Google Chromebook Pixel: Specs, Price and Video

A new generation of Chromebook OS device has been officially lunched by Google. They call it the Google Chromebook Pixel. This new machine is much more affordable yet suitable for power users. Pixel is built to perform at maximum speed, insuring smooth operation. The design is made comfortable for users and built to last with maximum durability in mind.

Google Chromebook Pixel specs

Chromebook Pixel Specs:

The first thing you will notice with this device is its similarity in design with Apple Mac Book Pro. But a closer look will reveal its true identity. This notebook features a 12.85 inch touch screen display. Yes you heard me right its touch screen perfect for those you wants to get up close and personal in manipulating apps, images and anything you want at a touch of finger.

Chromebook touch screen tap

Having a touch screen is sleek but it’s not all that this mean notebook has. It’s 12.85 inch screen boasts a super high-resolution display with 3:2 aspect ratio. This is perfect for heavy web content browsing. This allows users to experience the web at very engaging display. This is made possible by high density resolution at 239 pixels per inch and a total of 4.3 million pixels.

Chromebook pixel High Res Display

To power this sweet piece of equipment is a Dual Core Intel Core i5 Processor that runs at 1.8GHz. It also has an Intel HD 4000 graphics card, with 4GB of RAM. That is  solid state flash memory architecture. Battery life is expected to last for 5 hours of heavy usage and up to 12 hours on standby.

Chromebook Pixel Price:

If you are anxious to get your Chromebook Pixel, it’s ready for pre-order right now at Google Play for both US and UK customers. Soon it will also be available in The Wi-Fi only version will be shipping out next week and LTE Version will be out by April this year.

Google Chromebook Pixel

Wi-Fi version can be bought at $1,299 U.S. or £1,049 for U.K. customers. This is has a 32GB built-in storage disk. LTE version with a much larger 64GB storage disk will be available for $1,499. Both version will be qualified for a 1TB cloud drive use for 3 years.

Chromebook Pixel Video:

Watch the video below as Linus Upson VP Engineering at Google and other  people involved talks about Google Chromebook Pixel. They share there personal views and experience in developing the best and most powerful personal computer that runs in Chrome OS.