Best 23 Free Premium Blogger Templates

We have collected 23 beautiful free premium blogger templates. The collection is of no particular order, they are picked based on functionality, and design determined by us.:) We hope to help all newbie blogger and even advanced bloggers to find suitable designs and succeed on their blogging career.

Financial – Premium Blogger Template

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This template looks clean, simple yet elegant. This is perfect for blogs related to finance, economics, business and related niches. It’s adopted from WordPress with 1 sidebar and 3 column footer. This is a new template brought to us by Premium Blogger template.

Dieting Blogger Template

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Dieting Blogger Template is nice craft made by BlogTemplate4U. The designs has 3 columns with two left sidebars. It looks clean professional and perfect for blogs on diets, food, nutrition, fitness, and green living niches. Perhaps you got some light and weight loss recipes to share, use this design on your blog.

RetroPop Blogger Template 

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Splashy Templates has once again released a nice and colorful design. RetroPop Blogger Template is for blogs on music and art blogs. Specially if it’s on Retro theme. This design features a two column template with a right sidebar. Notice the cool search box at the top, that is trully cheeky.

BoyBurnsBlog Blogger Template

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 BoyBurnsBlog Blogger Template is the first free blogger template designed by These guys should be making a lot of designs like these. They are exceptional. This design is clean, it loads fast, pretty minimalist but very useful. It can be used on any nice specially if your publishing short blog posts and images.

iPhone Hello Blogger Template

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 iPhone Hello is design made by XMLBloggerTemplates. This design is pretty simple but looks pretty good as well. Clearly it’s been made for blogs on iPhone, mobiles, and other technology related niches. On each post you you can add images, and on the sidebar it has snippet for popular posts with a thumbnail. It’s ads ready including a ad box at the header. It’s two column template with a right sidebar.

Aparatus Blogger Template

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Aparatus is a free blogger template made by Lovely Templates. It’s a nice template, it looks clean with a grey background. It has an image slider on the homepage. It allows thumbnails, widget and ads ready too. It’s made with two columns and a right sidebar. Enjoy the template with any blog niche and any theme you are blogging on.

BlogForme Blogger Template

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Feast your eyes on this 3D inspired free blogger template. This one is called Blog Forme by I really like the blue design. Its looks really cool. Best design if your putting up a blog on technology and science niches. Perhaps on visual arts as well. It has two columns with a right sidebar packed with useful widgets and gadgets.

Business Solutions Blogger Template

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This is a perfect design for your business blog. It’s called Business Solutions made by It looks really professional, clean and smart too. It has a feature image slider at the homepage. Posts also has thumbnails images. It’s ads ready, if your willing to monetize your blog. It’s two columns with a right side bar.

Mash Blogger

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 Mash Blogger is a free blogger template which is inspired by social media news and technology blog This another design by  It’s has adopted the white background and blue border of Mashable. It has two column with right sidebar. Perfect for technology news related websites.

Simple n’ Sweet 

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This design is pretty flexible. You can adjust it to your satisfaction with out the need of pain sticking coding functions.  Sweet n’ Simple is a free blogger template which is designed by, this has been around pretty long, but still it’s one of my favorites. Perhaps it’s because of my inclination to minimalist designs. And this template has an ultra minimalist design.

iTech Free Premium Blogger Template

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BTemplates has recently released a fine looking tech inspired free premium blogger template. This one is called iTech which is adopted from WordPress and converted into Blogger. It’s a cool design which looks compact, it has three columns with left and right side bars. It utilizes drop down menus and thumbnails on every post. Plus there is a feature image slider or image slide show at the homepage. This is perfect to showcase some cool images you got on your blog.

Blogger Store V2

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Here is an outstanding free blogger template for those who wants to start their online eCommerce blog. The design is intended for bloggers who are looking for template to display products they sell. The template has included simple cart and checkout systems. Everything that you need to get started is here.

Green Wedding

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Here is another free blogger template from JavaTemplates. This time it’s called Green Wedding. It’s a nice theme for lifestyle blogs specially if your blogging on weddings and nature related niches. It has three columns design with both left and right sidebars.

Johnny Classicsite Blogger Template

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Johnny Classicsite Blogger Template is designed by DheTemplate. If you want to have your blog a classic look this will be a perfect design to choose. It’s nice and it looks great. It has black and white design with two columns design featuring a right sidebar. Footer has three columns for all your needs.

News Views Blogger Template

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For news blogs you can use these clean and professional looking free blogger template. This one is called news Views. It’s from It features a three column designs with two right sidebar. I like the silver background and minimalist designs. It’s ads ready and widget ready.

iMusic Blogger Template

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This is another template from This is called iMusic and its a free blogger template. I really like the crisp design and cool theme. Perfect for music related blogs, as well as celebrity and other pop related niches. It’s has the same three column design with two right sidebars.

London Creative Blogger Template

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London Creative is free blogger template designed by I like the design because it has a nice black background and yellow highlight. Such a nice contrast of color. Needless to say it’s a work of a creative mind. This is good for travel and photography blogs. But can used on other related niches. It has two columns with a right sidebar.

WpInsurance Blogger Template

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With a clean white backgrund and minimalist theme, WpInsurance is a perfect free blogger template. Again this one is from This will be a nice template to showcase your business or any blogs you have. I like this one because it can be used on many niches. It’s has two columns with a right sidebar. It also has an image slider to showcase your images on featured posts.

Primal Blogger Template

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Primal Blogger Template is our choice for photography related blogs. This is designed by BestTheme. It has been converted from WordPress. It has a left side bar and it’s based on a three column layout. Navigation is at the sidebar and also the header is there. Something cool, to spice up your blog.

Purple Art Blogger Template

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This template is from DeluxeTemplates. It’s called Purple Art. The design looks clean with a an artistic purple background. This is a nice theme for many niches. I would choose this one if I have technology blog. Best for business portfolios too. It has three columns with left and right sidebars, but you can redesign it by drag and drop from your design template dashboard.

Sporty Magazine 2 Blogger Template

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If you want to make your sports related blog look cool and professional you have to makeover it. When you do use this Sporty Magazine blogger template. It has three column on the main page and five columns at the footer. I like the black ground and the image slider on top. Navigation menu bar is on top with a perfect yellow line on the upper heading section.

Speed Hosting Blogger Template

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Speed Hosting Blogger Template is a free premium template from This is a perfect design if your blogging on hosting and domain niches. I think it will also be a perfect design for any webmaster’s and blogging niches. It has two columns with a right sidebar. The dark background is awesome. It’s widget and ads ready.

Education Blog Blogger Template

 Demo              Download

Finally our last but absolutely not the least entry in our list is Education Blog which is a free premium blogger template from This is a perfect design for educational blogs and related niches. I like the white and clean background accentuated with yellow green color on the top heading and tabs. It has two columns with a left sidebar.

So there you have it, our best 23 free premium blogger templates list. We hope to come up with more  lists like these in the future.  If you have any suggestions or reactions regarding the list, we would like to hear it on the comment form. :) Enjoy the our free blogger template list.

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