10 Interesting iPhone 6 Concept Designs

If you are still dwelling on iPhone 5S rumors well you are a bit late because there is already a growing talk about iPhone 6 design, release, and possible features as you can see from these 9 mind-blowing iPhone 6 concept designs. Before the hype is escalated, check these iPhone 6 prototypes designed by some Apple fanboys from the different parts of the world.

We’re all know that there is no confirmation as to when will be the release date for the iPhone 6, or it will ever come up this year instead of iPhone 5s. But one thing is quite certain that a new iPhone will be out very soon. As expected it will be much more powerful than the iPhone 5, which is already quite faster and thinner compared to other smart phones. Here you can see the expected specifications of upcoming iPhone version.

  • iOS 7 for its operating system
  • Designs will look pretty much the same as the iPhone 5
  • Screen display will use 4 inches or wider IPS variant with a possible resolution of 1917 x 1080 pixels
  • Use of Quad-core ARM Cortex-A15
  • LTE capability
  • 12 megapixel camera with flash

For starters we found this sleek-looking designs with a curve body. There has been a lot of talk about Apple changing the whole body design for a new iPhone. But it did not happen yet because they choose to stay with the old designs with very slight modifications on the recent generations of iPhones. But I guess the question is will we be seeing this designs soon?

iphone 6 curve

This concept design for an iPhone 6 prototype is from the creative mind of designer Archil Vardidze. The design looks a bit wider and bigger from the original device. It also suggests a few modifications to solve the reception problems by changing the antenna design. It also features solar changing batteries and what looks like to be a docking station. There is also a notable change to the home button which is other hopeful wants to be completely removed with functions entirely relying on motion sensors and the touch screen.


This revolutionary iPhone 6 concept design is from Chris Youn. This iPhone 6 designs is based on 3D sound and 3D hologram interaction. The design has a completely curve body with the AMOLED screen curving inward. Well the phone is capable of hologram graphics which can be the first of its kind. It will also have eye point commands and the usual voice command which is already present on the latest iPhone powered by Siri.


Okay enough with outrageous designs because things might be more colorful. There is a good chance that the next generation of iPhone might come in different colors. Other smart phone manufacturers has done this already, while Apple has stick  with its black and white monochrome design. So a lot of speculators are hoping to see the new iPhone in colors.


One of the most favorite and popular concept for iPhone 6 prototype design is this. This is a creation of an Italian designer named Federico Ciccarese. This impressive design looks very sleek. Many people noticed the strong resemblance of the design to Nokia Lumia. This design is created for Ciccarese studio which is responsible for other iPhone and Apple products. This is why this design is pretty popular. The device is believed to be a hybrid between iOS and Mac OS.


Here is another concept design for an iPhone 6 prototype. This one is pretty much thin and wider. The square corners are pretty much noticeable just like the HTC phones. Home button is still there and keeping most of the other stuff but just thinner.

think iPhone 6

This might be the next to reality concept design for the new Apple iPhone 6. It features a wider screen and think body too. The home button is also gone. This has features like a powerful retina display, latest processor, and longer lasting battery. If apple wants to maintain the old look of the iPhone they would probably pick this design compared to what we have above.


Here is another interesting design for a new iPhone 6 prototype. The same as above it offers a wider screen and the home button is also completely out-of-the-way. It may also be possible to come out in different base colors.

New iPhone Prototype

The latest concept which is coming out with more realistic designs and functions is this. It shows the phone dimensions, buttons and plugs. Pretty much what many experts believed to be the next designs for the upcoming iPhone.

iPhone-6 concept

Bonus: iPhone 6 Concept Video


Fancy, huh?