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Blogger is still used widely and there are still some good reasons why you must continue with this Google’s blogging platform. First of all, it’s Google’s, you can easily integrate your blog with popular Google products like Analytics and Adsense. Secondly it’s free, and even if you drive millions of unique visitors to your Blogger […]

Can you build a massive question and answers community like Yahoo Answers, with WordPress? Nowadays it is quite easy and possible thanks to the themes which act as application and turn your WordPress installation into a complete new thing other than a blogging/news platform. Previously, we wrote an article on how to establish a coupon […]

We haven’t shared any new Blogger template converted by our team for more than a year. A week ago, we decided to convert more WordPress themes for Blogger and share them right here. Soon, we will be asking for your requests of Blogger template conversions. Playbook template originally designed and released for free by, […]

Blogger has evolved¬†wondrously yet it has been becoming more and more useful and functional. 5 years ago when I created my first blog under Blogger service, it was a quite simple blogging platform. However, now it can be turned into a content management system thanks to the contribution of skillful Blogger enthusiasts who can perfectly […]

Looking for ways to personalized how your iOS 7 device would look and feel? Try this list of 55 Parallax Wallpapers for iOS 7. We have collected some of the stunning images here which you can also use and enjoy. It’s amazing how an image can change how you see your device. Hope you ¬†guys […]

Established in 2011, Google+ has been growing every month with its already active over 250 million users. While Google makes greate improvements for its social networking service, there is one thing almost every Google+ users don’t like, which is lengthy profile links that is consisted of numbers. Beginning from yesterday, Google+ has been allowing some […]

We have prepared a list of awesome Blogger templates for video blogs so your search stops here. We have hand-picked all the templates that we can find online into a single page so it’s easy for you to find whatever it is that you are looking for. With all the items we have listed here […]

In this list we would like to share 15 free and responsive Joomla templates. We have been sharing some great Blogger templates and WordPress templates collections and we feel that it’s about time that we share something for our readers who are great fans of using Joomla. Joomla is an awesome CMS for your blog […]

This collection of 20 impressive shopping OpenCart templates is for those who are looking for eCommerce template which they can use on their new project. We came up with this list considering ratings and feedback from it’s users and of course based on our humble opinion. If you are looking for a template for your […]

One of the famous social network and micro blogging platform is Twitter. There is a fat chance that you are using it or you have an account there. It’s very easy to reach your audience and share the things you want. Twitter is very sleek when it comes to what it does. But when it […]