Rumored Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Screenshots Leaked

A Korean discussion board just recently published screenshots of rumored Samsung smartwatch. The story has hit the internet and among tech blogs and communities who loves the ring of such stories. Since this is a Samsung smartwatch many has easily dubbed it as ‘Samsung Galaxy Watch’. This is despite the fact the suppose leaked images has a name ‘Samsung Galaxy Altius’ printed on it. Altius is a code name referring to the much awaited Galaxy S IV.

Galaxy Watch

For quite sometime now rumors about Apple coming up with the “iWatch” has been consistent. Also recently news has gone out that Apple has a team of dedicated engineers working on the project. Which story has been fueled by the announcement that they now have the technology to make bendable display glasses used on the iPhone. And in the past years we have seen Samsung and Apple take on the smartphone and tablet market like two warlords on the same domain. They would release competing device at almost the same time just to dominate the market. So we could easily put two things together and say that if Apple has an iWatch then it’s not impossible for Samsung to have this Galaxy Watch too.

So what does these leaked photos of an alleged Samsung Galaxy Watch tells us? Our experts has one or two to say. Many believed that this device will not be a stand-alone gadget. It means that it will be something that is called “symbiotic device” where it runs like an extension of a main device. The name Galaxy Altius suggest that it shares the same name as the up and coming new Galaxy phone. So we can say that the two might be launched together if it will ever happened. Symbiotic devices are not unusual Sony Experia phones has its own kind of watch that works like it.

There are also some who believes that it will have touch screen since it shows to have a swipe to scroll function. It might  also be running on some Android version. But there are some who doubt it believing that it might be running on java or a totally different OS unique for a Samsung device.