Common Hosting Problems with New Companies and How to Avoid Them

  1. Bandwidth cap

When you begin a new web hosting company, one of the most commonly encountered problems is bandwidth cap, also known as a band cap or a data cap that you don’t want to be happened. There is a say – “There is no failure except in no longer trying.” – Chris Bradford Isn’t it true? Well, when you start a new hosting company and started getting few customers, everything you need to do is to be prepared to provide bandwidth requirements when you encounter sudden upsurge in Bandwidth use.

If you have an affiliate or VPS account, you need to upgrade your hosting plan, or picking a dedicated server immediately. However, then again, if you choose to set-up your own infrastructure, then things could get quite difficult.

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When you want to increase your bandwidth limit, for the most part there’s a downtime included, which might disappoint your clients. In any case, with strong planning, and great go down, you need to have the capacity to finish the upgrade process easily.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to be prepared for providing high bandwidth necessities at all purposes of time (as per customer requirements), if you would prefer not to lose your reliability, and disturb your clients.

  1. Planning Things in Advance

Getting done with a quick upgrade just to meet the quick needs is far not quite the same as long term planning, and doing an enormous update in a strategic way. Always remember the network integration, and infrastructural development dependably joins startling problems, and odd minutes that can unfavorably influence your business.

In addition, you should consistently take a gander at your long term objectives, and set sensible focuses for each monetary year, so that insignificant surprises come your direction.

Moreover, you should always continue including more storage room, with the goal that you don’t have to spend a tremendous aggregate of money without a moment’s delay, when you beginning coming up short on space.

  1. Maintain Your Rapport in Terms of Technical / Customer Support

 Technical / customer support is the most essential part of web hosting business, and once if you neglect to keep your clients happy in such manner, then setting-up even the best infrastructure on the entire world turns out to be totally useless!

If you have a small size group of customer support agents, you should dependably guarantee that you have few move down resources to assume responsibility, your normal staff individuals be occupied for reasons unknown.

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Delay in reacting to basic email questions of your clients can mean a few genuine inconvenience in a large portion of the cases; you would prefer not to foul things up, isn’t that right?

In conclusion, it’s additionally exceedingly prescribed to keep a automated live talk supportive network to impress your clients without keeping an excess of client/technical support staff individuals.

  1. Managing Downtime’s In Case of Re-seller / VPS Hosting

If in case you have a re-seller hosting, or VPS account from a dependable firm, you need to additionally be arranged for downtime’s! Keep in mind, your clients don’t have the foggiest idea about that you’ve taken an affiliate account, and don’t have the required foundation, so the exact opposite thing that you need is your clients to understand that your organization can’t deal with such unfavorable circumstances.

To handle such circumstances, it’s prescribed to have a go down reseller account with another host; perhaps you might need to host some static sites, low traffic blogs, and smaller web applications on that back up hosting account to get the value for your money.

Thus, there you have a portion of the basic web hosting issues most of the startup companies face, and ideas to handle them, to effectively run a web hosting business with less problems.