5 Flash Game Templates for WordPress

For those who want to share some exciting and entertaining flash games on their WordPress blogs you make use of the following flash games templates for WordPress. It’s very important that you use a specially designed template on your blog so your games will load fast and it will be better to use for gamers. Having a blog that entertains viewers is great because your visitors tends to stay longer. Now going back to our themes. We have several templates to choose from. Some of which are free and others are paid.

1. GameLeon WordPress Arcade Theme


Demo                   Download

This is an awesome template from ThemeForest.net. This is a powerful template mae for flash games. It can handle swf files with My Arcade Plugin compatibility. This is also compatible with buddyPress version 1.7 to get your gaming blog social. This is very easy to use and has a lot of features to make a powerful blog. I like the feature to allow us to add bbPress Forum to the blog. Of course there are other features here that you can check. It come with two version for game blog and non game blog. Check the demo link for the game arcade version.

2. Durus Flash Game WordPress Theme


Demo                  Download

This flash game WordPress theme is from wpsam.com. This is called Durus and it’s available in both free and premium version. Checkout the download link above to view it’s support page and learn the difference between these two version. This is very easy to use you  just need to provide image url and swf url of game that you are posting.

3. Ludus WordPress Theme


Demo                  Download

 This is another theme from the same provider that we have above. This game is Ludus it’s simple yet powerful template for your flash game blog. There are only 2 columns for you to showcase your posts or games on thumbnail along with tittle short description and rating. This is perfect for your small yet very busy falsh game blog. This is also available in both free and premium versions.

4. GameNow


Demo                   Download

Here is another awesome flash game template which you could use. Right now you can enjoy the template and use it on your blog for free. Check the notes after download for complete instruction. Click on demo link to see the template in action.

5. Arcade Press

free online games

Demo                   Download

We have found this clean WodPress theme from templateslord.com. I like this theme because it’s very easy to use. It allows you to easily add games with single click on post. This has two versions as well. You can have this template for free or get the paid version and it’s just for $12.

  1. Friv 2 October 30, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    I like Durus Flash Game WordPress Theme . But it not download

  2. gala danelia December 7, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    i like Gameleon`s theme very much .. its very fine and comfortable . : )) thanks author <3