninja. The training will involve going through deadly and impossible terrains in bamboo forest. Along the way the ninja must collect coins which can be used to open power ups and other items.

8. TheEndApp

theendappThe run is on to collect as many duck tapes as possible is on. TheEndApp for iOs is still one of the crazy games you want on your device. London is under water and everything is messed up. Fires everywhere and floods flowing on the streets. Know the city and try to survive.

9. Crazy Ox

crazy ox

The Crazy Ox is on the run. The fun and exciting game is now on iOS and you can enjoy playing it for free. The Ox will run wild on farm and along the way he must collect some valuable items and avoid obstacles as well. be sure to collect chickens, pigs and barrels. An hour-glass will increase the time for running  When this Ox is feed Chili he can bust and destroy anything on its path.

10. Parkour Free Running

Parkour free running

One of the best 3D games in the app market today. Parkour Free Running is approved by American Parkour. With this amazing game you can do super stunts and view them from different aerial angles. There are a lot of achievements to grab, new and more power ups to collect. You may also pimp up your player the way you want it to look.

11.  A Gangnam Run

a gangnam run

Gangnam might sound overplay but not in this running game. Get this into your iOS device and play A Gangnam Run. This guy’s horse has been abducted but not only that his girlfriend too. That is why he needs to rush and go after whoever took it.

12. Stickman Run ‘n Gun

stickman run 'n gun

This is more than running game on your iOS because it also combines the thrill of shooting game. Stickman Run ‘n Gun is a stylish game with full of fun and adventure. Make Stickman run and shoot along the way you have to avoid obstacles by jumping and sliding through turns. Plus it has some amazing power ups for you to collect.

13. Rango the Game

rango the game

The unlikely cowboy and hero of Dirt Town is here on this game available on your iOS. This is Rango the Game where you see our reptile friend riding his roadrunner. He makes through the desert wilderness while avoiding the hawk who have spotted them from above.

14. Bogan’s Run feat Gazza

Bogan's Run feat GazzaWell this is an unlikely game which you can play on your iPhone or iPad. Bogan running wild and he wants to climb a very high tower in search for an object. And in return he will get a box of beer. Then you can go and keep on running to reach the top of the tower. This is a game from PolyGame Digital and is available for only $0.99.

15. Donkey Run

Donkey Run

Here is another fun game that you can play right now on your iOS. This Donkey will run for your carrot but you have to keep watch the Donkey not to be able to catch the carrot or he will not run anymore. While running you can collect coins to buy some items.