Use PrintScreen Button to capture screen

SnagIt do offer a very fantastic screen capture service, but it talks about money. Well, if you just need a simple capture on the screen, why don’t use what you have on your keyboard? This tutorial would teach you how to use the ‘PrtSc (PrintScreen)’ button on your keyboard to capture the screen and save it as an image. Capture screen now in just 1 second!

PrintScreen 0


Press ‘PrtSc’ button on your keyboard
Start Menu
All Programs
Edit> Paste
Save as> Desktop.jpg
Check out the picture!
You are success!

You can access to Youtube or Vimeo orĀ  download to watch this tutorial directly.

You can actually paste the captured screen on any image editor that got ‘Paste’ function and save it based on the format that editor offer.

The best skill to capture the screen

Actually this is the first skill that I learned to capture the screen for my image production and blog post. Recently I have started to use SnagIt, but this skill is still the best when I am working on the computer that got nothing to capture!

Well, I know there’s still got many skill and quality to be improved, but surely I would do the best to help you all! Please do feel free to leave any comment or ask about the tutorial, thanks!