15 Free Blogger Templates for Photographers

Today we are compiling 15 free blogger templates for photographers. We worked hard on picking only the best templates for this selection. Most of these are new releases but there are some that are quite old but still worth mentioning here. Some are also WordPress themes converted into blogger.

We have provided a preview image for each template. If you want to see the template in action please click on demo link. To download and to know more about the template please click on download link. Please follow the installation and customization instruction for each template. And don’t forget to backup your site before changing the theme. Happy blogging.

1. Accord Blogger Template


Demo                    Download

 This is a nice blogspot photo blog template with a gray background that has adopted Pinterest style posting. So your posts are shown like pins on a three columns format. It has also social widgets and basically this template is ready to go. This is a free template brought to us by soratemplates.com.

2. Depositphotos Blogger Template


Demo                    Download

 Your amazing shots could be shared to the whole word through a nice blogspot.com blog and here is a nice free blogger template which you could use. This has a nice box style homepage, with two column posts and three column footer. What I like about this template is its beautiful slider image which you could add without utilizing javascript or post summary code. It also has a nice Css3 menu.

3. Galauness Blogger Template


Demo                    Download

 This amazing blogger template is one of my favorite. It made me very happy to see this one on blogger. This beautiful blogger template can be used by any photo blogger to showcase his work. It’s clean, elegant and has a minimalist effect.

4. Main Photo


Demo                    Download

For those who are looking for responsive photography blogger templates you have already found what you are looking for. It’s on this template and it’s here for you to use. Now you can clearly present your work of art to both of your visitors on computers on and mobile devices.

5. Pegasus Blogger Template


Demo                    Download

 This blogger template for photography blogs has a WordPress style. So if you have a blog on blogger and wanted to have a WordPress blog look then you can pick this one up. It’s very nice 2 columns blogs, 4 columns footer, clean, and minimalist.

6. Pinfinity Blogger Template


Demo                    Download

 Here is another blog from Soratemplates.com. This thing has a drop down menu which you would love to have if you got subcategories or any needs related to this. It’s a minimalist, has Pinterest style, and looking very clean.

7. Photored Template


Demo                    Download

This playful yet clean and sleek-looking template is perfect for any gallery blog such as a photo blog.If you are a photographer and you want to start a blog of blogger then you should use this one.  It has a nice combination of red, black and white colors to emphasize borders. It’s got two columns with a right sidebar and 4 columns in the footer.

8. Portfolio Gallery Blogger Template

portfolio gallery

Demo                    Download

If you have a photo blog and you need an impressive free blogger template, then you might want to check what we have here. This blogger template is called Portfolio Gallery. Clearly you can see that it will present all your blog on a gallery style. This is best if you want to have a portfolio blog or has some stunning photos to share.

 9. Queen Blogger Template


Demo                    Download

 This clean, elegant, and minimalist free blogger template is just perfect for your photo blog or portfolio blogs. It has 1 column and 4 column footer. This may seem simple in design but it’s very effective for your blog.

10. Simple Radiant

Simply Radiant

Demo                    Download

 This free blogger template has been specially created for photographers, photo bloggers and other folks who has the same interest and would want to share it to the whole world. This one is clean, feature packed, and built for blogger.

11. Simply Delicious Blogger Template


Demo                    Download

 This free blogger template for photographers has been adopted from a WordPress theme. Now it can be used on blogger blogs. I say this is an excellent choice for any photo blogs or gallery style blogs. It has 1 column and has gray background. It also has a minimal style.

12. Siren


Demo                    Download

 This xml blogger theme is perfect for all photographers who are blogging on blogger. It has 2 columns layout with a left sidebar. It also has a nice solid background image which you could change. It’s a minimalist design perfect to showcase your work of art.

13. The Style Blogger Template


Demo                    Download

 This free blogger template for photographers has combined both modern and vintage style into one single powerful template. This one has a 3D slider, has tabbed widgets, top navigation menu, and dark background. It looks cool, awesome and professional.

14. Timeline


Demo                    Download

 Timeline blogger template for photographers is brought to us by dzignine.com. If you want a timeline inspired theme for your blog then this is the perfect theme for you. It’s clean, with a gray background and has 1 column layout.

15. Wilderness Blogger Template


Demo                    Download

 This blogger template for photographers is a WordPress inspired theme. It uses a beautiful 3D slider at the header, 2 column and a right sidebar. It also uses drop down menus and page navigation.

If you know any great free blogger templates for photographers please share the link of comment so everyone could check it out and don’t forget to visit our Blogger templates collection page for more.