25 e-Commerce Themes for WordPress

Online shopping is convenient and sometimes budget wise. For this reasons online shopping is on the rise. Online entrepreneurs are there to meet this demand with online stores and shopping blogs. Traditional stores and and business are also flocking online to find their market. Thus the need for creative, functional and converting eCommerce themes for WordPress is created.

Here we give you the 25 eCommerce  Themes for WordPress for you to choose from. Some of them are free and some are premiums. But one thing is for sure, they will give you a template to sell your products online using WordPress.


ShopMe – Free WordPress eCommerce Theme 

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 ShopMe is a free WordPress eCommerce Theme from Wpfeed.com. This theme has been there for a long time, but still one of our favorite. It’s very easy to use, and easy to navigate which is very important. It’s widget ready and fully blog post integrated. This has the latest update to WordPress eCommerce support. Inside the product page, you can show your product thumbnail with price and short description. The right sidebar will have your shopping cart and checkout option.

Simple Cart – Free WordPress eCommerce Theme 

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Simple Cart is another free eCommerce WordPress theme which you can use on your blog or website. The simplicity of this design is just hard to ignore. It allows you to emphasize your product on every page. On the download link you will find everything that you need to know on how to install and configure this template.

Color Cart Green – Free WordPress eCommerce Theme 

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Here is a nice theme for your eCommerce website. I think this will be a nice theme if you will be featuring baby products because the color scheme is mild and relaxing. The theme has really nice design for both homepage and the product pages. Inside you will find three columns with left and right sidebars. Widgets are very useful here like related products, shopping cart,categories. This is a must try.

Mommy Blog – Premium eCommerce WordPress Theme

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 This template is designed by ThemeForest.net.  This is called Mommy Blog which is  premium eCommerce WordPress theme that can be yours for $55 regular license use. This is a really cute theme for mother’s, mother to be and stay at home mums shopping blog or website. There are useful widgets that you can use like pregnancy counter, social icons and many more. You can even add your store logo at the heading area!

Store Front – Premium eCommerce WordPress Theme


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Here is an impressive Premium eCommerce WordPress template for you. This is called Store Front, you can buy this theme from Templatic.com for $65 and start your online store right away. This is the perfect theme for both newbies and advanced users. It’s easy to install and manipulate from the admin dashboard. Still it allows advanced features like coupon generation when you have sale campaign.


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Rustik is a minimalist eCommerce WordPress theme. It’s available in both white and dark background. This theme is from Mojo-themes.com and it can be yours for only $37. You can style it according to your taste. Choose your own logo or branding. The use 400+Google font options. With a little bit of tweaking form the admin panel you can give it your very own look and style.


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This minimalist premium WordPress theme is from Templatic.com is called eCommerce. The name speaks for itself and you can use it for your online shop if you want to set up one. You can get a copy of this template for only $65. This is a nice design if you want an ultra minimalist look for your website. It loads pretty fast. easy to navigate and with a one click automatic install.


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Fluence is a Flexible eCommerce WordPress Theme. This is available from Mojo-Themes for $42. If you want to launch a fully operational online shop in a few hours you can use this them. It has a nice grey background which makes your website looks clean and professional looking.

Organic Shop

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OrganicThemes would like yo present Oraganic Shop Premium eCommerce WordPress Theme. With this ultimate theme, your shopping website will be made easy. The website will be compatible across all browsers and even it’s view able on mobile. Almost everything here can be customize.


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Propulsion is a responsive business eCommerce WordPress theme. It can be yours from ThemeForest for only $60. It comes with amazing options to customize your layout, style and color schemes. It uses woocommerce shop plugin and bbPress Forums plugin too. It’s also possible to create multiple slide shows in here. Just the thing that you want if you have a lot of products to feature in one website.

Vanilla Commerce

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Mojo-Themes is presenting one of it’s amazing WordPress Themes. This is called Vanilla Commerce, which is a good theme for your upcoming web shop. This is made with woocommerce shop theme with minimalistic design. It has a nice homepage slider, just enough to showcase your main products or offer. The sidebars are also packed with a lot of useful widgets. This can be yours for only $35.

Phomedia WordPress

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Phomedia WordPress Theme is an eCommerce theme from ThemeForest. This can be used with a regular licence of $55. The theme is specially made for arts and media web store. But of course you can use it on any kind of store selling variety of products. Perhaps a gamers store. This is a perfect theme for a simple and functional web shop.


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Here is another theme from ThemeForest. This one is called Adventador eCommerce WordPress Theme. Regular license to use if available for only $55. Theme is built with jigoshop plugin. It’s beautiful, clean and nice looking. This is what you need to present your products on a web store. I like it because it’s ready for translation into different international languages.

Wootique Free eCommerce WordPress Theme

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Wootique is Free eCommerce WordPress Theme from WooThemes. They offer free usage of their themes with no support but you can buy one with standard license or subscription starting from $42. What I like about this theme is the ability to customize it. If you have some coding experience it will be pretty easy to do. If now then I would recommend that you get support, and pay for subscription.

Boutique WordPress Theme

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Here is a cute theme for your new web store. This one is called Boutique WordPress Theme. It’s an elegant and minimalist eCommerce theme which is designed by ElegenatThemes.com. You can use this design on your blog for only $39. I like this one because it allows custom page templates, unlimited color schemes and fond styles.


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BajiGoor is another eCommerce WordPress template. This theme is fully integrated with woocommerce plugin to make it easy to sell your products. I really like the smart looks and style of this theme. It’s fully responsive business design and with hero photo slider. This is available from Mojo-Themes for only $39.


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Emporium is a beautiful eCommerce WordPress template from Templatic.com. This can be yours for only $65 and start your online web store right away. This is your perfect theme if your looking for different shopping cart modes. It has simple shopping cart, catalogue mode and digital shop. Everything you need to manage your online store is here.


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Seneca is a simple yet elegant eCommerce WordPress template. This is designed and owned by Graphpaperpress.com. You can have and use it when you buy their annul or lifetime subscription plans. This is a responsive template for your blog. I really do like the looks  of this design. Everything that you need to run your online store is here.

JigoShop Free eCommerce WordPress Theme

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JigoShop is a free eCommerce WordPress Theme used by many experts today. This is a good template or design to make your online store or shop run smoothly. But one thing is great here, this is free to use! There are a lot of people already using it. It’s time you test drive your online market.


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If your planing to venture on online market and offer your products here. You can make use of this template. This is called eMarket from Templatic.com. The license to use this template can be yours for only $65. I like the theme as it offers easy install ability, and bulk upload capability. It also offers user registration functions. You also have the ability to create coupon codes for flat rates and percentage rates on customers order.

Clean Cut eCommerce

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Clean Cut eCommerce WordPress Theme is another creation by OboxDesigns. You can buy the template for $60 standard package. This is a good and clean looking template which you can use on your online shop. Pretty cool template which you can use. Very easy to install and can be customized to your liking.

XenaStore Free eCommerce WordPress Theme

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 XenaStore is a free eCommerce WordPress theme. The design uses Cart66 as an eCommerce portal. The theme is pretty simple and has both the basic and advance custom abilities that you will need to install it. Please refer to download link on how to install and configure the theme.

The Acquisto

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 The Acquisto eCommerce WordPress Theme from press75.com. I like this three column design with two fully widgetized left and right side bars. You can have the full license to use the theme for only $75. It’s everything that you need to showcase and sell your stuff online using WordPress.


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 Sentient is a clean and hip eCommerce WordPress Theme. You can use the template for only $42 from woothemes.com. This has a fully integrated woocommerce plugin in order for you to smoothly run your new online store. The design uniquely displays your product with a floating effect. You can customize the template as much as you want, including changing your homepage image to your store logo.


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Finally our last entry for our list is Shelflife eCommerce WordPress Theme from woothemes.com. You can have this theme for standard package of $42 plus two other themes which will come for free with lifetime support and upgrade. This is a simple minimalist theme with two columns and right sidebar.

So there you have our best collection of 25 eCommerce WordPress Themes. You can enjoy some of the free WordPress themes collections we have included here. Some are premium themes which you have to pay for the license. If you have a free template or you got a design which you would like to add here please let us know.