15 Free Professional WordPress Themes

A theme can do a lot of things for your blog or website. Choosing the right theme could mean success and failure. This only means that we have to pick the best theme possible that will reflect and whatever it is that you want to portray on your website or blog. We do understand that maintaining a website is not a joke. It requires hard work and you need to incur some expenses too. If you have money to spend on Premium WordPress Themes then it’s better. You could also hire someone to code your custom theme. But for most webmasters this luxury is not readily available. That is why we have here a list of 15 Free Professional WordPress Themes to choose from.

The list is not in any particular order. We have added them randomly. We picked these themes based on design, features, popularity, and feedback from users. We have provided both download links and demo links for each of these Free WordPress Themes. An image showing how the preview looks like is also given so you will know in advance how the theme looks and feel. You can check the demo link to try it out live. Download link is where you can get download the theme and for other documentation.

1. Mahasoli Tribune

Mahasoli Tribune

Demo                   Download

Mahasoli is a free WordPress Theme. It has a clean white background and has a fixed width. The theme has an awesome image slider on its header. This can be turned off or on according to your like and positioning. It has two main columns and a right sidebar. It’s ready with all the much-needed social bookmarking and sharing buttons. This sure looks professional and elegant for any type of blogs.

2. Tungstenation


Demo                   Download

Tungstenation is a free WP theme from PaddSolutions. This has a stylish look to better showcase your company or your business. It’s also powerful with all you need for a successful blog. It looks smart and professional. It has Google Analytics integration, Ads ready, SEO optimized, Social media integration, and many other features. One of its awesome features includes a jQuery image slider.

3. Transhik WordPress Theme


Demo                   Download

Transhik is a free premium WordPress theme is ads ready, with header image slider, and homepage to customize your posts. This is brought to us by ZjTThemes. It’s made compatible across browsers with a fix width. It features 2 columns with a right sidebar. Very light and powerful theme which is also SEO optimized.

4. GenFes WordPress Theme


Demo                   Download

GenFes is a magazine style free and professional looking WordPress theme. This is best if you have a portfolio or personal blog to build. The theme has 2 columns with a right sidebar. This has a fix width design and can be viewed in all popular browsers.

5. Masinop


Demo                   Download

Masinop is a free WordPress theme that has a very modern look and design. If this is what you want on your blog then grab it. It’s tested to make sure it works with latest WordPress version. This is cross browser compatible and has ready blocks for your Adsense ads. It has a dark background with 2 column and leftsidebar.

6. Calenotis Magazine

Calenotis Magazine

Demo                   Download

Calenotis Magazine is an awesome and professional looking WordPress theme. Above all it’s free made possible by Simple WP Themes. It has 3 columns with a right sidebar. The clean gray background is nice to look at. It has a built in content slider too, making a perfect magazine type theme. This is best for your personal and business needs.

7. Questan WordPress Theme


Demo                   Download

Questan is a free premium WordPress theme. It looks professional and very elegant too. This theme has content slider powered by jQuery. I think you will like to know that the theme allows custom widgets. This means that it; is fully widgetized and you can choose which widgets to use and where to position them with a simple drag and drop action. It’s compatible with all major browsers, SEO optimized and ads ready.

8. Sucha Theme


Demo                   Download

Sucha Theme is available in many color schemes which you can choose from. This is a 4 widget area and thumbnail feature can be turned on and off. It also got your featured post slider and it has fixed widths too. This is ready for your Google Adsense ads which you can add very easily.

9. UpStream


Demo                   Download

UpStream is a professional looking WordPress theme. It’s free and packed with powerful features. It has an image slider found at the header, plus it has buttons ready for social media integration.

10. Spectacular WordPress Theme


Demo                   Download

Spectacular is one of our favorite professional looking free WordPress themes. This is best for designers, personal blogs, and magazine blogs too. The vintage look and feel on this theme makes it the perfect theme. Plus it has powerful features too compatible across browsers.

11. iPhone Denati

iPhone Denati

Demo                   Download

IPhone Denati is the perfect professional theme for your blog on mobile or iPhone niche. You can fully customize the widget area on this theme. The white background makes it look clean and sleek. This is made with blocks ready for your ads.

12. ShutterShot WP Theme


Demo                   Download

Shuttershot is a free premium WordPress theme perfect for photography blogs. It will also work perfectly for your business or personal portfolio. It’s a fluid theme that will display full screen on your viewers display or browsers. You can customize the homepage images for your blog.

13. WordPress Theme


Demo                   Download

Actiniumize is a nice looking theme. It looks clean and professional perfect for business and personal blogs. It has image sliders which are jQuery powered. This search engine optimized and has Google analytics integration.

14. Typepress Free WordPress Theme


Demo                   Download

Typepress is simple yet very elegant WordPress theme. Yet it’s free to use. This is just perfect for both personal and business use. Very straightforward theme and have a lot of good features too.

15. Casual WordPress Theme


Demo                   Download

Casual WordPress theme is simple yet elegant theme. This ready for your social media sharing. This is also available in numerous color scheme to suit your needs. The theme is inspired by Tumbler thumblog compatibility.

So there you have it our collection of 15 Free Professional WordPress Themes.