25 Examples of Creative Facebook Cover Photos

Since Facebook has made a makeover tuning every profile page into a Timeline line we had the opportunity to express and showcase our creativity through the use Facebook page cover. It’s fan to experiment with a lot of designs and concepts that will represent our personality, hobby or cause. What do you have on your cover page? Are you happy with it? If you need some inspirations for new designs we have some selections here for you.

Burn that Cover. X-men fan? This is the best Facebook cover you that you can use. Show off how you can use your x-ray vision and burn that Facebook cover. Be ready to share the idea with your friends!

burn that cover photo

Kay Int Veen. This is an amazing design and use of great photos. Your Facebook cover is the best place to show your friends the talents you got. Like what this guy did. I like the idea he did here. I can’t really figured out if he is about to go out from where he is hiding or he wants to stay hidden. But the effect was great!

Kay Int Veen

Arcade Doll. Are you a guy that loves playing with arcade doll machines? Well bring that hobby into Facebook and try this amazing design. Just bring a camera next time you play take a picture of your favorite arcade doll machine. Do a bit of cropping and put one of your pictures in there.

Arcade Doll

Eyal Shashar. This is a nice use of 3D effect and that is why we really like it. The guy had it on his profile page for some time but changed it overtime. Nevertheless I still want to share this great idea. The design has been featured on a lot of big tech and designs sites months ago.


Star Wars. laser guns and lightsaber will never die. Why not share your epic battle with a one of the clones? There are a lot of rooms here to add some of your cool ideas.

best facebook cover

The Droste Effect. Here is another interesting and somewhat funny effect. This is called droste effect which creates an infinite illusion of looking at the same image. It’s playful, fun and very intriguing.


Old Facebook Profile Page. This cover picture is for those who wants to create the effect of having the old Facebook profile page. This is possible by doing this creative idea. See how will your friends will react to this.

The Old Faceebook Profile

513art. Here is another great design for all photography enthusiasts out there. This is a nice effect to showcase your hobby or profession if you are into photography. There are a lot of possibilities here, just play around and you can come up with some fun ideas.


Futurama Mania. This Futurama inspired Facebook cover from Graziano Vinci. This is a good way to show off your passion for this animated program. It tells a lot about your personality. Make it a lot more explosive by including your friends on the head jars.

Graziano Vincini

Konrad Dobson. Each one of us has its own mind full of ideas. No matter how creative or imaginative it is it can be turned into a great work of art. Perhaps a great wall of photo collage like this one from Konrad Dobson. Check his works on his personal homepage konraddobson.com.


Picture Frameception by Fabio Maravilla. This  should amaze your friends with your knack of creativity, imagination, and photography. Perhaps a bit of graphic design too. But whatever you do please use your own picture!


Dunder the Dog. This photo collage is so impressive. It’s a perfect photo cover if you have a pet dog or you have a fan page that is related to dogs. But not only that you can use it on your timeline too. Just don’t forget to change the pictures. I mean just grab the idea not all of it.


Anything to Declare. This is pretty simple take out your passport or any state issued identification document then you have it. Easy right? But still a good idea to show off to your friends and connections.


Inside the Washing Machine. This is interesting, but something that you don’t really want to happen. This Facebook cover page depicts you being inside or trapped on a washing machine. Your friends might ask if you are doing your laundry or you are laundering yourself?


Zoom In from CCTV. This does not require a lot of technical skills to accomplish. Anyone can easily grab a capture from popular CCTV captures on YouTube and you have it already. Just toy with a lot of scenes and the availability of your pictures.

zoom in from cctv

RainDrops Effects. Take a photo of you holding up an umbrella and use this photo cover. It’s as simple as that and you already have raindrops effects on top of your Facebook Timeline. Nice, simple and creative. 


Pour Paint on Your Head. Love to paint? Why not work on something like what we have here. This can be done by simple pictures of you pouring some paint which is just a bit close up and a picture of you with some paint on your head.

paint head

Stay Hungry. This guy is amazing, he has done a lot of things in the social media industry. In this playful display of creativity you can be inspired to do your own version of this cover photo.

stay hungry

3D Birds Eye View. Do you like 3D effects? Why not try this photo. This is amazing Real life 3D effect done by taking a photo from a bird eye view. Just by looking at it can make someone feel dizzy. Just imagine how high this is, those cars looks like tiny ants from above.

3D birds Eye View

Graffiti. Street art and graffiti are both colorful, strong, and fun to play with. Why not show your artistic side by way of an abstract art or a colorful graffiti just like this?


Multi-Tasking Guy. Time is of the essence and we need to take advantage of it. This guy knows what multi-tasking means. He does it on a photo collage up on his Facebook cover photo.


Meme World. Meme we love, it seems that there is a meme for every reaction, personality, emotion, and every adjective you can think of. But all the popular meme are here and you can showcase it on your Facebook timeline.

meme photo cover

Wall Gallery. Even wanted to display your own vintage portrait on a wall like this? Well why not beside Abraham Lincoln? You can do it by simply using this idea for a Facebook cover page.


Peek a Wall. Hello there! This is an amazing image of a guy peeping from a gap. Not sure if it’s a wall or something. It’s amazing because it let you wonder a lot of things. Is he looking at something or someone? Is he outside or inside?


Sketch Art. Are the sort of the “artist guy”? Sketches are fun to play with. Even if you can do it by hand there are a lot of software that can do this for you.