15 Free Responsive Joomla Templates

In this list we would like to share 15 free and responsive Joomla templates. We have been sharing some great Blogger templates and WordPress templates collections and we feel that it’s about time that we share something for our readers who are great fans of using Joomla. Joomla is an awesome CMS for your blog or website. We have seen a lot of websites and companies using Joomla with Joomla hosting. If you looking for awesome and yet free Joomla 3.0 templates then you are in the right place.

1. OneWeb Protostar


Demo                   Download

OneWeb is actually a Joomla framework thus it has a lot of other templates built with it. This one is using Protostar template. What makes OneWeb rocks is the fact that it’s built to be responsive. In this template you can disable css that you need and even do away with javascript and still you have a responsive template. It’s lightweight thus it’s fast loading, clean, flexible and robust.

2. JoomSpirit 76


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JoomSpirit 76 is another free and responsive Joomla template with a wide image slider. It’s been built to be compatible with future of website technology using HTML5 and CSS3. No javascript has been used here so you could use any extension you want without having any problem.


3. JSN Neon

JSN neon

Demo                   Download

JSN Neon Joomla template is a free and responsive template. It’s wonderfully designed with multiple color variants for you to choose from. It has multiple module for your layout too. It’s responsive so your visitors will have a great time viewing your site on mobile, tablet or desktop. It’s also free loaded with some useful extension.


4. JSN Mico


Demo                   Download

JSN Mico is another responsive Joomla template that rocks. This has an elegant design which you can use on your website or any other projects you may have. This has RTL layout support, and full documentation. This is compatible with Joomla 3.0.


5. Zenith


Demo                   Download

Zenith Joomla template is a responsive template built on expose framework.  This is such a beautiful design available in 4 different preset styles which are blue, green, purple and orange. The theme offers personalized styling, custom mega menu and  module positioning and variations.


6. Vertex


Demo                   Download

Vertex is another free Joomla template. This has a responsive layout. Again this is also a powerful framework with different features such as S5 Flex Menu, 94 module positions and many others.


7. JSN Decor

jsn decor

Demo                   Download

JSN Decor is a good template for your website. It has a preloaded with 3 style menus, that means that you don’t need to install any extension for your menus. It’s also responsive layout making your website beautifully viewable from any device. But what makes this template awesome is it’s JSn ImageShow feature.


8. Ol Trendes

Ol Trendes

Demo                  Download

This template is really impressive. With this template you can make a really professional website. This has a lot of features like an image slider and many others. It’s also social media ready and responsive too.


9. Ol Coset

Ol Coset

Demo                   Download

Again we here an impressive Joomla template. I am surprise to know that this template is even made for free. It’s packed with features that you  will need. It has image fade and flicker effect too.


10. Music Free

Music Free

Demo                   Download

Music Free is another responsive Joomla template. It’s responsive and built based on Gavern Framework. This is an awesome template with a of fantastic features.


11. Mj Nustar

Mj Nustar

Demo                   Download

Mj Star is a responsive Joomla 3.0 template. It uses the latest technology to build a website that people will love. It’s free so you can download it from the source link.


12. JSN Vintage

JSN Vintage

Demo                   Download

JSN Vintage is best for photography blogs and websites. This has a really nice design that you can adopt on your website. It’s responsive and loaded with great extensions to get you started right away. It has RTL layout offering great customization, and full documentation.


13. Mx_joomla94


Demo                 Download

If you are in need of a professional and clean-looking template you can use this free Joomla template.It’s free and compatible with Joomla 3.0.  This template is actually based on Bootstrap framework. It has 68 module position which are fully collapsible and has a 5 layout design.


14. Carve


Demo                   Download

We now prepare you with a template for a gaming website. This free Joomla template is responsive built on Warp template. It has a large image slider on top of the homepage. It has some awesome module variations and sticky menu which will make the menu visible on the web page. Check out template for more informations.

15.  iSonic


Demo                  Download

Here is our last item on our free Joomla template list. This is a simple looking template but it’s powerful packed with features and needed extension to power up your website.

We do hope you enjoy our list of free responsive Joomla templates.