15 Funniest Harlem Shake Videos

The internet is being hit with some crazy shake. Everyone is going bananas over Harlem Shake videos. So what is this Harlem Shake all about? Basically there are short videos about 30 seconds long. One man would move or dance to the Harlem Shake tune. After a few seconds the song will say “do the Harlem Shake” and everyone will go crazy doing their own crazy moves. It’s amazing how people can look foolish and have a good laugh out of it.

We have complied 15 funniest Harlem Shake videos here for everyone to enjoy. This is just a random list in no particular order. If you have your own version of Harlem Shake video you can share it here just use the comment box below. Or if you know a funny video that we were not able to include in the list, please feel free to add YouTube link on the comment box so others could enjoy it too.

1. The Harlem Shake Original

It’s believed that these guys were the first one to come up with the Harlem Shake Video. Thus the original version 1 video on YouTube with over 9 million views already.

2. Harlem Shake Granny Edition

How cool is your Granny? Can she do the Harlem Shake like this very cool Harlem Shake Granny edition? This really made me laugh and what’s with the U Mad Bro shirt?

3. HARLEM SHAKE w/ Men in Tight Suits

Another group of guys claims to be original and first to do the Harlem shake on YouTube. This video has already more than 6.5 million views. One comment says this and other similar versions of Harlem Shake killed PSY’s Gangnam Style.

4. Harlem Shake Army Edition

The Army Edition of Harlem Shake video has more than 8.3 million views already. In this video we see an army squad doing the crazy shake in the snow. This is literally cool video.

5. Harlem Shake Office Edition

No place is safe from the Harlem craze. Even your organized and peaceful office can turn into crazy cacophony.  Checkout this video with more than 11 million views already. This should make you think what is coming next.

6. The Harlem Shake Room Buddies

Your roommates are your best buddies. When things get boring why not shake it up a little bit just like what these guys did. I think there 30 seconds effort has already paid up because this video has more than 7.7 million views already.

7. Harlem Shake Firefighter Edition

Ladies watch out, your community real life heroes are joining the crazy Harlem Shake dance. These firefighters know how to shake and move it. They already got a good 3.8 million views and still counting. Good work guys, all the best.

8. Harlem Shake With My Son

Not sure if Mum knows this but you dad is the best. This father and son duo doing the Harlem Shake has already inspired more than 3 million viewers. Keep it up guys hope to see more videos of you two.


9. Harlem Shake Super Mario Version

Mario and Luigi are on it again. While relaxing why not do something crazy and funny. This time they have the green Turtle joining them in doing the Harlem Shake. It seems that the guys haven’t rescued princes yet.

10. Harlem Shake Park Avenue Nemo Edition

This Park Avenue edition of the Harlem Shake has got my attention. At the start of the video I thought someone might get arrested for public disturbance. But I was wrong because everyone is actually up for some crazy shaking.

11. Harlem Shake Dog Edition


For dog lovers, why not share the fun with your four-legged best friend. In this video we see involuntary dog joining his crazy out of this world owner doing the crazy dance. If the dog can only speak  we should have heard something like this. “What wrong have I done to be humiliated like this?”

12. Harlem Shake Banana Inversion

Well, this is an unexpected video. It’s funny because it surprised me a lot. This is very creative video and I hope it does not happen in the real world.

13. Harlem Shake Google Office Edition

Google does know how to have fun. Watch the Google crew do the Harlem Shake at Google campus ground. It would have been more interesting if Android robot was there to join them. You might also want to check Facebook employees doing the Harlem Shake.

14. Harlem Shake Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The funny and adorable Jimmy Fallon and his gang is doing The Harlem Shake. Not sure if the video was taken during the Late Night Show or before it. But this is really funny.

15. Harlem Shake SourceFed Edition

We all know that the guys from SourceFed has a thing for handling things lightly and adding funny side into it. Maybe that is why their very own version of the Harlem Shake has already earned more than 1 millions views already.