Official PlayStation 4: Specs, Features, Release Date and Price

The wait is over Sony has finally and officially unveiled the much awaited the next generation of Sony game console “PlayStation 4”. Yes that’s the official name of this mean gaming machine from Sony. But hold on to your horses because it wont be available on eBay or any Sony store outlets very soon. What they promised is that it will be out in time for this years’ holiday season.

And how much is it? That too is a big question right now. But many believed it should be around $430 or anywhere near this figure. While waiting for the item to be available in the market, lets take a look to what it has to offer.

PlayStation 4 Specs and Features

PS4 Specs

From the table we have above we can have a clear picture of what the new PlayStation 4 will be like.  There is no need to mention that it has a PC-like architecture. Very robust and powerful. It will have DDR5 8GB memory powered by x86 AMD processor. Refer to the table for expected specifications.

DualShock 4 Controller and Features

This is the sweet part of the story. With the new console comes a new controller. This has a lot of similarities to our earlier post with a leaked photo. Behold the DualShock 4 controller.

PS4 Controller front

This new controller has touch-screen in the middle. It also seem that the start and select button are no where to be found at their original location. But we have the share and option button.

PS4-Controller Audio Jack

It also features an audio jack. We can only guess that it will be usable during multiplayer games and other online interactions with other players around the world.

PS4-Controller Touch Screen

The blue light on top helps the console identify the player.

PS4 - 3D Camera

Here is 3D camera that will capture the players movements and location depending on the blue light beam from the controller.

As we mentioned on our previous posts PlayStation wants to be more social. The solution is to allow players to share videos with friends. PS4 will support play-by-play video streaming. It means that you can stream a video of your game and you can also choose to watch other people game’s via a video stream. Users will also be able to capture game screen shots which they can share on PSN, Facebook and Ustream.

Not only that you can now share your experts and help other friends struggling with the game via remote support. The new PS4 is also set to be Android and iOS compatible making your mobile device a second controller. PS4 also promised a no booting to play compatibility. This means a player can play a game before it’s even completely downloaded.

It’s just a shame that there is to retroactive compatibility. It means that your PS3 games and earlier versions will not be supported on PS4.  You can play your own games via cloud streaming technology provided by Gaiki.

Real Life Graphics

One thing that you can expect with PlayStation 4 is its real life graphics. That’s what the powerful computing infrastructure is for. A lot has been changed since the first generation of PS consoles.

Watch this video Demonstrating Deep and superb PS4 Graphics

PlayStation 4 Games

Can’t wait until you got the console? We have some teasers on what game to expect when the unit comes out. Hope you enjoy the following games.

This is Killzone Shadow Fall.  A game being developed by Sony.

Watch Dogs from Ubisoft.

Deep Down

So there you have it everything that you need to know about PlayStation 4. Stay tuned as we get more updates for new developement in the gaming world.