20 Funny DIY Google Glass Ideas

Can’t wait for Google glass to be out in the market? Why not try to build your own! Some guys has already showed their ingenuity and had come up with the following ideas of DIY Google glass devices. They don’t need a multi million dollar project to build their own. What they need are some tape, hot glue, a phone or camcorder, and eyeglasses frame.

Want to have some ideas on how to make your own Google glass? Get inspirations from these cool and somewhat outrageous DIY Google glasses.

photo 1

I’m thinking that the only way to view the display is to keep on looking up. If the phone can be lowered just a bit but that will cover your whole vision I think.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to go out wearing this one though.

building a make your own version of

 This guy has made his own Google glass version out of Instaglasses and a micro camera. He also tried taking pictures using his new technological creation. This guy seemed to had a lot of fun playing around. Check out the rest his story on his blog www.jonathancresswell.co.uk .

diy Gizmodo UK

This is mad science although this may look like your homemade Google glass, this is actually called a lucid dreaming Google. It’s made so you could control your dreams if you can sleep wearing one. We have not heard if the real Google glass can actually interact with your subconscious but it’s a nice idea though.


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Google Glass 3







prototype google glass

steve mann my augmented life

tag project glass



photo 2

DIY google glass

 All that is needed for this awesome guy is a mirror from a flatbed scanner, viewer from old Sony video camera, hot glue and and old eyeglasses frame to create his very own Google glass version. This one looks pretty cool. Thanks to Flickr user Timonoko for sharing this pic.