Infinity Blade Free on iOS For a Limited Time

For a limited time Infinity Blade will be free on iOS. This will be true until February 21, 2012 when it will revert to its original price. This is a Valentines Day special from Apple and game creator ChAIR Entertainment Group LLC. This is an award-winning game and equally highly rated by gaming media groups. Infinity Blade has been hailed with ‘Apple Design Award’, ‘Game of the Year’, and ‘Top Up’ awards.

Infinity Blade for iOS

Even though this is a popular game and still being downloaded by many gamers and new iOS device owners. Infinity Blade is way too far at the bottom compared to its new game version Infinity Blade II also available on iOS for $6.99. Nevertheless Infinity Blade proves how mobile gaming has changed in the past years. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 3 which brings stunning 3D visual and gameplay. This means that players will experience rich color in high-definition environment and deep detailed characterization.

In Infinity Blade you will play as a lone hero in an epic adventure with a mission to topple down the rule of an evil king.  In order to do this you must journey into the Dark Citadel where your mighty enemy God King lives. But before you meet the grad boss you must face and defeat his followers and Titans whom you will meet along the way. Use your sword, axe, scythe or cast a powerful spell to defeat your enemy. It’s more than a sword swinging and monster slaying game. There is more to it that meets the eye.

This game will let players experience dynamic single player campaign, get into game center to play with friends too. The game may look complicated and intimidating. But your moves and specials can be easily achieved with quick navigation and with a single swipe of your finger!

There is a recent update to this game, be sure that your game is updated if you already have it on your iOS. If you don’t then download it while it’s free.