30 Premium WordPress Restaurant Themes

This time we have compiled 30 Premium WordPress Restaurant Themes. We looked for themes that has been reviewed and used by many and has received positive feedback. For those who are planing on launching a new restaurant website these theme are your top choices. These are best for official business websites, blogs, and other food related blogs.

1. The Restaurant


Demo                       Download

First on our list id the most popular WordPress restaurant theme. This theme has a powerful admin theme panel for customization needs. It also has a pre-loaded patterns to choose from. This also has unlimited color options for general theme look and feel. You can also show your menu on a beautiful slider. Plus you have more options for widgets and plugins.

2. Linguini: Restaurant Responsive WP Theme


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This theme is a highly responsive which can easily be viewed from desktop and mobile phones. This is also retina ready so you high resolutions images would look best. Theme has translation ready for localization. The theme has a lot of features from sliders, Google fonts, and many more.

3. Feast – FB & WordPress Theme


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This theme has specialized food menu pages and event calendar. Using this them you can easily integrate your Facebook fan page. This is just a few and you have more widgets to use. This theme has also Google maps integration making it easy for your guests to find your restaurant.

4. Pluto Fullscreen Cafe and Restaurant


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This theme is perfect for cafe and restaurant business.  This uses full-screen gallery has Ajax integration for menu’s and slider. It has a lot of  available skins and an extensive admin panel.

5. White Rock – Restaurant & Winery Theme


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 This time we have a powerful theme for a restaurant and winery business. Theme looks clean, elegant, and has full of features to get your business going. This theme allows customization from the theme admin panel. It also comes with a video documentation for easy understanding.

6. Bordeaux – Premium Restaurant Theme


Demo                       Download

 This theme has recent update making it fully responsive. This also offer automatic sidebar slide generator. You have 20 shortcodes to choose from and use with a single click. Theme offers menu card and table reservation feature.

7. Limon – A Restaurant WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 This theme is proud to have a robust menu shortcodes. Customization is not a problem with this theme with great support and updates.  This theme is a favorite for business owners and webmasters. Check out the theme in action by clicking the demo button.

8. Eatery – Responsive Restaurant WP Theme


Demo                      Download

 Eatery is another responsive restaurant WordPress theme. The theme comes with 6 awesome skins with customization too. This also has easy to use shortcodes with numerous Google fonts to choose from.

9. Bistro – Responsive Foodie App-theme


Demo                       Download

 Bistro is a theme that includes a booking app aside from that it has events calendar and specials management widget. This is a powerful theme that you can use to power-up you business. This also has Google maps integration.

10. Delicieux – Restaurant WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 This time we have a theme that has live color changer. This has a food menu, and a page builder. This is a well designed template. You will also be able to use localization options with this theme.

11. Elegantia – Restaurant and Cafe WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 Looking for an elegant theme with rich pasterns and responsive design. This theme has also reservation form. You will have a lot of options when you are employing the theme. It also includes child theme.

12. Delicious Restaurant WP


Demo                      Download

 Now you have a theme that is perfect for your restaurant. It has now 4 color schemes to choose from. This has a lot of customization. This has custom posts and custom menus too. This theme has slideshow on your homepage.

13. Victoria Premium Restaurant WP Theme


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 Now we have a theme called Victoria. This theme offers custom reservation table and has custom food menu. This is perfect for your coffee and restaurant business.

14. LemonChili – Premium Restaurant WP Theme


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 Lemon Chill is a perfect theme for your restaurant, bar, coffee, and event website. The theme has been built to enable you to showcase your products or events. It also has a full screen background image.

15. Coffee Shop – Responsive WP Theme For Restaurant


Demo                       Download

 This theme has a dark skin and feel but it also has different available skins. Theme has full localization, this will easily install and your website will be up in just minutes. Theme has an easy contact form widget and also responsive design.

16. Ristorante Responsive Restaurant WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 This list is all about premium WordPress theme. This is a premium theme that is our favorite.  From the preview image you can clearly see that it has a full screen widget image. This also has a food menu generator.

17. Delicioso – Delicious WP Restaurant Theme


Demo                       Download

 Looking for a theme that has a powerful admin? This theme is the right one for you. This theme has 6 skins available for use. This s easy to use so it’s best for newbie bloggers.

18. Dine & Drink – Restaurant Responsive WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 One word “cute” this theme is really cute. This is just one of the five skins and designs that the theme has. Take a look at its live preview from the demo link. Check the full details by clicking the download link.

19. Delimondo Responsive WP Theme | 5 Styles


Demo                       Download

 This is another 5-in-1 template for your WordPress theme. This theme is perfect for you seafood business, bakery, eatery, and restaurant.

20. Mataam Restaurant – Responsive WP Theme


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 This is a responsive WordPress theme that is perfect for you restaurant and cafe blogs or websites. This theme uses static image, single video and NiVo slider.

21. Forked – Responsive Restaurant & Events


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 Forked is a responsive theme that you can use for your restaurant and event website. This theme has an event manager and appointment app. You can use the theme with unlimited color schemes. This has Google maps integration.

22. Le Maitre d’: Super Simple Restaurant WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 This is a minimalist theme that you can use for your website. If you like a good design and look for your website then this is for you to use.

23. Foodlovers Restaurant Elite WP


Demo                       Download

 This is an elite theme for your WordPress blog. The theme is responsive and is retina ready. This uses a two level drop down menu. Theme comes with two color variations.

24. Fine Food – Restaurant Responsive WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 There are two things I like about this theme. First it has an event manage system. This also has a page builder, and recipe page. These are the things you need for your restaurant or food blog.

25. Goodold Restaurant – Responsive WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 This is another powerful theme for your website. The theme comes in five different color variations. This is a fully responsive theme. This has a responsive designs, and many shortcodes to choose from.

26. Lezzatos: Restaurant Responsive WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 Here is a clean and responsive design for your blog. This has a theme option which you can use to customize your theme. This has an impressive email reservation system.

27. The Restaurant: Classic Edition


Demo                       Download

 Don’t take the name of this theme because this is a newly press theme. It has a lot customization and looks really good. You will enjoy the theme’s sliding menu card.

28. Food & Wine – Responsive WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 This theme has good features that you will need on any other themes. The theme has unlimited colors, Google fonts, and cross browser compatible. You will be able to use full customization with the theme.

29. Redminton – Restaurant WordPress Theme


Demo                       Download

 Here is a theme that you can use if you want to build a brand fr your website. With this theme you can use your own logo and choose a background image too.

30. Verona Restaurant&Cafe Responsive WP Theme


Demo                       Download

 Verona is a nice theme for any restaurant, cafe, or food related website. This has a clean and responsive design which you will be able to customize from the theme option panel.