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Japan Style

Here comes a fantastic Blogger template for Japan lover! Just as its name, Japan style serves Blogger with classical Japan arts and designs. Take the design and become a ‘Japan Blogger’ now, credit to!

You can visit the demo or download Japan Style Blogger template!
Japan Style

Japan Style Layout

Japan Blogger

My first thought for this theme is: If WordPress got Japan style theme, Blogger must have one too! I am a fan of Japan game and anime, and they are really my life part for some years, so it’s exciting for me to convert the lovely Japan art into Blogger template!

Are you a Japan lover too? Always love to hear your hearty words, thanks!

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37 thoughts on “Japan Style”

  1. Questions about your template–

    Couldn’t I add an AdSense widget to the layout in order to have ads?

    Is it possible for the template to be modified (or should I try to modify it) so that the post heading is completely left aligned, like the post text? As it is, with the heading not aligned with the following text, the blog looks slightly “off.”

    -E. G.

  2. I am using this template on my blog on wordpress. Since u were able to adapt it for Blogger, I figured I could ask you how to change the font size on the posts (bigger) and theline spacing doubled space (it comes out single-spaced) and the texts really black (not grayish black). I really need some help coz I am a CSS and HTML dummy. I went to the original website but its written in a different language and I don’t understand anything.
    Please, can you help me? I just need some little tweak I know, but unfortunately I don’t know.
    Thanks, your help would be greatly appreciated.


    P.S. I’ll follow u on Twitter. You seem a great guy to follow.

  3. Have a basic question, since I’m not a programmer–after downloading the template, where should I save it? Any other staps needed after saving to make this my new Blogger template?


  4. I tried to use this template for my Blogger but I got this error message as per below:

    “Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.”

    pls help. TQ. =)

  5. I downloaded this template; its aesthetics suits great my caricatures. Just it doesn’t show the date of the post but its hour. I couldn’t fix this from Blogger’s “design” page. Can I do it from the HTML editor?. Thank you.

    1. Nice to meet you! You can probably download this template by click the ‘Download Japan Style Blogger template’ link published in this post.

      Hope this helps, enjoy blogging with Japan Style! ;)

  6. Hola, ante todo muchas gracias por proporcionarnos estas plantillas tan bonitas. He decidio poner en mi blog esta plantilla JAPAN, pero antes estoy haciendo algunas pruebas. No conozco el codigo HTM, y tampoco ingles por lo que me es muy dificil hacer esto.
    Me puedes decir para que sirve ‘Set up the Top Navigation’, pues no se que puedo cambiar ? y no me aparece la barra NBAR de blogger.

    Gracias de nuevo

  7. Heya!

    Got the same problem then AngeL BeaR – after editing the HTML I also get an error message… but only AFTER I published the template already and make changes of URLS etc on a later time… any idea?

  8. Hi guys. I’m about to use this template on my blog, but how do I do to add a header date? I also would like to add “posted by” after my posts. Also, how can I change the colors of the fonts?

    Please, help me. “/

  9. Hi! I’m using this template in my personal blog, thank you!

    I need help with something tho. In the comments section of my entries I’d like to see the picture of the users. I did some research but I couldn’t find how to change this.

    Could you help me with this? Thanks in advance!


    1. Jo, one of the most attractive features of the template is the missing blogger navbar at the top. There are two ways to login to your account to gain access for layout changes etc.

      1) The simple way is to bookmark blogger on your browser and get in through the back door. The drawback of this is revealed when you want to quickly edit posts and there’s no button on the screen to access the blog. So you might want to try #2.

      2) The more complex way is to reassign one of the four links available at the top of the page. Go to Blogger and select Edit Template html, scroll down, and you’ll find something like this.

      Posts RSS
      Comments RSS
      Sign in

      You’ll see that I used an html link code and changed “Edit” to “Sign in” because the label seemed clearer to me. I’ve found this to be just as effective as the sign in feature on the navbar and haven’t missed it since. If you click on my name you can see how it looks on my blog.

      I just hope the html code displays when I post this comment, because there is no preview button, and it appears that I can’t delete a comment once I post it here. Apologies in advance if four buttons appear instead of the code.

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