24 Reasons Why You should be far away from using Free Web Hosting services

Most of us know free web hosting is cheap and you don’t need to spend much on hosting your website, yet all such free web hosting organizations uses this freemium model to advance their premium services.

You might not know the free web hosting providers can close their free services at any time which may put your business into risk. Yet, they will inform you before closing down their services according to the terms and conditions. But, what is the use of it? You need to move all the content to the new server which is very difficult and time taking process. Likewise if they close new registrations and keep safe their hosted domains then you can divert your links to your new domain, else if that they totally close off their services, and then you can’t divert your old links. Therefore, all your old links will turn out to be dead.

Such a large number of things on the web work on the freemium model, so we are all acclimated to expect freebies. In any case, in the event that you are a business, the one thing that you certainly need to put resources into is your web presence. Given the minimal effort of web hosting and the domain registrations nowadays, it is basically not justified, despite any potential benefits to utilize free web hosting.

Here are few common issues and burdens with your hosting account, when you grab it for free,

  1. Poor/No Customer Support

Your site crashes. Database gets lost. Somebody hacked your site. It’s your problem, and you can’t anticipate that your free host will solve it. They won’t give 24×7 Live Chat or Ticket system.

Regardless of the fact that you mail to the default Support email address (say support@free-host.com), it will take years to get an answer, I bet that will likewise be a default one like, “Your question has been gotten and an individual from our staff will survey it and answer in like manner.” The End.

  1. Advertisements

If suppose you ask, “Why might somebody give something for nothing?”, the expression “Ad” becomes an integral factor. They adapt your account or your website and gain through it.

In return for your free hosting space, they will keep promotions on your site. These advertisements support your free host and give them the money back they contributed. The notices will be regularly appear and pop-under.

In Websites : They used to show a leaderboard advertisement at the highest point of each site hosted on their free hosting servers.

In cPanel and Plesk : That’s not the end, they’ll additionally put a few promotions in your cPanel or Plesk, and you have to reconsider before clicking a link, that may be a commercial.

  1. Poor Downtime

You won’t have stable uptime. Since it is free you can expect more number of clients there. Free has won’t have much asset to control every one of those clients, so you can expect a decent downtime from time to time. You would prefer not to baffle your audience with a “Server Not Found” or any such mistakes right?

You compose some amazing posts and it gets viral, following day in the event that you check the Analytics it will be underneath the typical extent. Why? Site gets down in view of that viral activity.

  1. Not Reliable

It’s impractical to trust them altogether. They won’t trouble your site much, they have different attempts to do.

Such free hosting providers can close down or quit giving you the services with no former notification.

  1. Less added features

Free Hosts won’t have much important features on ordinary “web host” need to have. They have confined components which is accessible for premium account holders. They won’t have fantastico, Softaculous and more. Why we require them? Since you won’t have any issue for installing WordPress, it takes just few clicks.

That is not the end, you have unlimited features on premium web hosts and that’ll spare you lots and lots of time, so you can deal with different stuffs.

  1. Loss of Credibility

You can’t expect your clients or customers to believe your services when you utilize a free host for your platforms. They will feel that you are not genuine about what you are doing.

On the off chance that you ask me, I’ll consider, what the point is in procuring money when you can’t purchase a decent host for your site. It won’t be useful for marking your online journals or sites. When somebody discovers that you are utilizing such has, they rarely approach you for any service or analysis about hosting.

  1. Absence of Security

Indeed, even huge and dependable facilitating administrations are confronting these issues and they are attempting their best to upgrade their security. So we can have a protected side there. Programmers regularly target free has and discover the escape clauses.

Ordinarily in shared hosting, if the programmers can get to one site, then they can without much of a stretch access the various destinations by utilizing malware or other hacking methods. Try not to be a casualty of this.

  1. Moderate Loading Pages

Keep in mind Google abhors that. All the more vitally, your audience detests that. You don’t need your audience to bookmark your post (say some instructional exercise) and overlook that totally right?

Free has poor design, so you will have issues while stacking the pages. Adding more fuel to the fire, even some store modules won’t work.

  1. It will influence, when you add your blog

At a certain point you might need to offer your site and having a free host.It will diminish the quality/cost of your blog. That is one thing.

Also, you can won’t ready to effectively exchange the information from your current host to new one. Having a host with bolster office makes this procedure without whine.

  1. Constrained Disk Space and Bandwidth

All things considered, self-evident, restricted space and data transfer capacity. Why would you like to encourage your online journal with low quality food? Having poor space and data transfer capacity will annihilate your blog soon.

If your website draws an excessive amount of activity in future, then your blog will be influenced by that low data transfer capacity.

  1. You have your Blog with spammy sites

That is the thing that “Mutual Hosting” is about. You have your site alongside different sites in a server. On the off chance that it is a free host, you can gloat yourself that you are hosting your webpage with a few perilous spammy sites. In this way diminishing the general positioning of your site.

You can use tools like Yougetsignal for doing a converse IP Check to discover the areas facilitated on your server. Keep in mind such spam locales influence positioning of different destinations facilitated on same the server.


  1. Regularly Hosted On Sub domains

The vast majority of the free has won’t have the element to connect with your DNS. So you’ll most likely end with their sub domain for your site.

Assume if your host’s name is example.com then you might need to utilize something like yourdomain.example.com for your site. Looks disillusioning? You must choose between limited options.

  1. Strict file size limits

They have record size points of confinement. So on the off chance that you have a high determination picture or some video cuts, you won’t have the capacity to transfer utilizing your free hosting plan. You’ll likely wind up with messing the server. Verging on each free hosting plan has strict document size cutoff points.

  1. Short and inconsistent FTP sessions

When you attempt to transfer or download a few records utilizing FTP customer like Filezilla, you might confront short sessions, and you may not effectively get or send every one of the documents as a result of short session.

What’s more, those sessions could be untrustworthy, so you may confront interruption.

  1. No Tutorials

In the event that you are hosting your website on HostGator, you’ll discover huge amounts of instructional exercises with respect to them on the web. Be that as it may, with the expectation of complimentary hosts, you won’t. You’ll wind up looking for different website admins answers.

  1. Trimmed Down Apache Server

Trimmed down apache servers will have constrained modules or a few modules would be impaired. What’s the major ordeal? You won’t have the capacity to introduce some top modules like W3 Total Cache where such modules are required.

  1. Shrouded Costs

I hate Hidden expenses. They need to be authentic about their service. Free has, similar to the name says, are not allowed to the center. They may have concealed expenses, particularly when you cross the permitted free portion. They’ll additionally charge additional for other fundamental elements. Ordinarily you won’t be permitted to utilize fantisto, which is regularly used to introduce programming like WordPress. They’ll either restrict the use or expenses to utilize them.

  1. Poor for Affiliate Marketing

Associate Marketing is one of the most ideal approaches to profit on the web. Utilizing a free web have and advancing other premium web hosts will influence your promoting.

  1. You possess your own Blog, reconsider?

This could be the most exceedingly awful part, since you won’t not possess your online journal if is facilitated on a free space. Since they give you to free, which means they have the privilege to bring it down at whatever time they need.

Assume if your free host is sold to some other organization, then that could be the end of your online journal. Be the proprietor of your blog, as well as the domain.

  1. Google Apps Integration

I got notification from numerous that free has won’t bolster Google Apps. You would prefer not to miss your magnificent name@yourdomain.com email address right? The default email records will likewise suck.

  1. The last one: You can purchase one!

It couldn’t be any more obvious, hosting space is not excessive. You simply need to pick the privilege monetary one for your site. You can make utilization of “The shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving” and “The Monday following Thanksgiving” offers for getting energizing offers. In the event that you don’t have the cash to purchase web hosting for a year, you can select month to month package.

  1. Issue with Search Engine

So, on the off chance that you purchased some paid web hosting service, and then you can get some impression over web search engines. If the guests to your site, as well as the web search tool will likewise it won’t consider more about your website! So dependably attempt to get paid web hosting service which is considerably more superior to anything free hosting services on the web.

  1. Lack in Customization

Better believe it, without a doubt there will be some confinement on your free hosting site supervisor. You can’t get to full elements and modify your site as you such as. Be that as it may, this all customization should be possible paid web hosting platforms. To put it plainly, your sites will be restricted with a few layouts the free hosting services site offers you. What’s more, you can’t ready to change its looks as you such as and including some intelligent modules is unrealistic! So ensure about it!

  1. Free web hosting is problematic.

Free web hosting doesn’t have an amazing notoriety for rate, uptime, and accessibility. They additionally have a tendency to close down a ton. Free hosting is best suitable for the individuals who couldn’t care less if their site is exceptionally accessible. It will be okay for leisure activity platforms, for testing, however unquestionably not for business.