Zinmag Remedy


Zinmag Remedy

Suggested by msplash9 in Template Suggestion #1, Zinmag Remedy Blogger template is a true professional magazine template with extremely unique features. Discover this feature-rich dark Remedy to make it your ultimate template!

Template name: Zinmag Remedy
Template Author: Jinsona Design
Template Converter: Falcon Hive
Compatible BSP: Blogger
Best viewing Browser: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox RC3, Opera 9.6, Google Chrome

Download Demo

Featured included:

  • Dark professional magazine style design
  • 2 Navigation Bar
  • Welcome Message
  • 3 Feature Content section
  • 2 RSS Subscribe section
  • 3 Ads section
  • Video section
  • 4 Footer Gadget

Layout view

Zinmag Remedy_layout

Set up the First Header Navigation Bar

You can customize your header navigation link to your own preferred link. To achieve this, access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Edit HTML’ tab, press [CTRL+F3] to find the code below and change the yellow-highlighted code to your link.

<li><a href=’#’ title=’#’>Edit</a></li>

Set up the Second Navigation Bar

There’s got a second navigation bar on the header, you can customize it with your own preferred link. To get this done, go to ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Edit HTML’ tab, press [CTRL+F3] to find the code below and change the yellow-highlighted code to your link.

<li><a href=’#’ title=’#’>Edit</a></li>

Set up the ‘Feature Slide Carousal’

You can see this template got a sliding carousal of featured post image on the top of the page, which can only be configured through ‘Edit HTML’ section.

To setup the slide carousal, simply access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Edit HTML’ tab, check the ‘Expand Widget Templates’, then press [CTRL+F3] to find the code below and edit it with corresponding item:

<img src=’POST-IMAGE-LINK.jpg’ width=’200′ height=’120′ alt=’#’/>

Set up the ‘Featured Content’

There’s also got a wide space under the sliding carousal, which you can only access into the space through the ‘Layout’ or ‘quickedit’ button.

To setup the featured content, simply copy the code below, then access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’, clicks on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘featured content’, paste and edit the code with the corresponding item:

<h2><a href=’YOUR-POST-LINK’ title=’YOUR-POST-TITLE’>YOUR-POST-TITLE</a></h2>
<p>You can put some part of post content here.</p>

Set up the Main Page’s Ads Space

Zinmag Remedy template got an ads space under the top featured content section, and you can setup the ads space with Google Adsense Ad Unit 468×15 Ads. To achieve this, simply access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Edit HTML’ tab, press [CTRL+F3] to find the code below and paste your Adsense ads code between the  <!– Google Adsense Code Start –> and <!– Google Adsense Code End –>.

How to hide article’s content on the main page

As this template got ‘Read More’ function, you probably want to hide some text from being displayed on the main page. In fact, you just need some extremely easy step to achieve this. Simply copy the highlighted code below, then access into ‘Settings’ and under the ‘Formatting’ tab, paste the code into the ‘Post Template’.

On the next time you write an article, you just need to add this line of code to hide the text. For example,

Set up the ‘Video of the day’

There’s a video section on the bottom of the mini post section, and you can put favorite Youtube video inside the section by just few simple steps.

To setup your favorite Youtube video, just copy the video’s embed code link, then access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’, clicks on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘video-entry’, paste the code then ‘Save’ to show the video!

Your Youtube video’s embed code link is located below the profile of the video uploader, and you can adjust the (embed)’s width and height inside the code to fix the section size.

Set up the Tabber


You can probably notice that there’s got gadget with number ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’ in the layout. By clicking the ‘1’, you can actually set up the first part of the tabber with any gadget, same as clicking ‘2’ and ‘3’, which directs you to the setting of second and third part of the tabber.

Set up the ‘Highlight Reel/ Featured Content’

There’s actually got another featured content section installed on the top of the sidebar, which you can only access into the section through the ‘Layout’ or ‘quickedit’ button.

To setup the featured content on the sidebar, simply copy the code below, then access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Page Element’, clicks on the ‘Edit’ of the ‘featured content’, paste and edit the code with the corresponding item.

<img src=’YOUR-IMAGE-LINK’ width=’100′ height=’60’ alt=”/>
<div class=’fcats’><a href=’YOUR-CATEGORY-LINK’ title=’YOUR-CATEGORY-TITLE’ rel=’category’>YOUR-CATEGORY-TITLE-HERE</a></div>
<div class=’auth’> Posted by Author </div>
<div class=’fmeta’> POST-DATE |
<a href=’YOUR-POST-LINK’ title=’Comment on YOUR-POST-TITLE’>ADD COMMENTS</a>

Set up the 125×125 Ads

You can change the 125×125 ads image to your own ads image. To achieve this, simply access into ‘Layout’ and under ‘Edit HTML’ tab, press [CTRL+F3] to find the code below and edit the code with corresponding item.

<a href=’YOUR-TARGETED-LINK’ rel=’bookmark’ title=’YOUR-ADS-TITLE’><img src=’YOUR-IMAGE-LINK’ alt=’#’/></a>

Set up the Email Subscribe button

You can personalize the email subscribe button to your own personal RSS. To get this done, access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Edit HTML’ tab, press [CTRL+F3] to find the code below and edit it with corresponding item.


Set up the Content page’s Ads Space

Zinmag Remedy also got an ads space under every single post, and you can setup the ads space with Google Adsense Ad Unit 468×60 Ads. To achieve this, simply access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Edit HTML’ tab, press [CTRL+F3] to find the code below and paste your Adsense ads code between the  <!– Google Adsense Code Start –> and <!– Google Adsense Code End –>.

Zinmag Remedy is sponsored by PSPrint.com

Zinmag Remedy is sponsored by PsPrint.com where you can find Wholesale printing .

We care about Author

Zinmag Remedy template (Blogger) comes under a Creative Common License. This means it is free to use on your blog as long as the credit link in the footer is kept intact. Jinsona Design has really put so much effort on designing this template, so if possible you can pay a visit to the site and leave a thankful comment!

What I want to say is, Incredible!

Zinmag Remedy is undeniably the most complicated theme I have converted ever. However, it’s very worthy as the piece has not only improved my conversion skill and understanding to Blogger’s xml, but also provide a professional layout for the extremely serious Blogger to shine their blog!

As this is the final piece for year 2008, we want to say thank you for all your support and suggestion to Falcon Hive. It’s been a long journey through, but we are not going to stop here. Hive would evolve into a bigger existence to bring more template and joy for every blogger, see you next year!

Happy New Year and Comment Sharing!

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  1. its an amzing templates dear..but the post layout style is creating me some problems….and and my post title is not completly visible..

    is der any way to change size of post section [atleast height ] and most importantly post header size..

    or is it possible to change the post layout as in normal blogger

  2. Hi msplash9!

    Thanks for your creative idea!

    It’s possible to change size of the post section and post header, you just need to change some CSS code on .minipost to achieve it. ;)

    Wow, that’s a brilliant idea! We are also planning to release a normal post layout version for Blogger. :D

  3. Wow ! I am so surprised that you would type chinese … :D

    I just like to change my blog type to any kind of free template from internet .

    You said you have a partner from Taiwan , that is so wounderful … :P

    At last , thank you to visit my blog … :D

    PS : Can I type chinese here ? My english is not good at all … Orz

  4. heeeeey alvaris i have a problem with you …Y u always left image uploading part to us..
    ahhhh..its a tiring job man……

    I usually wait for your templates uploaded at btemplates…unfortunately remedy is not yet out der..

    Can u provide us with the complete template…it will be much easier………..
    and i have one more complaint

    “u are the best”

  5. Hi Got Bollywoord!

    Thanks for your words and nice to meet you!

    To change the size of the featured content box, you might need to change some CSS code on .minipost to achieve it.

    Can you explain more about the idea of adding the picture?

    For bringing down the blue navigation bar, you can change some code on #foxmenucontainer and #catmenucontainer in CSS code to meet your need.

    Hope this helps and enjoy blogging!

  6. Hi msplash9!

    Wow, thanks for your suggestion to make this template better! I would take the script into the upgrade consideration. :)

    For the image upload problem, actually we want to ensure that the reader can host image on their own server for full safety and customization. As you suggested it, we would put our hosted version in the next template.

    Wow, that’s the happiest complaint that I have ever seen! It’s my pleasure to be your best, thanks. :D

  7. Dear Falcon !!
    i should get on my knees Respectin’ you

    you are amazing man !!!
    this template is Simply …. Gorgeous !!!! and you either !!!

    and im sure that if someone has converted it befor you , he would charge $$$ for it !!!

    but you didn’t !!!!

    you r the Man bro !!!!!

    Thx !!!
    i was waitin’ for a Blogger Mag Templates for soo long !!!

  8. Hi Teddy Cheezy!

    Nice to meet you, thanks for your nice words and praises! we always give our best for your highest satisfaction. ;)

    We must be humble to tell that we actually charge for certain project and feature, but we mostly contribute the totally free template to make you and Blogger world better!

    Thanks for your kind comment again, be sure to always visit back for free and unique Blogger template. ;)

  9. First of all congratulate you for such a great staff!
    is the type of template that was looking for my blog:
    but I’ve encountered a problem only when images are embedded in minipost is no problem in entering the picture is outside the margins, however, if you add a text within it.
    you pass a link to a blog to see evidence of what the problem is:
    I have a hug solved this problem.
    thanks in advance

  10. Alvaris !! you make me wanna change my template everytime u Convert one new :D:D

    Honestly ! all your Converted templates are very cool !!! and well detailed !

    but i have a little buzz wanna share with ya !!
    its about your website template !
    i think ya should work better on the template , so ppl will find content easily.. its good , but it just need to be dressed a little bit !!!

    Thank you again ! :)

  11. hi…this is me again, hahaha now I dont bring awesome, cool, wow
    but I wanna ask you Falcon (yeah great nickname)

    May I use your slide script? Of course, I will put your credit ( I really appreciate common license)

    And then, If I want to convert wp themes to blogger template, should I permit to the original designer?
    Eventhough I will always give their credit (It’s a must)

    thanks before

  12. Hi Falcon, great job for this template, btw I am trying to use it and love it very much but the minor problem like black font color still appeared, also in the “featured content’s font”. I have tried to upload both zinmag hosted and earlier version but the problem still exsist. Will you let me know how to fix this ?

    this is my dummy website :
    http://dulili.blogspot.com/ (this is hosted zinmag version)

    many thanks…

  13. Hi Cebong Piet,

    Thanks for your words again!

    The slide script is actually not mine, it’s from web2feel.com. The one applied on the template is also hosted by web2feel.com. I thought it’s free to use, just need to mention about the script is from web2feel.com, and picked from Zinmag Remedy theme.

    In common, you don’t need to get the permission from the original designer to convert free wordpress theme unless they ask for it. :)

  14. I have a blog that is going well, I think, and I wanna make the big step to move it to a domain (which I already buyed) and give it another face. It’s to months now since I started searching for a template that near to the one I imagined and I found it today. It’s a great one, it’s better even from my dreamed one. The onl problem is so much chances that I have to make in the code and I’m not good at it at all! Can u help me? I see you’re a good blogger, and writer too, and I trust you to give me a hand. Thanks!

  15. Hello!
    I went back to download the template and the error of the images disappeared, so if you modify the template for something to suit my needs.
    Now slowly inroduciendole ire widgets that I like to be where “read more” voting system would be a star but no achievements so patiently …
    Again congratulate you for such a great template.

  16. Hello thanks for the great layout I am just having problems inserting images into the Feature Slide Carousal. Every time that I enter the image link I see no changes the blog title and post link work but not the image. Could you please send me a email about how to get the link from the image into the Feature Slide Carousal and image as well.
    Thank You
    email ostrvo23@aol.com

  17. Hello Mr. Alvaris can you teach us on how to add a social bookmarking button because it’s really hard when i put the code the buttons is appearing in my homepage then when you click read more the button is gone please help us :(

  18. Hi Stevanio23,

    Thanks for your words and comment!

    I have tested the Zinmag Remedy and its feature slide carousal is working properly.

    You can refer to the Feature Slide Carousal section in the article. If you are replacing the image with the ‘POST-IMAGE-LINK.jpg’, please ensure the ‘.jpg’ is also replaced with your image’s extension, such as ‘.gif’ or ‘.png’

    Hope this helps and enjoy blogging!

  19. Hi Falcon,

    Jinsona here.I am glad to see that you have done an exceptionally cool job in porting Remedy WP theme to Blogger. You are welcome to convert my other themes as well.

    I am sure that the support requests for remedy is going to keep you busy for a long time to come. Even 2 months after release, Remedy WP is taking up a big chunk of my day with contacts and requests from users.


  20. Hi, is there a way to have the images removed on the featured posts section, while not having to remove them from the original post itself?

    (So in a way I’m asking for a way to exclude the images on the featured content section, without having to remove them from the original post?)

    Thanks so much in advance

  21. First and foremost…Thank you for making this template. This is by far the best yet!!! I figured out how to add my banner and get rid of header text, but I am having a couple of issues with modifying layout.

    First, I can’t get any blogger pictures to show in the carousel slides or side featured content. It has something to do with the 200×120 and 100×60 format, or resizing in general. Any input on this? I can get my photobucket pictures to show up fine, but it would be very worthwhile for myself and I am sure many others to be able to use their blogger uploaded pictures.

    Also, could you recommend a way to change the Video of the day and label sections located at the bottom to the sidebar?

    Thank you in advance for any help you may give as I know it takes a lot of time giving support to us beginners…

  22. Hi,

    I think the files “readm.jpg” and “postinf.jpg” are missing in the package. Can you include them or was that on purpose??

    Also, can I have the font family and color you used for the “Highlight Reel” image. I want to use add a “Welcome to my site” image with that font. Thank you!

  23. Thanks for that freat template.
    I found something intreesting in the xml-data: #topbar #dates….
    There is also a uploaded picture, but you cant see any date-pictures anywhere in the template (even on your demo blog, there isn’t something like that)
    So it would be really nice to make something like this.
    Also an improvment would be that the author and the number of comments is standing next to the Labels. I’m waiting to hear from you..
    Greetz twezz

  24. Hi!.. This is a excellent work.. (Sorry for my english, because i’m chilean, southamerican, then i don’t have so much about tha language) .. Well, i have problems to edit the layout, example, i want to edit tha “Highlight Reel”, but i press the button “Save” (Well, in my language is “Guardar”) but doesn’t work, ¡Don’t save!, i can edit, but i can’t save it…
    ¡Please! I need help quickly please!!! …. contact me on my e-mail please… !!!! Wrocker@live.cl
    (On Windows Live Messenger)

    Thanks !!!

  25. Hi Jinsona,

    Thanks for your precious comment and permission to convert your wonderful theme into Blogger template! It’s a good news for every blogger.

    Yes, as you can see, comments and requests are flooding in this post and my mail. It’s excited to support bloggers, let’s get this theme shines in both Blogger and WordPress world!

  26. Hi dudes!..

    Well.. I found the solution of my problem, for the people that couldn’t answer to me.. if you had this same problem, make this:

    – Search on the layout (HTML), the word “false” and replace it for “true”, i think that is a code for lock/unlock the option for Add/Quit elements on the blog.

    I hope that my comment could help to somebody…

    Thank you very so much Mr.FalconHive, for the opportunity for put my comments on your blog, (Because i’m the unique latinoamerican).
    See you later!!

  27. Hi, great template. I have the same problems with some of you guys here related to photos and video in the post.

    I even add a lot of text before but at the frontpage, video and photos go arround to other post and make a mess for me.

    Please tell me how to fix. My email is: tinh@blogviet.info

    Many of bloggers are wiating for this fix and I am sure you will earn a lot of backlinks from them.

    Thanks, Tinh

  28. Hi Tweez,

    Thanks for your words, you are good at observation as well.

    The topbar’s picture is actually the grey background of the topbar, while the date-picture is removed by me due to the functionality issues of Blogger template (or/and my skill :D)

    You can do customization to make the author and the number of comments standing next to the label, it’s a good suggestion for this template too, thanks for your precious idea!

  29. Hi Mr. Alvaris Falcon.

    Thank you very much for the answer, i'm so surprised, because i don't thought that my english was good.. I have 13 years, and i believe that his work with Blogger is … ¡Awesome!, I Since 2005 began to publish on Blogger.com, i think that is a tool so Good and Easy to use.

    Well, but this moment i want to ask you something.

    ¿You can to converter from WordPress to Blogger more versions of "Zinmag Remedy", yesterday i saw others versions with differents Colors and more stuff.

    The Link is here (if you want)


    I reiterate my gratitude..(I don't know if "Gratitude" is right).


  30. Beautiful stuff.

    Blogger won’t let me leave complex HTML in the comment, so I’ll just say I’ve changed the ADD COMMENTS back to the regular number of comments. I just prefer it like that.

    Also, I added a line in the Feedburner, because otherwise you don’t get the title of the blog when you try to subscribe.

    The unfinished work is on All the BS.

  31. As I already downloaded, I got back to the previous version and paste back the search block of code. And it works.

    One more thing I’d love to suggest, you should also tell us how to add/edit the code in the next release cz we can’t just reupload the template every time you update as this will break the layout and widgets.

    Hope this helps others, too. Thanks.

  32. Hi JaimeCabrera,

    Thanks for your words and suggestion, we appreciated these so much!

    I would take all the Zinmag theme into consideration, as it’s really professional and should be brought into Blogger world.

    Yes, Blogger is really good and easy to use, but it would be better if got more kind Blogger like you. ;)

  33. Hello “Alvares Facon”, thank you for the tip “header”:) Now I spend on the “XML version 1.03, but how to not lose all my changes?

    Another question … I installed on my blog “test” a slideshow. Firefox with no problem with IE, however there is a conflict of “javascript” with the “carousel” Can you tell me how to solve the problem?

    Thank you for your help:)



  34. Thank you very much for this template. It is awesome. I have downloaded it and started to tweak it a little bit. One question, can I change the size of the “Carousel” panel to a smaller one. It is current at 200px and I would like to have it a little smaller. How can I do this?

  35. Hi alvaris really a great template i’m using it in my blog but I have some questions, I’m from Venezuela and I need to change titles like “Highlight Reel” and “Videos fo the day” how do I change it? the same thing with “add comments” and “read more” thanx







  37. Hi again.. thx for the quick reply// i’ve posted my comment before this but it seemed to be blocked T_T .. btw, this my url , http://takupol-movie.blogspot.com/

    for summary, i can’t get my ads to showed up since in your guide here ( for “Main Page’s Ads” )it said “Google Adsense Ad Unit 468×15 Ads” but i found no adesense code in that size..

    and for the “Feature Slide Carousal”

    Tq so much for your great effort and kindness.. ^_^

    Warm Regards from Indonesia


  38. Awesome!! I Really like this template, your work is GREAT!

    But I want to make some hack..

    “Add comments” on mainpage changed into number of comments (looks like it’s not just me)


    The height of posts on mainpage, how can i make it longer?

    I have only little knowledge of HTML. Please, can you tell me how to make those hacks?

    Thanks, hope you can help…

  39. Wow, when the master piece existed then troublesome just beginning.

    We’re working hard to make this theme running smoothly. We coded every single part of it for a seriously building site that truly call magazine.

    That cost us hours working until this biggest headache has stop us go further.

    The Video in a Single main post keep load up in the main page. Temporary, we don’t know how to make it right.

    Anyone know how to pass it through?

  40. Hi ditesco,

    Thanks for your kind words, nice to meet you!

    You can change the size of the ‘Carousel’ panel to a smaller one, just decrease the width of the ‘.stepcarousel .panel{‘, and also to decrease the width of the photo in ‘div class=’panel”.

    Hope this helps and enjoy customizing!

  41. Hello “Alvares Facon”, thank you for the tip “header”:) Now I spend on the “XML version 1.03, but how to not lose all my changes?

    Another question … I installed on my blog “test” a slideshow. Firefox with no problem with IE, however there is a conflict of “javascript” with the “carousel” Can you tell me how to solve the problem?

    Thank you for your help:)



  42. instead of showing the date it shows the time though tick to show in the post setting.

    It just shows this: Posted by Open door to everyone… On 7:58:00 AM
    even in your demo.

    any help regarding such issue?

    One more thing, star-rating though code is there in the template, but it can’t be shown right now. Here is the test site: http://movieloo.blogspot.com

  43. Sivan, put text or an image at the beginning, and then, put the code for the video between

    span class="fullpost">



    (Blogger won't let me put HTML, but remember to use < on both lines). That way, you'll only have the text or image visible on the main page, while the video will be visible through "Read More." I did that in allthebs.com. I also changed the ADD COMMENT to the regular Blogger #of comments. I just found the place where ADD COMMENT used to be, and changed that part with the original Blogger code I have in my other blogs.

  44. Quote:
    I just found the place where ADD COMMENT used to be, and changed that part with the original Blogger code I have in my other blogs.

    @OM, can attach us the part you edit the part of comment to look like your blog then?

    Thanks in advance.

  45. Hi Open door to everyone,

    Thanks for your comment and request! It's possible to make the star rating looks the same in Cellarheat blog, you can refer the URL below for customization:

    I have checked the version 1.03 and its star rating system is functioning properly.

    For the time appeared on the below of every post title, you can change to other option through 'Formatting> Timestamp'.

    Hope this helps and enjoy customizing!

  46. Note1 :I’ve lost my visitor after I changed my template into Zinmag Remedy.I think this template is ERROR in SEO and TRAFFIC.It’s very serious problem!!Can you FIX it??Please tell me : semolorock@gmail.com

    Note2 :I can’t put my code video in post area.The Interface of video will show on the first page.Can you FIX it??Please tell me :semolorock@gmail.com

  47. Quote:

    For the time appeared on the below of every post title, you can change to other option through 'Formatting> Timestamp'.

    Yes, I did try but the date won't show. Only time works.

    Edit: Even your demo is not working.

  48. Hi Falcon, it is really impressive what u did, nice job. I want to ask you to tell me, how could I add a Slide Carousel to my blog? I want to add some like the one in the Zinmag Remedy. I would really appreciate you’re help. Thanks Atti

  49. I love this template so very much and i thank every for that but theirs one major problem the template code… The search parameters are all messed up, every this I type in and search the search either comes up with something totally different or not at all with no results what so ever

    can someone please fix this i really love this template

    Thanks CK!

  50. Thanks for all your report, please do not download this version of Zinmag Remedy Blogger template if you concern about the SEO.

    We have officially took down the Zinmag Remedy Blogger template for maintenance to fix its compatibility for SEO. We are sorry for you inconvenience, thanks for your understanding.

    Again, sorry to cause your inconvenience.

  51. Quote:
    You can surely add the Slide Carousel to your blog. There’s a great article showing you the way, you can follow it in the URL below:

    Thanks a lot for the link, but it is not instructed in English. Can you please guide us in English?

    And about the date, unlike the demo, whatever format I chose it just doesn’t show up except the time :(

    Great to hear that the new version of this template is on the way, and will keep our eyes open, too. Hope there will be instruction to update it as we already using and not want to break the widgets.

    Last but not least, thanks a lot for the hard work.

  52. Hi Falcon, I tried to make my own slide carousel, but the images apared one under the other and I dont know how to make them stay one near the other.

    I put the codes under div class=’belt’ because under div class=’panel’ only half of the image apeared.

    Pls. help me if you can

    Thanks XMX

  53. Hello again Falcon Hive is me Chris. I was the one who reported the search problem, I found a simple way to fix the problem…. “Clean the cache” and the only way I know how to fix this is to rename the url of the blog. I dont know why this works but it does thats all i did was rename the url of my blog

  54. Defensive Pro, they took down the template, so I can’t tell you exactly what I did.

    But the short version:

    Go to the Edit HTML, and click on “Expand Widget Templates.” Now do a search (CTRL+F) for ADD COMMENTS. That line is what you want to replace with the one that comes with the regular Blogger templates. If you have another Blogger template, look for that same area–the one at the bottom of the post. (If you don’t have another blog, just create an empty one).

    Hope that helped a bit.

  55. Hi Falcon,
    wonderful template, wish i could download and use it of my blog. when will the maintenance of the template finish? i really need to download it. could anyone provide me @ hashim.cmd(at)gmail.com

  56. hi alvaris

    i really like the template and i am using it now. but i have one small problem – when i getting into somr post, the Highlight reel in the right side disappear/ can u tell me please how to fix it?

    thanks again for an awesome template…

  57. hi!
    thank you very much, is an impressive template and it have improved a lot my blog, only one question,there is any way to chanhge the size of the adsense space? i wanna use one block of 336×228.
    thank you again.

    p.s.: i’m italian so my english is not the best, please be patient^_^

  58. seems the template has been brought back from its sleep ? :D i read your comments on magznetwork, and i learned a lot from the both of you :)

    i’ll give the new version a try..tq so much Alvaris for sharing this to us :)

    btw, i have some difficulty finding this blog using the search engine ( google ) i tried by using “falconhive” and the results are from digg, twitter, technorati, etc but there are no your blog in the forst page.. kinda strange ‘coz when i tried to find my own blog “takupol-movie” i got it right-away ( i’m using previous version of zinmag remedy for that blog )

    hope my comments usefull

    radith ^_^

  59. Hi mstr,

    Thanks for your comment! We appreciate your every visit and words, please forgive us that we are not able to response you on previous time session. :)

    Did you mean to create the tabbertab like the one on the bottom of the post section in the Remedy template? You can probably refer the tabbertab code and create exactly the same one in the sidebar with different name like ‘tabbertab2’, and try to add the ‘width’ in ‘.tabber’ or ‘.tabbertab’ to control the width.

    Hope this helps and enjoy customizing!

  60. Hi Radith Prawira,

    Thanks for your comments! I have discovered that you have many blogs and are really cool, surely that I can also learn a ton from you! :D

    You have really asked a very good question. Honestly, the truth is that my beginning skill has made many SEO mistakes in past that causes search engine like Google hard to index me, so it’s easier to find this blog in major social network.

    The good news is that I’m designing a new template for Falcon Hive, so hopefully it can make this blog easier to be found in search engine. Until then, do always visit and keep in touch ya, thanks! :)

  61. Sorry to bother you, but i have a little issue over here.
    I already found out how to remove the title bar from the html code…
    The thing is… I just change something else and it showed up again… I don’t know what happened. I made visible the title bar again on the ‘Page elements’ Tab. I’ll try to remove it again, but it will be helpful if you tell me how to fully remove this bar…
    Is there any other way?

    Thank you!

    Great Job over here.
    Is there any other way?

  62. Very Impressive Template!!! Is there any way to tweak the template to display blog posts on the main page with bigger block instead of 4 smaller blocks? I would like to display my embedded videos on the main page, but they wouldn’t fit in the small squares..

    I appreciate if you could suggest any tweaks to achieve that..


  63. @ Anonymous
    I also noticed that in this new version you can’t make the tabs drop down. I was really disapointed in this so I did something about it.

    I modified my template so that there would be drop down tabs.

    Here is a demo(my site): http://ipodtoucher55.blogspot.com/

    If you want to get it, when you are on my site right click your mouse anywhere on the screen and click View Page Source. Now push Ctrl and F. Type in ‘Downloads’. You will find one of my drop down tabs there. The rest of them are above and below it.
    Use my modified template as a guide to modifying yours.

    Good luck!

  64. Hi kiran,

    Thanks for your words!! You can change the width of the .minipost and the height of the .hentry to adjust the block. For the embedded videos, you can probably change the width of the .videopost to adjust the video block.

    Hope this helps, enjoy customizing! :D

  65. Is there any change done to the image slide script? I used to see left and right arrows to slide through images(which is cool). Now, I think it is replaced with scroll down. How do I go back to the old one?


  66. I think there is a problem with bloggerstyles.com, cause i can’t open it on my browser. Since it seams the codes for the carousel are hosted there, i guess that’s the reason why we can’t see the carousel working propperly. It’s a new mistake, not the same from February, so the codes Alvaris posted on http://www.box.net/shared/yy3iltt5vd don’t help. Alvaris, am I right?
    Can you help us?!

  67. Bloggerstyles is dropping javascipt hosting?! What is going to happen about the jquery.js, glide.js, tabber.js, & glider.js scripts? My blog is a patchy mess because of that. What is going to be the remedy for zinmag remedy?

    Also I have been having a couple other issues as well I was hoping others might be able to aid me with:

    First, is I think it has something to do with iframes but I haven't been able to fix the coding successfully. Currently My site has been loading in the middle of the page and I would like to do some form of settimeout for scrolling to the top of the page or something else of that nature. Can anyone help me with this?

    Secondly, in Internet Explorer the rss feed bar and header are separated because for some reason (only in IE) the GO button for the blog search field jumps above the header and leaves a big blank black space. Anyone know a fix for this?

    Any help will be appreciated. Also I just noted about about hosting the .js scripts somewhere else. I will try to give that a shot.

  68. Okay I have looked at the Blogger zip file and the WordPress zip file and neither did I find the individual javascript files in question. Can anyone direct me to the exact zip file that has the javascript files so that I may attempt to host them on my own.

  69. Actually I found the rest of the files already by looking in the original Remedy (not 2.0) zip file. I have already hosted them all up myself and I’ll give the links below. Also I am using a smooth scrolling javascript file as well. This makes scrolling on screen occur smoothly rather than jumping. If you do not want to input this just ignore the link (it’s the last one):


  70. I’ve got to say that I love this template. I can’t imagine being without it.

    But the biggest thank you goes out to Alvaris Falcon for offering such great products! Thanks again Alvaris!

    P.S. I’ve really looked far and wide, does anybody know of a way to place an HTML/JavaScript table/pop up window in a blog entry? Maybe something that you can add gadgets inside. (coding trick?)Thank you.

  71. for anyone with problems with the javascript files try these:


  72. thanks you for the template, I liked his model.
    Do you can me to help? ? the set up tabber, he disappeared of the blog ….he/she/you had several items thrown in him. . . . and they disappeared .
    Carrousel ,,he/she/you changed presentation way.

    Do you can me to help? I am from Brazil, and I began now with blog, I don't have great knowledge.
    Order me help, the one that I have do for the email > edsonstar10@gmail.com.
    I am in I await him/it,

  73. hi! i have to say that this is a really great template and you are aweesome for making it blogger compatible!

    but i have a problem. i have to admit, i am not an html/javascript pro. and i have no idea where to edit the links to display the images on the CAROUSEL. so please tell me where i should put the code?

    i did all you said: i clicked layout, edit html, checked the expand widget, but when i pressed ctrl+f3, i couldn’t find the code you stated, which is:
    a href='YOUR-POST-LINK' title='YOUR-POST-TITLE'>
    img src='POST-IMAGE-LINK.jpg' width='200' height='120' alt='#'/>
    where can i find that code in the ‘edit html’ in blogger?

    i am using the latest version of firefox by the way. please help?

  74. hi there you are doing great in fact you the finest blog templates i have ever seen.

    in fact i am a blogger and my blog address is wwwmyjournalonline.blogspot.com please i want to use this your blog template ( Zinmag Remedy ) for my blog.
    please help me get it via mail or if possible i will send you the username and password so the you can do the changes for me.
    best regards.

  75. boa noite. (brasil)

    gostaria de saber como faço pra tirar a barra de rolagem e por aquelas orelhas pra ir passando as imagens do carousel 1,2,3,4…
    venho tambem agradecer por nos dar oportunidades de adquirir templates magnificos. estou contente de ter encontrado este template.


  76. Hi, this is a great template, I started with it a couple of days ago and I am trying to fill every space it has so it’s very cool.
    Right now I’m having issues with any youtube videos, they are being displayed at full size in home page and it really messes the design. Is this a template bug or am I not configuring it right?
    I’m waiting for your help, you can check my blog http://garcadas.blogspot.com

    Thanks and great job!

    • Hi again, besides the issues with youtube videos (I see them at full size in home page with FireFox but with IE I can see them ok) I also wanted to tell you that you forgot to mention or specify in this guide in the part “How to hide article’s content on the main page” the code required to do so and the steps.

      Please, many of us will be thankful with these instructions. Thanks again and nice template.

  77. Yes I’ve been using this template for a while and I must say it’s great. Little problem with the carousel arrows disappearing. Not sure how to get them back – I’m asuming it’s an image hosting issue? please give file name of arrows and where in template so this can be rectified please?

    Looks like others have this same issue! Please post answer.

  78. Hello. Firstly I want to say Great Job! This template is fantastic.

    I have been configurating mine but when I arrive to the step of hiding an article text… there is no code in the instruccions.. please, can anyone help me?

    Thanks so much!


    Para hacer que aparezca texto no visible en el post, es decir, para que le tengas que dar a ver mas para ver el resto hay que escribir el post de la siguiente manera.

    Escribir lo que quieras que se vea

    Escribir lo que no quieras que se vea

    Esto corresponde al código no incluido en la parte de How to hide article’s content on the main page.

    De nada! :)

  80. what happen to this template i really like this but now change so alot i don’t like the new one firts that new one. i don’t know how but the new remedy already destroy my last remedy template. i don’t know what happen when i check here oh there changes from remedy. very sad, i already used this remedy so long now must change to another one. goodbye my lovely remedy and thanks for falconhive. maybe this my last time come here

  81. Hello. Firstly I want to say Great Job! This template is fantastic

    I have an problem for creating new pages ,created pages are not open.

    please give me a suggestion for this issue.
    My page link: love4bee.blogspot.com/p/celeybrity-photoshoot-gallery.html


  82. hi.
    truly agreed,
    this is indeed a great layout.but,
    i got a problem with the ‘top navigation bar’.
    compared to the ‘layout view’ as shown above, my template seems to not have the ‘edit’ button, and so then i can make any change on that bar.
    take a look~
    hope anyone can help me fix it.tq~

  83. hi there, can u show me the code u config the tabber?

    mine doesnt appear in the page element section to edit it but apparenly do appear on the preview.

    can show me the proper code of tabber?
    how to config it?

  84. I feel kind of dumb, but the tabber just doesn’t appear on my layout page (ie. 123 add a gadget). I hosted the js files and everything else so far seems to be working, but that kills the page for me. It’s just an empty block at the bottom center. It does have the the 123 and background bar on the published page. I tried just about everything including making all sorts of adjustment to the templates codes. It must be something simple, but it’s emptying my cookies or anything like that. It’s a column, gadget, or missing/error in code. Just my ideas. It could be anything. Thanks if someone can help.

  85. Hello please help me about this template. Before, it is okay. but now i cant see my post preview. Below the post title and category, i always see the picture i posted, but now i cant see anything but blank. please help me . thanks. This is my blog LINK thanks.

  86. Thanks For This Template,
    But Please I Have been using this template on My Blogger Blogs Directory Here http://www.blogsonblogger.com/ and i have been trying to add adsense code inside the Blog post as i will help my clickthroughs more being in the blog post than on sidebar but all the tricks i have been trying have not been working fine for me.

    Please can you help me out with the tricks in adding adsense inside blog post.

    Thanks again.